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Race: a product of human invention

“The explanation for racial categorization is to be found in history, not in nature" (Roy 75).

As we have heard throughout this week, race is not genetically or biologically based. We know this because there has been no evidence found to support otherwise. I don't know if I am alone, but this idea is totally new to me! I have always thought, and was probably taught to think, that race was rooted in our genes. But from the in class video "Race the Power of an Illusion", and the reading "Race" in the book Making Societies, by William G. Roy, it all began to make sense to me that race, in fact, was constructed by society. On that note, it frustrates me to think of such a world that we have constructed. Knowing that race does not, in all actuality, exist, makes me wonder what else society has made up and taught us as humans to believe; how many lies have we been taught, and is society planning on fixing the problems it has caused us? I believe Roy did a wonderful job pointing out that “racial categories can be radically transformed and perhaps eliminated…? (Roy 76) because the idea of race is socially constructed. However, since race has been built so deeply into our society, it feels almost impossible that race can be eliminated. Because whether we want to realize it or not, race is part of our everyday lives, and as Roy said, “..it pervades every aspect of politics, work, education, leisure, sports, mass media, family, religion and personal relation? (Roy 75).

Race has been around for quite some time now, and has caused many, many problems within the human species. It is the main category of difference and serves as one of the main reasons inequality exists now! As Roy points out in the reading, “There has never been a society with truly ‘separate but equal’ races…because racial categories were invented as a way of categorizing people who were already conceived as unequal? (Roy 79)…African-American’s for example! Therefore, if we eliminate race and other social categories, would we eliminate inequality? It’s something to think about…or rather dream about.

As a result of the readings, videos, and my own personal reflections on them, I can now officially and honestly say that I HATE THE CONSTRUCTION OF SOCIETY!! And until we do some reconstruction of it I will continue to feel this way. Because if we really think about it, society has influenced all our lives, and the majority of the time they are not good influences. And I guess I may or may not be more bothered by the fact that race is made up because as an African-American, it has had a dramatic impact on my life as a whole.

“Race is a product of human invention, not an objective fact about the world discovered in biology or genetics? (Roy 80).

The elimination of race and other social constructions=equality.


In response to, “race is a product of human invention, not an objective fact about the world discovered in biology or genetics,? I’m in total agreement. What truly separates us from one another is because of how we act towards society’s “invisible? rules. Because of how we respond and act towards others, we only fortify the stereotypes of how society reacts to each race.