It all comes to an end.


  1. Champagne bottle popper
  2. Consumer-filled party popper
  3. Pets for rent
  4. Party popper with loop
  5. Artificial Xmas tree + New Year's Eve ball drop

Pugh Chart

For my Pugh chart I chose the Loop Popper as my baseline because it's the least radical innovation of the bunch (just adding a loop to the end of the string on a party popper). The chart represents my gut reactions for each product/criteria. After completion I was concerned by the obvious patterns, but decided that my gut reactions were accurate.

With the Pugh chart it was plain to me that I could narrow my choices down to 3: the Champagne Popper, the User-Fillable Popper, and the the Xmas Tree + Ball Drop. I went back to my market research to see if that could offer any other insight into which should win. The Champagne Popper and User-Fillable Popper each had 61% say "yes" they would buy the product, while only 41% said yes to the Xmas Tree + Ball Drop. The average amount respondents would pay for the Champagne Popper was around $20, $100 for the Xmas Tree + Ball Drop, and $3 for the User-Fillable Popper.

Based on all of this, I've decided to select the User-Fillable Popper.


Brainstormed ideas:

  • U-Pop

  • U-Popper

  • Fill-its

  • DIY Popper

  • Creative Poppin'

  • Custom Pops

  • Fill Your Own

  • Prep Your Own Pops

  • Mad Pops

  • Kannons

Mad Pops won by a landslide.

Here's my pitch:

Mad Pops Pitch.mp4

And here's a sketch:
Mad Pops Sketch



I am glad you chose the user-filled popper as your product and I liked how you walked through your reasoning for choosing that product as well.

Very nice job presenting, you are very good at giving speeches! :)

I agree with the sharks that it might be better to make the poppers customizable online. I think that people would be excited by the idea of customized poppers but that they may not be able to fill the poppers well on their own. You might be able to charge an even higher price as well if you are doing all the work of putting the popper together which would increase your margins even more!

Have a wonderful break,


The link was not working for me either, but I did enjoy your presentation. I think you have quite a unique product and I agree with what the "walleye" said in regards to scale. If you had a large enough manufacturing plan you could do the customization for the people and have them order online. The novelty of the product I feel is pretty high. for those kind of people who want an extra special touch to their parties. I wonder if maybe the pods themselves could be reused, perhaps shipped back to the plant for a discount or else make them recyclable. I would have liked to see a bit more in the blog, but any questions I had were answered during your presentation.


Your elevator pitch was pretty good. I think that the users making it is not feasible just because of the amount of time it would take to make them. I feel like the idea of an online customization and then them being shipped out is better as previously stated.

Other than that I thought the blog was laid out well.

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