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First Post

So far this hasn't been too hard. My kids would be proud! Since I crossed to the "Dark Side" four years ago, I have not done much public writing, so this almost seems foreign to me. Any way here goes...

There is a group of 21 faculty and staff from EFANS that will be going to Brazil in November. I have asked them all to participate in this course as a part of the Study Tour pre-event training. We had planned to have everybody participate in blogging before, during and after this study tour as a way of sharing what we were doing, what we were learning and some of the culture of Brazil. So this course fits nicely and we may also be able to use some of the other technologies about which we will be learning.

On a personal level, I am hoping to learn more about these technologies so that I can communicate more easily with my kids. Having two somewhat techno geek children, often makes me feel like a deer in the headlights when they are talking about some of these topics. I get tired of saying I don't know or Huh? So maybe I will learn enough to hold a two minute conversation before I am lost in the dust again. At least I can ask them what platform they use for blogging!


"Hey, what platform to you use?" Your kids will fall over.
I love love love the idea of blogging from the Brazil trip! You can make everybody authors on one big blog. I can't wait to add it to my bloglines so I don't miss anything.
What a great first post, I am excited to read more of your real-world ideas for the technologies in this course. Thanks for participating!


I can't find my own blog, but having going through and finding a number of people I recognize. The kid part is important. I told one of my kids we had to do blogs from Brazil, and I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to read them. They said they would be interested?