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Feed Me

OK, so I set up the Bloglines account with a couple of feeds. I did notice that you need to be on the right page of websites to be able to set this up, so there may be sites that you need to click through a menu to get at what you really want. At any rate it is done. I also had one site that was easily set up in Explorer under the favorites section - happened automatically. I need to play around with this a little more but it seems pretty easy.

On the Brazil note - things are progressing well. We have a great agenda which I will try to share when it is finalized. We will be traveling through Sao Paulo and Parana States. We have some visits to machinery manufacturing plants, an orange grove and processing facility, Several visits with Universities, research stations and Embrapa, along with farm visits and some free time for touristy stuff. Should be a great experience and learning opportunity. I will post the itinerary when we have it finalized.