December 17, 2008

Animation Experiment

Canon/Creature Deal I made with photoshop

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Final Project Reflection

For my final project I wanted to give stop motion a try. I had never really done an involved version of one so I thought this would be a good opportunity. I used all the dirty laundry I had accumulated due to a broken washing machine. I decided that I would have my burnt orange chair consume all of it. Using garage band and some of my own guitar I created a musical score to go over the top of it. Overall I had a great time creating this and I was pretty pleased with the results. I think I'm addicted to stop motion!

Final Project

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Classroom Reflection

Approaching the lesson I definitely was feeling some anxiety. There was to be forty students coming in that we were responsible for teaching in the duration of an hour. At first I was skeptical of how smoothly everything would go.We had a lot to cover in a short amount of time. As soon as the students entered all of my anxiety disappeared and I went into teacher mode. I began to feed off of the questions and energy and had an immense amount of fun carrying out the lesson. I was also very pleased with how well everything went and we ran into few problems. Overall the experience made me a little disappointed that I am no longer going into an art education career. I feel that there is a place for me and education and there is definitely a possibility I will come back to it in the future. Overall I was extremely pleased with how well everything went. The students were enthusiastic and I had a great time doing it as well.

Sand Table/Wanda Gag Lesson

Here is my lesson plan for our activity in the Tweed.

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October 16, 2008

Lesson Plan 1

Here is a PDF of my first lesson plan.

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September 18, 2008

Creature/Landscape Collage

Here is my collage. I chose to use all images I had previously taken. Most of my creatures form is made up of images from the Lake Superior Zoo. I also used some human parts to put the image over the top a bit.


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New Media Art Book

One particular artist I was drawn to from our New Media Art book was Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. He is responsible for creating a piece called vectorial elevation. By setting up multiple spotlights in Mexico City he created an environment that users could manipulate via web. They would use a simple program to position the spotlights how they would please, and when they were next on the queue the spotlights would adjust. This gave everyday citizens a chance to create something that could be seen from over 20 km away on land and all over the world via web cam. Each participant would receive a web page featuring digital and photographic representations of their piece as well as the opportunity to voice their opinion in a blurb. I feel that giving many people the opportunity to have self expression is much like teaching art to children. Although it is not on such a large scale it would be quite easy to allow children to create works of art and have them put it on a website or blog for the whole world to see.

Digital Collage Brainstorm

-Collage of photos from a family vacation
-Use images of classmates to create various human like creatures
-Create new landscapes from images of nature.

Welcome to my Blog

Hi, my name is Andy Arkelin and I am a Junior at UMD. I am an Art Ed/Studio Art double major with an emphasis in Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking. After attending UMD I plan on getting my MFA and hope to become a Professor of Art in the future.