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Budget Making

Budgets are an important part of who we are, and an important tool in becoming what we want to be. While budgets and budget making are complex, everyone benefits from transparency. The class discussion of budget making in Minnesota was something that I never spent time to think about in the past. I guess I took public services such as healthcare, education and highway construction for granted. Minnesotans pay taxes to the government, so they can afford to provide these services. I found it challenging to decide what should or shouldn’t be included in the budget. This budget should includes expenditures for education, roads and bridges, technology, health care, public safety, housing, natural resources, agriculture, economic development, higher education, as well as dollars to state agencies, and local units of government.
I believe that most of the money should be invested in education and creation of jobs especially during these tough economic times where schools and jobs are shut down leaving Minnesotans jobless and without education. A budget that invests in job creation would at least create stability in our economy. If all of us lose our jobs at this time, then whose going to pay taxes that would be required in the next state budget? Investing in job creation program as well as education should be the first to be included in the budget.
With each passing month we hear more and more about the strain so many homeowners experience as a result of disastrous sub-prime lending. This budget should provide much-needed assistance to those who face losing their most important investment, a home. During the group discussion we all agreed that the best chance to save their house is with committed financial and legal help. With the help of dedicated professionals, it is our hope that we can help families keep their dreams of homeownership alive. By taking action to help hardworking residents keep their homes, Minnesota can lead the way in addressing what has become an economic nightmare.
The Clean Water Referendum on the ballot should also be included in the budget. I still don’t know why we had to vote for upgrade and repair of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems. This referendum helps better our environment as well as it was estimated that the funding would support 12,000 jobs.
I don’t think it’s appropriate to have our hard earned money used to build stadiums or recreational places such as parks. We are all going through a tough time and investing our money on non-basic needs would be a bad move.