Sleep Innovations Case Study

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Feedback from Hard-to-Reach Respondents:

Sleep Innovations sells advances mattresses, toppers, pillows and sleep products. They recently conducted a case study to obtain information from past purchases as well as learning about those who intend to purchase sleep products. They gathered feedback about packaging, attitude, usage, and new product screening.

Their challenge was pre-identifying potential purchasers of sleep products for online surveys to reduce cost and time involved. In order to address this challenge, Sleep Innovations chose to work with Toluna and create the 'Sleep Talkers' panel community of 2,000+ members. The members of this panel have purchased, or intend to purchase sleep products in the next 12 months, and say 'a good night's sleep is a priority.' These members were encouraged to take pictures of their sleep experiences and post to discussion boards. They were also encouraged to be involved with more traditional studies such as new product screening and optimization, and brainstorming product names and benefits optimization.

The 'Sleep Talker' engagement increased and response rates exceeded 85%. Sleep Innovations was also able to save money as they decreased overall costs by $300,000. Through their panel, they found that Sleep Innovations products were not selling well in retail environments, so they quickly created a survey for retail shoppers to learn more about brand perception and price.

This study shows that through any research, such a panel, can lead to more research in a different medium or through a different method.

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