Issue 4 | Monday 26 September 2011

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Student Engagement | Helen Macey on Skateboard

Sheema Karp provides our "teaching" for the week in 9-22-11 Karp News Analysis Break Out Unit for M4.docx about the lesson she taught this week on the Palestinian - Israeli conflict. Through Sheema's experience using critical pedagogy as teaching methodology, we are reminded of the capacity of our students to grapple with large social, political, and economic issues that are relevant to their lives. We are also reminded that learning that is deeply rooted in the socio-political contexts of children's lives inspires their engagement in the very process of education. Education, then, becomes something necessary for them, and not just obligatory.

In her letter of gratitude to Dennis Lacey for inviting her students to the Tut House conference on the Middle East, Sheema shares how able and ready our students are for moments of relevance in the classroom:

I am particularly proud of the way the M4s behaved: attentive and respectful through what was a lengthy discussion, much of which was over their heads, but, at the same time, there were terms and concepts that we had covered over the past week, putting a human face on the conflict. The fact that Khalidi is a UNIS graduate brought forth a few gasps of surprise! The Gaza Monologues, a performance put on by students, very movingly expressed the thoughts and feelings of teenagers in Gaza: though specific to the Palestinians, the pain of being under attack is universal enough to apply to all those suffering in this conflict.

Thank you, Sheema, for this insightful view into your classroom.

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