September 18, 2008

New Media Art Book

One particular artist I was drawn to from our New Media Art book was Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. He is responsible for creating a piece called vectorial elevation. By setting up multiple spotlights in Mexico City he created an environment that users could manipulate via web. They would use a simple program to position the spotlights how they would please, and when they were next on the queue the spotlights would adjust. This gave everyday citizens a chance to create something that could be seen from over 20 km away on land and all over the world via web cam. Each participant would receive a web page featuring digital and photographic representations of their piece as well as the opportunity to voice their opinion in a blurb. I feel that giving many people the opportunity to have self expression is much like teaching art to children. Although it is not on such a large scale it would be quite easy to allow children to create works of art and have them put it on a website or blog for the whole world to see.