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As you'll surely remember from my previous posts, my theme is New Year's Eve (NYE) and my problem statements are:

Kevin needs a way to work out without being bothered by these new gym members (at least until they quit or learn the ropes) because people make resolutions to lose weight and then go to the gym for the first time.


Julia needs a way not feel lonely when she can't spend New Year's Eve with friends and family.

As I thought of archetypal products for each of these problem statements, I realized that they were almost completely unrelated to winter. For exercise I thought mostly of gym equipment, and for loneliness I could barely even think of an archetypal product (ice cream? TV? stuffed animals?). Thus, I cautiously stepped back and decided to try an product related to my theme in general. The product most commonly associated with New Year's Eve seems to be the party popper (based both on my personal experience and research from previous weeks), so I went forward with that.



Fortune Popper


Streamer Shell


Whip Popper


Jumbo Popper


Loop Pull Popper


Pinch Popper


Fill Your Own Popper


Next, for my table-based method, I used TILMAG.


The two best ideas I came up with were:

Squeeze Popper

Whistle Popper


Contrary to what one of my commenters said, I felt that the ideas produced by my brainstorming session last week were fairly feasible. However, some were obviously better.

For NYE loneliness:
- Social network for singles on NYE
- Public ball pit
- Blind date matching/speed dating event
- Animal rentals
- Intergenerational socials

For dealing with new gym members:
- Give headphones to experienced members
- Free personal trainer if they stay with gym through June
- Separate pods for each person to work out in
- Temporary gym in January for new people
- Separate rooms for new and experienced exercisers.

TOP 10

After looking back at all the ideas I've collected over the past weeks, this is the list of the top 10: the best of the best, creme de la creme, cream of the crop, most spectacular ideas.

Xmas Tree and Ball Drop.png

The Ball Drop Tree (week 2)
Feasible: Yes
Usable: Yes
Novel: Yes

Thumbnail image for Camelbak Scarf.png

Camelbak Scarf (week 2)
Feasible: Yes
Usable: Yes
Novel: Sort-of

Thumbnail image for Confetti Champagne.png

Champagne Popper (week 2)
Feasible: Maybe
Usable: Yes
Novel: Sort-of

Animal Rental

Animal Rental (week 4, problem = NYE loneliness)
Feasible: Yes
Usable: Yes
Novel: Sort-of

Intergenerational Mixer

Inter-generational Mixer (week 4, problem = NYE loneliness)
Feasible: Yes
Usable: Yes
Novel: No

Separate Gym Rooms

Separate Gym Rooms Based On Experience (week 4, problem = new gym members)
Feasible: Yes
Usable: Maybe
Novel: Maybe

Temporary Gym

Temporary Gyms for Resolutions (week 4, problem = new gym members)
Feasible: Maybe
Usable: Maybe
Novel: Yes

Thumbnail image for Fill Your Own Popper

Fill Your Own Popper (week 5)
Feasible: Maybe
Usable: Yes
Novel: Sort-of

Thumbnail image for Whip Popper

WhiPopper (week 5)
Feasible: Maybe
Usable: Yes
Novel: Sort-of

Thumbnail image for Loop Pull Popper

Easy-Pull Popper (week 5)
Feasible: Yes
Usable: Yes
Novel: Sort-of


I can definitely see you have put a lot of time and thought into your process and blog posts. Everything is very organized and didn't require going back to other blog posts to understand what you are trying to convey.

The variety of products that have been conducted throughout this process is interesting, but makes sense when your theme of New Year's Eve is mentioned.

I like that you explored the ideas about the gym. I think they are extremely smart, but for the purposes of this class, probably not the most easily implemented as a "product." I am particularly interested in the Ball Drop Tree, The Camelbak Scarf and Champagne Popper. These feel a little more focused to me and better for the design purposes of this course.

Great job overall! You have excellent presentation skills.

Hello Kyle,

Excellent work! I can see that you've put in a lot of effort into presenting your content. Your process of arriving at an archetypical product was interesting-- I like how you were thinking out loud.

I love how you provided the text for your first three ideas (from your top 10) against a black box --these really stand out and look professional. I was curious as to why you didn't do this for the remaining 7 diagrams. :) Maybe it would have been good to maintain that format throughout your blog. It would have been good to see the specific SCAMPER prompt/question before every idea that you provided. That way, as readers, we can connect better to your train of thoughts.

It was good to see a NUF analysis beneath every idea. I agree that not every idea that emerges from the blue-sky ideation is necessarily silly--some of it is definitely feasible!


Hey Kyle.

You did a good job with your blog presentation. I was able to follow most of your thoughts and decisions.
Here are some of my most favorite aspects:
1) You stated both the theme and problem statements in the beginning of the blog. This was very helpful, and looking back at mine I now think I should have done this.
2) Picture clarity. Very clear and concise. I was able to understand all of the pictures and ideas you presented.
3) Your rating of your top 10 ideas (Novel, feasible, usable). Including this rating really helps the reader follow your thought process.
4) I like your idea of having poppers that can be filled by the consumer, this makes it much more personalized.

Here are some small issues I think you could improve on:
1) Describe more of the ideas you had in SCAMPER (instead of just presenting the one final idea from each group).
2) This is almost a contradiction to (2) above, but... All your pictures look really good, except the TILMAG matrix photo. If you improved that into the format of all the other ones, it would really help.

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