Liz & Dick Movie Ratings

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Everyday we are consuming entertainment and are constantly being told about what the 'ratings' were for a movie or what the critiques say. Sometimes I think we overlook, or don't think about where these ratings and numbers are coming from. Nielsen Research has been around from years, and has been continually collecting data and information about television shows.

Through a rating system in participants homes, Nielsen is able to get a sense for your preferences and what shows you do like and which you do not like. Recently, Lindsay Lohan starred in Liz & Dick, a made for TV movie on Lifetime. Nielsen was able to collect ratings to understand what the movie's audience consisted of.

Nielsen's Research was able to conclude that "Liz & Dick ranks as 2012's fourth most-watched original movie premiere on ad-supported cable among all key demographics, including Total Viewers, Adults 25-54, Adults 18-49, Women 18-49 and Women 25-54, behind Lifetime's Steel Magnolias." There research is helpful to the movie industry to understand what different demographics enjoy watching, and where they want to watch it.


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