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Social Class

The economic gap between blacks and whites has increased in such a way that blacks have less buying power,lower level of education, high infant mortality rate and joblessness. In addition, there is differences in the level of occupation, family background and personal/household. Property Insittuitions dictate the production, review and implementation of economic policies leading to unequal conditions for progress and this prevents equal oppurtunities.
The author discusses how disparities in terms of access to education, housing, financial considerations and wealth accumulation have led to economic gap. My social class has an influence on my lifesty in which I try to be as fair and colorblind as possible.
The challenge of race and class has continued being an issue in today's world and this is evidenced by the heavy economic dependence that the blacks exert on the whites. The racial differences in socioeconomic achievement that have persisted in the post-civil rights era have impacted our perceptions of the poor in that they continue being trapped in that viscious cycle of having less or no assets; living from paycheck to paycheck, being trapped in less beneficial jobs and neighbourhoods that do not offer any room for progress. In todays society, those who rank high economically, often adopt different lifestyles to emphasize their position and power, having the characteristics of a particular ethnic/racial group can also determine one's class status in today's society.


You touch on some crucial points here. I agree that class is just this endless cycle from one generation to the next. I have found that in most cases one of two roads are taken. You famliy either leaves you with money when they pass on, or they leave you with debt. This just continues the constant cycle of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
-Rachel Ward