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Taking the Next Step

As this semester quickly draws to a close I have begun to reflect back on what I have learned and to think about where one goes from here. I look at this country very differently than I did three and a half months ago. I judge my image in the mirror differently. I have noticed the preconceptions I have and the prejudices that I have carried my whole life, often without any thought. I look at my mother and father and can see how their beliefs have shaped me and I can even look back at my Grandmother and see the legacy that she brought from Russia and all of the effects that has on my life every day. I am much more aware than I was months ago of the social construction of race, class, gender and sexuality. I am more knowledgeable about capitalism and corporate economy. I can even talk about how the media has fed my ideas and images for historical events and social concepts. But I find myself still wondering what can I do to change the world I live in?
Professor Brewer spoke the other day about joining a group, organization, cause that you believe in. that one must exercise their voice for something they are passionate about. Here I am; a capable, intelligent, socially conscious individual. I have no reason not to be involved. I need to move beyond just buying fair trade coffee and recycling and the occasional volunteering I do for benefits. I need to get involved with at least one of the many causes that I am interested in. it is not enough to just have my own beliefs and live my life according to them. Change will not occur until the movement because too big to try and continue holding underground. In one of the videos we watched this semester, someone said that it is imperative to look around at the environment you find yourself in and do something to make the situation a little more equitable. One of the ideas that I liked best in this class, is that everyone will be in a situation at some point in their lives in which they are the most powerful. I like thinking this way because it reminds me that not only does everyone have value (of course!) but that they also have the power to influence change. I strongly believe that this country has come a long way and that great things are possible. I am really excited to be a part of it.


I also am catching myself constantly using stereotypes, that society has implanted into life, every day. I feel really good that after what I learned in this class; everyday, when I catch a stereotype in my thoughts, I discard it and am thus changing my life in a very positive way.

A wise man once said if you see injustice stop it by your hands and if you cannot stop it by you mouth and if you still cannot stop it or change it then hate that is the least one can do. Anyone can use this or the opposite of it do good by your hands or by your mouth, do something that will make this world a better place for us and the generations to come. It is the end of a great semester we should take everything we learnt and apply it in our lives. As Mohandas Ghandi said "Be the change that you want to see in the world." I hope we will all stand up for justice and equality and fight oppression and injustice. Peace and happy holiday.