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The (Near) Future of the Internet

Back in the early nineties Steve Jobs said something along the lines of, "The intenet is great simply because Microsoft can't control it.". Indeed the internet is so great because theoretically nobody *should* be able to control it. Originally the internet was designed to consolidate some military machines that couldn't exchange information easily, and today the internet is used for entertainment, and information exchange. Since the internet is capable of so much, where can we spot some upcoming trends and the next "big thing" for the internet to bring. It'll anyone to create a radio or TV show.

Today you can already create a podcast which is essentially your own radio network. With digital video cameras cheap and everywhere, pretty soon there are going to be ways to make a good deal of money off making your own TV show which everyone can watch. Instead of a few guys controlling the majority of media, the consumers will control what they want to watch and what they provide to eachother. With video podcasts you can already create your own TV show, there just isn't yet an easy payment system behind it for people to start doing full-time. Soon this little change will change television, Apple and others will make streaming content to your television easy, and you'll not be forced to watch just a small selection of content that only comes on at a certain time of day.

Beyond that new web technologies will make websites dynamic (such as wikis) and we will further and further spend our time online. It has been argued most people don't use Windows, but rather use Unix or GNU/Linux because they're spending their time online on websites powered by servers running those operating systems. In this reguard internet technologies have already out-valued what's on Windows machine (notice I didn't include Mac OS).

The internet is a great set of technologies that can provide a better democracy then anywhere else.