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Jamaican life and debt

It is mind boggling that many people think that America stands for good and it tries to spread democracy around the world. What many people fail to understand about this country is that its whole policy is centered around power and staying as the number one power in the world. We can find inciteful information concerning this issue by examining Jamaica which is a country trying to comeup from poverty and have better economic power.

Jamaica was dominated by the English and now it is liberated. Since their liberation Jamaicans have had economic problems which had led to health and education problems as well. Exports are low and imports are high, resulting in downfall in an economic standpoint. Foreign food has destroyed local businesses due to their low cost compared to local food. All these are not the fault of the Jamaican government but international community as well and American stands as the leader within this community. Regulations imposed on Jamaicans by IMF (International monitory Fund) is a way of keeping this country in poverty and therefore as a result keeping the first world countries in power.

All this comes as a surprise to many patriots out there but our international policies are designed to keep us in power and others in poverty. Jamaica is one example in which American and the international community try to achieve this goal.


I find it interesting that there more this world is becoming globalized and interconnected, the more we have to look at the suffering and opppression of other people. The responsibility that one faces as a consumer is higher than ever. We can't simply put the judgement on the people that make exploitation possible but rather also take a closer look at how it is continuously played out. The next time I am buying Dole bananas I have to think twice how I am able to receive this fruit at such a low cost.