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Our group will be presenting our research in the form of a Powerpoint. Since we have focused on the work of Antonio Vivaldi, we will begin with some basic background information on his life and work (hopefully a fun fact will be included...). From here will discuss his famous works which predominantly occurred in the decade we have chosen to research (1713-1723). Vivaldi seems to be one of the founding fathers of Baroque Italian Opera, so we think it is important to uncover why he began to change the structure of Italian Opera as well as the historical context in which he composed.

Context means everything when it comes to theatre, so we will present on the cultural and political atmosphere of The Early Modern Period which began in 1713. In that same year, Antonio Vivaldi composed Arsilda, Regina di Ponto which was a controversial piece for many reasons. The period was dominated by transitions of power over Italy and we want to research where Vivaldi stood in all of it. How did it influence his work? Did he support Austrian control over Italy? After we discuss the plot and controversy surrounding his opera, as well as individuals such as Domenico Lalli (his Librettist), whom he worked with, we will provide our classmates with a visual aid. Hopefully this will be an audio or video example of Arsilda. At the end of our presentation (or perhaps throughout) we want to involve our classmates by asking them to read slides and answer discussion questions. However, this will not be a strategy to fill time since quite often crickets are heard when questions are asked during group presentations...

1.Background Vivaldi
1.5 Fun Fact on Vivaldi
2.Famous Pieces
3.Baroque Italian Opera (Changes it underwent until Vivaldi stepped in)
4.Historical (Early Modern Period, foreign rule, impact on Baroque and Vivaldi)
5.Arsilda, Regina di Ponto
6.Controversy (why?) as well as Domenico Lalli (Librettist) and their partnership
7.Media Clip (specific so as not to waste time)
8.Insert discussion questions throughout to involve classmates but not to fill time.

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Hi group,

I think that the powerpoint will work well for this presentation. One of the keys to making these effective is putting effort into crafting the lecture that will go along with the Powerpoint so that you're not just reading what's on the screen. Try to think of some ways that you can make the presentation engaging for the audience - it doesn't necessarily have to be out of the box; one way to be engaging is to have a well-rehearsed presentation that has clearly thought through its structure.

It's great that you've given me a really clear plan for you to work with here, so let me give just a few notes: 1) try not to frame the presentation as simply being about Vivaldi. Explain that you are looking at theatre from a certain era, and then explain how Vivaldi is representative of that era. The frame you set up here does not have to be elaborate or lengthy; just enough to introduce us to the time. 2) Look at where you might strip out the "fat" of the presentation. "Vivaldi Fun Fact" sounds like one of those places because the title makes it seem extraneous. If there's a fact you want to include, consider how it connects with the main ideas you want to talk about.

Great job on this overall!

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