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Even Obama Cannot Please Everybody

The controversy over Obama's picking of Paster Rick Warren is very fascinating to me.As we all know President -Elect Obama has chosen Paster Warren to lead the Prayer service at the Inaguaration which is sceduled on December 20.Now, the gay and lesbian community is furious becaue they say that Paster Warren opposes same sex marriage.They also claim that he has contributed for the passing of the legislation that was passed in California banning same sex marricage.Many gay and lesbian activists are acurally threatening to vote against Obama/democrats in the next election.On the otherhand many from Warren's own church are angry because he decided to lead teh prayer at Obama's inaguration because,according to them,Obama supports abortion.
Political analysts claim that gay and lesbians should not be furious over this issue because Obama himself doesn't support sanme sex marriage.So,if they supportd Obama knowing that he opposes same sex marriage why pick a fight now over .They think that the inaguration day is historical for both Obama and the rest of the coungry.So,this controversy might undermine the big moment.
I just feel sorry for Obama because he cannot please everybody.No mattaer whom he chooses there is somebody who's going to be unhappy.In fact some African American argue he should have picked an African American paster.I'm sure if he chose an African American paster some whites would accuse him of being racist.But the decision President -Elect Obama has made is less likely to change .So,it looks like Paster Warren is going to lead the Prayer at the inaguration.
I just think that gays and lesbians should focus onwhat Obama is going to about the gay/lesbian issue after he takes office not on the day of inaguration.That is that the most important thing is how his presidency is going to affect therir rights,one way or another.Untill that i think they should appreciate and celebrate this historic day .