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Catching up

I have been trying to catch up on the homework and assignments as I have been away from the office and home for what seems like weeks. At any rate, I did go out and listen to a couple of podcasts. I found a couple listed under small farms, but they wre not active anymore. I did add one of the Ag podcasts that i found, but I am not sure that I will keep it. I will keep looking and see what I can find. I think this will be interesting to use for the Brazil trip. We can make some of these while we are traveling or even while we are making visits to some of the sites. I need to check out more how we can tag these onto a Blog. I do thisnk that this has some promise for reporting on what we do, see and learn.

As far as wikis go, I think that there could be an unlimited use of these within extension and available to the outside world. I could see using a wiki for a topic like Season Extension and being able to have research results, videos, podcasts, blogs and courses all tied this one site. I could even see having a section of this that would be editable by anyone and become a platform for sharing information. Through this method I could see us being able to teach people how to conduct research and evaluate results of things they try at home. One of the biggest hurdles that we encounter is this question of how to interpret results and judge results and methodology. This could be a fantastic way of moving applied research forward, particularly around some of the Small Farms issues that I have been working on lately.

As far as the on-line tools go, I see some real potential for using Google docs. This soulds like a great tool to be able to cooperate with others. Looking at some of the examples that people talked about I could see teams using this to develop publications, powerpoints, conduct project budgeting and planning for projects. Many of these applications can be started today by teams. I also liked Doodle and Slideshare. I can see using Doodle for scheduling committee meetings or any group meeting. I intend to try this out soon. I can't wait to get started using some of these tools.