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Globalization and the Future United States

What will become of America once the implications of Globalization have reduced our freedom both domestically and abroad? Between our failing educational system, the outsourcing of millions of jobs from our domestic labor forces, the increase in competition in the coming decades in industries that are historically American from foreign competitors like Japan, Germany, China, and India, and the corporate tyranny that is paralyzing less developed labor-intensive economies, we are subject to be just another run of the mill country by the middle of the century. The American dream that we have been so proud of for over a century is evaporating, and we have no say in our own futures anymore. Don't you think it's troubling that India and China are producing three times as many engineers as we are in America? Why should any aspiring college student in America want to enter into the workforce as an Engineer or IT specialist when once they graduate they'll have to move to a foreign country just to work for an American Corporation? It really makes no sense.

While they are destroying our environment, injecting chemicals into the food that we eat, sterilizing and disinfecting us with soaps and vaccines, penetrating our minds through television telling us their falsely generated realities, clothing us with corporate name brand logos that were sewed under slavery-like work conditions for children who are making 3/10ths of 1% of what the product was sold for, drinking $4 Starbucks coffee everyday while 50% of the world lives on less than $2 a day, eating, sleeping, breathing, living in an illusion. I believe that we have gone mad. We are Zombies. You, me, your Parents, your Girlfriend. We shop the same, have fun the same, and essentially think the same. We have no agency because we accept everything as a natural fact and never question why things are the way they are.

Even though I despise the fact that my clothes were made by kids in a sweatshop who couldn't purchase the shirt I'm wearing with a year's salary, why do I still buy them? Better yet, where else can I shop for clothes? They're all corporate. Damn near every one of them. Wheres the choice? It's nowhere. Its not for you to make. Its for you to subscribe to willingly. Why? because that's all you know. It's all you've ever known. There's no way out. Unless you learn how to sew your own clothes. And you will most likely be ridiculed by your peers because you dress differently. There's no need to defy the powers now, because they own you. They even own the future of your children. It sounds pessimistic, but it's the reality we face. And It sucks.


i disagree...