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While I have participated in a number of UMConnect meetings, I just set one up for the Brazil Study Tour participants. We have a need to finalize some of the details and make sure that everryone is on the same page. One of the opportunities that we have is the Flight to Miami - connecting to Brazil - leaves at 6:00 AM. That means we need to be there by 4:30 AM accordsing to TSA. As I have yet to get confirmation on boarding passes - electronic or hard copy - I am concerned about everyone being there. Maybe I need to make one of those nice little signs that I can mount on a lath and hold up in the air to make sure everyone can see it so we can get organized that morning. Once we are all on the flight i will feel better. So I have this meeting set up and we will see how many can attend. Most people said that day would work for them. Now all I have to do is get the Brazil Blog set up and figure out how to do the rest of the on-line reporting from down under.