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Give to the Max Day Survey

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Every year, Give to the Max Day works hard to help rally support and raise a lot of money for non-profit organizations and schools in Minnesota in only one day. After donating on Give to the Max Day, I received an email asking me to take their donor survey. The purpose of this survey was to get my feedback regarding my experience on Give to the Max Day.
1. Contacting me through email was an efficient way to get my attention. Since the survey was right at my fingertips, I could complete the survey at my own convenience. This survey could be administered quickly, flexibly, and inexpensively. Also,they can present audio, video, or graphics with their survey. Another advantage with emailing surveys is that results can be analyzed in real time as respondent data come in. Disadvantages with using email surveys results reflect the views of those who choose to respond and may not be scientifically valid. Another disadvantage with this survey is that they may not know who completed the survey.
2. With this survey, the Give to the Max team offered a chance to win a $100 GiveMN giving card. This incentive caught my attention, and definitely sparked my interest to complete the survey. The Give to the Max team probably created this incentive to improve the response rate.
3. Most of the survey questions were dichotomous questions, yes or no. They were asking questions to learn how I knew about Give to the Max Day, as well as my previous donating experience through their organization.

Creating Surveys on iPhone Apps

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QpixL is a new application for the iPhone that creates surveys with pictures. The idea is for people to snap a picture, and then post it on Facebook or Twitter with a question. This app is for anyone under the sun. The idea is for people to have fun with it, not necessarily for research, but more for polls and opinions about whatever you may want to hear. QpixL can online be downloaded on iPhones and does not have a website.

With this app, people can have fun polling their friend's opinions. For example, the author of this article posts a picture to see what his friends see of his new goatee. This way he could hear what everyone thought of his new look. When a respondent clicks on the survey, they are taken to a web-based interface. There they are given the opportunity to give a written response.

This app clearly isn't taking over survey research, but it is an interesting possible avenue for polling friends and family. So enough marketers and researchers will be using such an app to creatively collect client data.


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