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wealth distribution in america

The readings assigned for this week explained the unequal distribution of wealth between whites, blacks, and Native Americans. United States governmental policies negatively impacted African Americans and Native Americans and benefit the whites. After reading about these policies and regulations created by the US government it makes me understand more of the specifics of what these people went through and the disadvantages they had in society, and also why these people struggle to obtain the same economic advantages as whites. White American colonists basically took control and advantage of these people, their labor and resources not only to wreak them for their own benefit but exploit them to others in society. One of the reasons why Indians are so disadvantaged is due to the fact that most of their resources were stripped from them by the government. The government created these federal policies for their own interests and benefitted from them. Indians were robbed of their land and the federal government over seen and regulated what they did on their land. They were robbed of their culture and ways of living, forced to assimilate to the white man’s society. African Americans were forced into slavery, became emancipated, but without the same liberties and freedoms their white counterparts had. Segregated institutions and unequal opportunities made it hard for blacks to achieve success. There so many ways that African Americans were prevented to achieving success and opportunities. Federal and state policies hindered success and when they did work in their favor resistive whites “white supremacist? tried scaring blacks out of communities. I strongly sympathize for both of these groups. It angers me for what the colonists and earlier citizens did. These people deserve so much more for their struggles.Racism today still exists, but during these times they were blossoming into full effect. It is great to see how far we have come in society. We have the first African American president. What was most interesting about Obama’s acceptance speech was that he told the American people about a black woman voting at the age of 106. She has seen and experienced over a century of American society and the slow changes; the growth and maturity that our country has achieved over the years to being a diverse country for all people of different races. It is important to learn and hear about the historical events of society so we don’t take advantage of what our ancestors went through and made society what it is today.
-Paul Heesch


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This is one of the topics that really blew my mind and opened up my eyes to the ways in which this country was built to the advantages of others while oppressing minority groups. I think this was also one of the major factors of the frustrating way in which this country's capitalist and injustice ideals have been reconstructed over and over again while creating a n invisible illusion that they are indeed trying to work out the problems with things like amending the constitution and bill of rights to benefit those of color and minority status. I also particularly enjoyed the activity in class that related to this topic that helped me almost visualize the gaps as well as the accumulation of the wealth gaps between different groups. The country has a long way to go to be able to give everyone equal rights and privileges and it looks like there is going to be somewhat a start in that direction. Hopefully!

This was really interesting to me too! I found that very sad that not only were the finicial resources taken away but also their culutre and heritage were not allowed to be practiced! In both culutres they are looked down on if they are not "acting white"...Showing once again the heirachy of races that exists in our culutre. If you're not embracing white culture than their is a consequence. It may be very noticable or not so much. But they exist.