For this assignment we were to make a mind map of winter and then ideate 10 fun and silly products based on the associations we made.


We must play a game!


I played a game of Scattergories in order to put my brain in "fun" mode and help stimulate creativity.

An intense game

After the game I was ready to do some mind mapping. I started in my notebook to get my raw ideas down. I kept pushing myself to come up with ideas that hadn't been shared in class, but was struggling to do so.

Winter Map - Sketchbook.jpeg

Unsatisfied with my results, I changed and refined my categories for a large-scale map on larger paper. The resulting categories were: New Year ('s Eve), Wool Clothing, Snow Transportation, Christmas Trees, and Illnesses. I felt that these gave a diversity of ideas while being neither too broad, specific, nor divergent.

Winter Mind Map.jpeg

From this map I selected three categories to focus on: New Year's Eve, Scarves, and Christmas Trees. I found myself instantly ideating products that crossed between and out from these categories. I made a mind map of just these categories to solidify the connections before making my product sketches.

Sub theme map.jpeg

Finally, I came up with 10 silly ideas for products:

Scarf Bling.png

Confetti Champagne.png

Knit Wrapping Paper.png

Kleenex Noise Maker.png

Tinsel Popper.png

Cut Your Own Scarf.png

Camelbak Scarf.png


Gift Wrap Gun.png

Xmas Tree and Ball Drop.png


Grade A work! (in my opinion.)

You not only did the requirements, but went a step beyond by caring enough to clean up your mind map.
Also your product ideas are somewhat feasible, which is more than I can say for most of mine.

AlcoHalls had me rollin.

I liked too that your products are related to your three subcategories. He had said
in class that they didn't need to be, but it's good that you're already headed down
that path with your thinking.

Nice blog design as well.

Hi Kyle:
Your blog design is very clear and I love how you made your 10 ideas look very professional. Besides,you showed us your mind map process. That's great! I especially love your gift wrap gun, if it does exist,then I don't need to worry about wraping gifts during holidays!
Great Great layout, I think your blog is very cool.
Annika Yan

I love that you refined your mind map! it really made it easy to follow your process and understand what your thoughts were. Also I thoroughly enjoyed reading your product ideas - hilarious! I for one would be beyond excited to receive a gift wrapped in knit. That's basically a gift in itself!
Constructively, regardless of how great your ideas were, I think you could have initially made your mind map more extensive. I always think about how Barry says that more ideas mean there will be more good ideas. If you were to make more connections, you would have even more interesting and hilarious ideas probably beyond the assignment - but that means some might have merit as real products.

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