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The Invisible Lines of Media Magic

The powerful institution that drives the cultural ideologies and mythology can almost always be derived from the media. The role that the media plays to our understanding of the American culture is immensely manipulative with an intent to reinforce believes that are concentrated on the differences between race, class, gender, sexuality...Mantsois does a very good job of explaining how the information we receive from the media is clearly distorted with many loopholes that steers the audience away from problems that the country chooses to leave in the dark. Problems of racism, and poverty are made to co exist with one another in such a way that portrays minorities in a certain light. The media chooses to show audiences this side of poverty without thoroughly explaining the institutions that brought them there and they promote the idea that the victims themselves should be able to get out of their situations, therefore creating an illusion to the public that they got themselves in it in the first place. It is also interesting to view the subtle ways in which racism plays out in such a powerful machine of information , because the media wants us to believe that their stories ring truth. But we should not forget about the audiences they are trying to reach, the purpose behind their stories, and the people that have ultimate control behind the scenes of what gets to be aired and what doesn't.
Another way to look at this can through media coverage. How many times have we heard a story of a young white girl being either kidnapped or murdered broad casted on a national scale to heighten the importance and tragedy (not in any way denying that its not) but at the same time ignoring stories in such a national level as the little black girl getting shot in North Minneapolis?
Another example would be the tragic events of hurricane Katrina, and what the people of New Orleans had to endure, the media coverage of this horrible disaster and very disorganized response to aid the people of New Orleans was minimal in the fact that it didn't spend enough time actually showing the different cases of disease, homelessness, poverty, property damage, amount of help received or given to aid in all the people of New Orleans into a somewhat smooth transition, but it had enough time to cover the looting and 'mischievous acts' going on in the area. How often do we get both sides of the story? What does that show? We need to be conscious and aware of how the media works and who they work for because sadly cases like this are intentional and they happen all the time!


Good, I am glad someone addressed the issues of media coverage and Race, Class and Gender. It is ridiculous when you actually pay attention to the news the stereotypes and other issues that are continued and portrayed. Many less educated however do not notice these hints and take them as actuality, and not with a grain of salt