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The story that I found on is from the Seattle Times. It can be found here, and is about the economic recession and how it's affected people near Seattle.

The story is nearly entirely based on records and analysis displayed on graphs and charts. They display, for example, the number of jobs lost in Washington state during each of the last five recessions. The chart easily shows that the current recession is one of the worst.

The reporters had to use computer skills to create the graphs and charts. Graphs like this can be made using a program like Excel. Knowing how to use such tools can be invaluable when trying to tell a story. The computer-assisted reporting used in this story does a much better job than simply using words to talk about the recession.

Van Persie's wonder goal wins it for Arsenal

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Robin Van Persie's wonder goal at the 70 minute mark won the match for Arsenal over northern England rival Everton.

The Dutchman has been in hot form all season, and the goal was his 19th of the season, ESPN Soccernet reports.

The goal brought former Arsenal legends, who were in attendance to commemorate Arsenal's 125th anniversary, to their feet, according to the Telegraph.

The game brought Arsenal into the top four in the league for the first time all season.

Court reverses murder and rape conviction

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An Illinois appellate court reversed a man's conviction for rape and murder Friday.

The man, Juan Rivera, has spent the last 19 years in jail on the charges, according to the New York Times.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the court found that the rape and murder of an 11-year-old babysitter could not have been done by Rivera, as various DNA evidence has proven.

The only evidence that could connect Rivera to the crime is a confession, which the defendant's attorneys claim was fed to him by investigators, the Chicago Sun-Times goes on to say.

Russia promises investigation into election results

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Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president, vowed to investigate parliamentary election results after widespread protests across the country against Vladimir Putin, the man in charge of the party that won 50 percent of the vote.

Up to 50,000 people protested in Moscow Saturday, according to the Guardian. The people were said to be disgusted, and accused Putin and his party of fraud.

The Telegraph reports that many people are frustrated because Medvedev's investigations have historically been ineffective.

Medvedev also took to Facebook to denounce the protest, a move that backfired, according to the Telegraph.

St. Paul woman acquitted in murder trial

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A St. Paul woman was acquitted Saturday on charges of second-degree unintentional murder and charges of manslaughter for the death of her infant son.

Jessica Caldwell was accused of assaulting her son because he was "whiny," the prosecutor said in his closing arguments, according to the Star Tribune.

After two days of deliberation, the jury acquitted Caldwell.

Caldwell's boyfriend had earlier been charged with with one count of manslaughter in a separate case, the Pioneer Press reports.

Vikings fall short against Lions

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The Vikings nearly staged a comeback against the Lions Sunday, before losing 34-28.

Despite four turnovers by rook quarterback Christian Ponder, the Vikings still had a chance to win in the dying seconds. Joe Webb, in for the benched Ponder, fumbled the ball to end the game, the Star Tribune reports.

The Lions' playoff hopes are in full swing with the win. With a record of 8-5, they are currently in the lead in the wild card standings, according to the Pioneer Press.

At 2-10, the Vikings at least kept hopes alive of having a top two draft pick.

Ron Paul unhappy with Donald Trump

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Ron Paul has called the idea of Donald Trump hosting a Republican debate "absurd."

Paul's main concern with a Trump led debate is how it would affect the brand of the Republican Party, according to Yahoo! News.

The presidential candidate also has trouble understanding why his fellow Republicans continue to take Trump seriously, the New York Daily News reports.

Jon Huntsman, a fellow presidential nominee candidate, echoed Paul's concerns. The only candidate to accept Trump's inclusion as host is Newt Gingrich, who is the current front-runner.

Captain of 1982 Brazil World Cup team dies

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Brazil's captain during the 1982 World Cup, Socrates, died Sunday in Sao Paulo. He was 57.

Socrates had been in the hospital since Thursday with food poisoning, which developed into septic shock, according to the Guardian via O Estado.

As captain of the Brazil soccer team in the 1982 World Cup, Socrates dazzled with goals of great technical skill. The 1982 squad is commonly known as "the best team never to win a World Cup," the Telegraph reports.

Along with his soccer career, Socrates was also a qualified doctor. He took his exams during his playing days, the Guardian goes on to report.

Prominent bishop takes time off from preaching

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Eddie L. Long, a televangelist for the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, is taking time off from preaching to be with his family.

The temporary time off comes after various legal battles, including sexual abuse allegations from young men were made public, according to the USA Today.

Long's wife has since filed for divorce, which led to Long announcing that he'd need time off to help save his marriage, the New York Times reports.

Protesters have assembled outside the church calling for Long to resign from his position as senior pastor.

Homeless man dies in fire

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A homeless man who set a fire to keep warm in an abandoned house in Minneapolis died Wednesday of smoke inhalation.

Firefighters found the man unconscious on the first floor of the house after responding to a call about a fire in the home, according to the Pioneer Press reports.

They go on to report that two firefighters fell through the floor into the basement and suffered minor injuries.

The Star Tribune reports that the death of the man has prompted the Minneapolis Fire Department to warn people about the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.