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"You won't see inequality on a medical chart or a coroner's report under 'cause of death.' You won't see it listed among the top killers in the United States each year. All too often, however, it is social inequality that lurks behind a more immediate cause of death, be it heart disease or diabetes, accidental injury or homicide. Few of the top causes of death are 'equal opportunity killers.' Instead, they tend to strike poor people more than rich people, the less educated more than highly educated, people lower on the occupational ladder more than those higher up, or people of color more than white people" (Ore 387).

This is a very powerful paragraph in the reading "Inequality Kills" in the Ore book. Sometimes it's so hard to put into words how much inequality truly effects the unprivileged, however this paragraph does a very well job of doing that. If you were to look up the statistics on how many people die from each race each year and the causes, I am sure that you would see African-Americans and other minorities with the highest mortality rates, and more causes of death that have to do with low wealth and or miseducation. It is unfortuanate that inequality has this much of an impact on our people, but yet still nothing is being done about it. It almost makes one feel as if death was part of the governments plan when they first set out to make policies only beneficial to whites. It's even more fustrating to hear almost everyday from privileged individuals that "minorities have so many problems because they are uneducated, not motivated, and don't work hard towards becoming a better people." Now everytime I hear people make these statements I know that they are uneducated themselves, because by one making this statement they are saying that they put minorities at fault for the troubles they face today, when in all actuality, most of these problems are far out of their control, and have been for many years now.

It's unfortunate that minorities are faced with so many problems and troubles that were never even initiated from their own actions and decisions. Inequality kills, and I'm sure many are starting to become aware of this or have already been aware of it for years now. America is supposed to be the land of [the] free, equality, and opportunities. But as far as I know we have NEVER lived up to that name or even earned that title. A country that allows inequality to kill as a result of discriminative behavior never deserves a title that stands for so much. America is WEAK, and will never turn out to be the country it claims to be.


Agreed. Very unique and a great expression of personality!Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little homework on that. And he in fact bought me lunch because I found it for him

Wow, I will have to go back and re-read that quote. Thanks for bringing it to all of our attentions. America is not the land of the free...it is the land of the free with money and power!

This problem of inequality that you mentioned is one of invisibility as well. You made a touching statement and realization that those who indeed chose to believe that minorities and those who are less fortunate almost deserve to be in their positions because it was something that they themselves chose to are uneducated, unknowledgeable and unaware of the root of the problem. I agree with you that people that honestly believe in that are those who are truly naive and ignorant of what they are implying. People that truly want to learn about something take the time to look at the problems from all different angles and perspectives before reaching a credible consensus, and people of this country have to take up on this method of viewing individuals and their situations through numerous lenses before calling out their justifications!

I agree with your post and yes, the first paragraph is very, very powerful. This is what happens when greed and the love of money takes control of one's mind, a government's responsibility, etc. The bible doesn't lie when it says "money is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:10)." The obsession and active pursuit of mass profit even at the cost of human life means nothing to the huge corporations, and even our government. why? Because after all it doesn't affect them, it affects the minorities, elderly, and people of low class. Here we see inequality based on race, class, and even gender and age.

I agree with your post and yes, the quote from Ore is very, very powerful. This is what happen when greed, and the love of money takes over one's mind and a government's agenda. The bible does not lie when it says "Money is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:10). The pursuit of mass profit even at the cost of human life means nothing to this corporations, the government, insurance company, etc. why? Because it doesn't affect them, after all it only affects minorities and people from the low class. Again we see an issue of race, class and even gender.

That was powerful. I loved the paragraph in the beginning, I remember that quote and probably will for a very long time. It is amazing to become so informed in this class about inequality in all aspects of life. It is true that inequality kills, if a person is denied so many times for an opportunity because of their race, class, gender, sexuality that puts so much on that person just to get up everyday and continue on this cycle. We have to understand that inequality kills like the title of this blog post. When will it stop?