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Life and Debt

It was amazing to me to watch Life and Debt.... this was not the first time watching it for me. I actually have seen it now three times and each time I am left with a sense of injustice and sadness and anger. I realize each time as I watch the film how privileged I am as an american and how western countries are placing a new form of colonization onto global south countries. Tariffs, privatization, devaluing money and demand exports are all forms of regulation on the country that keep them in their place and hold keep them without power. The effects of structural adjustment programs are profound on a nation....it claims to help but in the end it just continues to run them in an unending circle.

The crazy part is that Jamaica is one of many countries where SAP are running wild. Where countries like ours are making profit on the exploitation of others. Yet, we idly stand by as great consumers of the United States.... buying anything and everything we can get our hands on-- bananas at anytime of the year, coffee from worlds away, clothes made in countries we can't even point out on a map--it is a commodity fetish as Marx would say. Products void of their history--not knowing where anything comes from, consuming without a ounce of thought. The big-bad-guys are to blame, that is for sure but as individuals we have to start stepping up and taking responsibility for our own actions and how we play into the very system we so easily try to oppose.


I agree with you on this, after watching Life and Debt, I feel that I should take anything for granted. It makes feel ashamed to know that the U.S. is doing most of the exploitations on countries like Jamaica to profit off of them. I certainly makes me think twice when I go buy bananas or when I go buy a plain t-shirt.

Oh my gosh, I completely agree with you 100%! Watching this film made me realize I should pay more attention to where I am buying things from. It made me realize how unfair power is more than I have before. It is sad to think that a famous tourist attraction like Jamaica could have so many financial problems and no one realizes it until it is too late.