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Usability Research for Qualitative Studies

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With a culture dependent on technology and constant interaction, it can be difficult to measure what marketers can do to drive sales and call attention to their products with inactive technology. Usability testing is a tool marketers can use to find and fix problems with interactive design.

Qualitative usability tests are live, with participants performing tasks with their own product. Moderators keep score of whether participants succeed or fail at key tasks and tracks the participants' comments and body language. An obvious reason to run an usability test would be to make sure that users can fluidly and intuitively use the product. Another reason would be to make sure the product is ready before it is shipped. When does a usability test make sense? It's not needed when the product is being defined. Usability tests are not needed during the product development stage. Researchers need to use usability tests as soon as the physical rendition of the product is developed. This way they can change the product in regards to the test.

Plan the study, run the study, and analyze the result. Use the results to better you interactive technology.

Source: http://www.greenbook.org/marketing-research.cfm/adding-usability-research-to-your-qual-practice-40586

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