Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Television, 2001-2009

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I found this research data interesting because we were conducting our own alcohol surveys in class. This article specific looks into youth exposure to alcohol advertising. Between the years of 2001 and 2009, youth exposure increased by 71%! This is more than the exposure to people between the ages of 21-34! They found that in 2009, there was more advertising for alcohol was during programming that was directed toward an audience of 12-20 years old.

In comparison to the survey we conducted in class, we found that 94% of our respondents had drank alcohol under the age of 21. My generation is the one that was watching the increasing amount of alcohol advertising. Did this advertising lead to the large percent of underage drinking? Is advertising give underage students the impression that it is not only culturally acceptable to drink before the age of 21, but also that it is what everyone is doing?
One of the statistics I found most interesting was, "From 2001 to 2009, youth were 22 times more likely to see an alcohol product ad than an alcohol company-sponsored "responsibility" ad whose primary message warned against underage drinking and/or alcohol-impaired driving." Large alcohol companies care so much about making sales and creating customer loyalty, that they do not care how it is affecting youth.

Underage drinking has always been common, but is this increase in advertising leading to a more acceptable culture of illegal, underage drinking?


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