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Globalization & Social Change Make Life A Debt in Jamaica

Watching Life & Debt in Jamaica brought out how a society can feel on globalization and social change. Those terms are detrimental to society today as we continue through the era of technology. One has to think, where are we going to go from here? How can you surpass a dependency on technology & in turn, will the use of electronics decrease? Will that decrease bring back the job opportunities that have been lost over the years because of the numerous systems that perpetuate inequalities? These questions need to be answered as they continue the cycle of how the world will progress.

The film projected how the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have such a lock & hold over different countries – focusing on Jamaica. The representative stated, “Jamaica was not a country that could survive on its own merit?. How can that be proven when sources like the World Bank & IMF are blocking the opportunity for them to build their own economy & support WITHIN their country? The numerous imported products being sold cheaper than those from Jamaica itself exploit their agriculture. The exploitation is visual & devastating. The food & labor that is being wasted can become produce that could possibly be transported to other countries to help ease their starvation rates & also bring in revenue for Jamaica to pay off its debt. The source that could bring about a solution may be taking the readings and information that we learn & pushing it forward & doing something to change what is around us. Everyone could help through community involvement & being in tuned with the political & economic standpoints of those in power. Capitalism is a means of overproduction & this has become an era where so much is being made that oil prices are dropping & there is enough food to feed everyone – nothing is being done about it because no one wants to pay for another’s ills (i.e. the issues with health care, welfare programs, unequal education opportunities).

These specific inequality-describing terminologies can also be found in the film When The Levees Broke. That film showed a disparity so deep & devastating, it was hard to not shed a tear. An image was sent via email to the class showing the different descriptions used to explain why individuals were wadding through the water with carts of food/survival needs. As mentioned earlier, systems are used to continuously perpetuate inequality & to send out the message that they (people in power, our ‘masters’, the elite, the upper class, etc) want to portray. It was over five days before the survivors of Hurricane Katrina received any word of help coming & the image only recorded the desperate & vulnerability that those citizens/individuals felt.

In conclusion, what is this world going to do next? Who will be the elite/upper class representatives to control the ‘others’ – will there still be a division of classes if capitalism ceases to exist? What are you going to contribute in order to change the inequalities of the world? Please comment below!