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Coal Mountain Elementary by Mark Nowak with Photographs by Ian Teh & The Author

Coal Mountain Cover.jpg

Coal Mountain Elementary

(Coffee House Press, 2009)

170 pages/$20.00

Mark Nowak's third book, Coal Mountain Elementary, is a photo-labor-documentary, a new poetics of place, race, and capital rendering Chinese and US coal mining, and exposing its literal and figurative curricula of death. Anthropologist Aihwa Ong has said of Nowak's work that there is "an epic quality to the voices that cannot be dismissed by corporations" and historian Howard Zinn calls Coal Mountain Elementary "a tribute to miners and working people everywhere."

Coal Mountain Elementary is now available at your local book store, Powell's Books (which is unionized), and, of course, Amazon.com. Please also click here to see more of photographer Ian Teh's work.

Mark Author Photo B&W.jpg
Photo courtesy of Lisa Arrastía

Beginning in April, Mark will conduct a reading tour in Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and throughout the coal mining region of West Virginia. To contact Mark for a university or college reading, please click here to contact his booking agent, Speak Out: The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture. For any other readings, click here to contact Mark directly.


Don't we have coal mines in the East Bay? Sorry we won't be seeing him out our way this time. Like the photo though. Sam

Congratulations and much success. Travel safely and make money.
Uncle Brother

You MUST let me know where and when in PA so I can try to support Mark on his tour! Becky

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