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Dear USA:


For a moment, let me be completely blunt about what the assistance you might provide is regarding?


Okay, my husband and I are desperate out here in a rural area of Maryland--and yes, this is the south no matter how you slice the state. I know, I know, we moved ourselves out here so why cry out for some social/cultural assistance when we made our own bed to begin with? Well, we're academics, teachers, so there was a job for Mark here, a good one, and the town is only 3.5 hours drive from our family in NY as opposed to hours by plane, and let's face it, Minnesota was like hyperborean cold--so forgive us, we felt compelled.

All the Indians Are Dead.


Photo: from Cindy Ott's article "Crossing Cultural Fences: The Intersecting Material World of American Indians and Euro-Americans." The Western Historical Quarterly 39.4 (Winter 2008).

My 8-year old daughter is eating beets and carrots for lunch. Her 7-year old friend from next door watches. He doesn't like beets. I tell my daughter: you're going to help me cook tonight. We're making Indian food.


CHILD FROM NEXT DOOR: Back then, when the Indians were alive, they didn't have things like carrots and beets . . .

ME: Back then?

CHILD FROM NEXT DOOR: Yeah, when the Indians were alive.

ME: Ohhh, you mean American Indians. Oh, no, no. Tonight we're cooking Indian food like the kind that's made in India the country. The country in Asia. . . Also, American Indians are still living--there are Indians still alive.

CHILD: No there aren't.

ME: Yes there are.

CHILD: No! There arr-en-nt!

ME: Yes. There are.

CHILD: No there aren't. They're all dead.

Miru Kim: "Naked City Spleen"

sugar1.jpgMiru Kim's body-image-space work exposes the forgotton-ness and vulnerability of vacant, vacated, abandoned sites. Kim photographs herself nude in an attempt to eliminate all cultural representations in these spaces:

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