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The obituary that I looked at was for William Aramony, a leader of the United Way who was jailed for fraud. It was on the New York times website, and followed their style for obits.

The sources used in the article are mostly people who knew him in one way or another. His son is used as a confirmation of the cause of death, and a colleague made a statement as well. His book is also used as a source.

The obituary has the standard New York Times lead. It features the name, descriptor, day he died, location he died and age at death. This lead works well. It's a tried-and-true formula and doesn't need to be changed here.

The obituary differs from a resume because it does more reflection than anything. An obituary for a known person looks back at the person's impact on the world. It will often list negative as well as positive things that the person did in life. That's seen in the article I found. Aramony went to jail for fraud, and ended up being disgraced. This is in the obituary, but it does try to tell the story of his life in an objective way.

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