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What Now?

Seeming how the semester is quickly coming to an end and how this is my last blog post, I thought I might attempt a post that others could comment on a lot if the need for more comments is there. What now? In the last semester we have seen many things, heard lots of opinions, and read through a lot of information. However, where do we go from here? We talked a little bit in regards to the Project South Globalization toolkit about what we need to do. In order to create social change and an opportunity for social change we must not just ‘sit back and watch’ as others attempt to make progress on their own, but instead we must help out. Unlike many sports and events, social change is not a ‘spectator sport’, and it definitely cannot be successful as such. We must take action, we must participate, continuing to learn and share our opinions everywhere we can. This class has really helped me to see that without ‘standing up’ and using your voice, you can never be heard even if you have the best idea or the right answer. It is very disheartening to imagine the number of people in the last couple centuries that have gone unnoticed, unheard, just because they haven’t actively voiced their opinion. Many great ideas could have prevented wars, discrimination, or lack of opportunity for certain groups. I hope that everyone looks to participate and voice their opinions in the future, and I am just curious on how some of you plan to do that. I myself am only a freshman here at the University of Minnesota and am not aware of a lot of the opportunities available to me.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated. I also would like to thank all of you for being wonderful classmates. Discussions got a little heated at times, but I really valued all of your opinions throughout the semester. Thanks and have a great winter break!!!


It is true we learned alot about the problems facing people of different ethnicity or different cultural backgrounds and how institutions trying to keep this power of segregation; but we did not touch much on what to do about them and the problems are rarely mentioned outside of the classrooms. To my understanding such problems will not go away simply by talking about them in class but actually by going out there and use the resources available to us such as the internet, television, school ralies, and etc.. to spread our concern over these inequalities. It is true that we need social change and the current civil right system is not capable of delivering social rights for every individual.