Comparison of Mobile Online, Landline, Cell Phone, & Online Access Panel

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So what is the best way to reach people for surveys? Well the Discovery Research Group in Salt Lake City, Utah found that online users were more like landlines phone respondents than cell phone or mobile online respondents.

Given that smartphones are a relatively new medium, it is important to understand this mode and the people who use mobile online phones. The Discovery Research Group used the same wording and question response options for research across each mode. 3 categories of questions were asked about demographics, cell phone preference and usage, and one potentially sensitive question.

Most findings were expected, however the interesting thing was that online access panel users were most like landline users compared to cell phone or mobile online. Online access panel respondents are more often older and more likely to make a landline call than an on a cell phone. Each mode is different for accessing different age groups and demographics. This finding was important to understand the types of people researchers will encounter when they focus on online, landline, cell phone, or mobile online surveys or research.


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