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Life and Debt in Jamaica:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt horribly spoiled while watching this film. It is amazing how the selfish acts of the United States and other world powers due in order to make a profit off of developing countries like Jamaica. In our class up until now we generally were talking about national issues of Race, Class and Gender. We thought situations were bad in our country...they are, but are not even comparable to the oppression we and the rest of the world hold on the poor of developing countries. In a way it reminded me of slavery, legal slavery. We are able to outsource work to other countries in order to produce products for close to no cost. The people in our country need to be more educated about what are products are made of and how much profit a company is making off of each product. Much like neutrition labels on food, we should have more statistical data on our clothing and product tags. It would be interesting to see how much a company actually makes off of each product. The tags would only need three different numbers: The total cost to produce the product, The total cost of labor to make the product, and The price the company sold the product to the stores for. This way we can also see how much profit the stores are making on the products. By including this information, hopefully it would bring attention to the issue of unfair job markets outside of our country, and companies may be likely to pay employees more inorder to decrease the total profit number on the tag. Consumers would feel less ripped off if they saw the numbers were closer together. Maybe with this increase in pay, the companies would realize that they don’t have to take the jobs to other countries, and could pay the people in the United States the same wages (Assuming they would be at or above minimum wage). I know this may sound pretty radical, but that is exactly what we need to fix the problems with outsourcing and taking advantage of less fortunate countries.

Adam Ninnemann



There are a lot of things people do not know about some super powers and what they have done in the past to make sure they lead in the power control race. The best part is, the leader also makes the decisions what goes into history books. So, you never get to know what really goes on. :)

In a situation like this the United States is completely taking advantage of the situation in order to make more money, and insure economic superiority. This is a position in which we could really help a developing country but instead we take control and leave them with nothing. I think this is disgusting.