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Even the concept of adultery is warped; it's something made up like not going to Sunday Mass is a "mortal sin." Ain't murder a mortal sin? So the two are equivalent?

The public gets so caught up in how celebrities and politicians, or media-deemed and commodified "American heroes" "cheat" or "commit adultery." Who cares what they do to themselves or their family as long as they don't murder or abuse self or family (like OJ), as long as they hit their golf balls or shoot their free-throws, or can lead a nation fairly, compassionately, and without lying, stealing, or cheating people out of their retirements, homes, and futures?

I have never read or quoted from an ESPN reporter before today, but Bill Simmons's article on the Tiger Woods's apology is absolutely hilarious and straight on. See below.

TWoods Apology 2-2010.jpg
19 February 2010

"Tiger Still Playing by His Own Rules"
BY Bill Simmons

Say this much about Tiger: People give a crap. I don't know anyone who didn't watch this morning's speech. There isn't another athlete -- not one -- who could have made the world stop from 11 to 11:15 like Tiger Woods did.

And with that, we're done with the positives. I thought it was a borderline train wreck. It amazes me that Tiger learned little to nothing from the past two months. The control freak whose life slipped out of control dipped right back into control-freak mode, reading a prepared speech in front of a hand-selected audience of people, taking no questions, talking in clichés and only occasionally seeming human. Everything about it seemed staged. Everything. When the main camera broke down at the nine-minute mark and Tiger had to be shown from the side, I half-expected to see that he was plugged in to the wall.

JaneTrenka.jpgIf you're in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend that prospective and current adoptive families go - with an open mind - to hear Jane Trenka. What she has to say about adoption is extremely important to consider before adopting and after.

Author and activist Jane Jeong Trenka is presenting a lecture titled "A Million Living Ghosts: Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea" tomorrow

Date: Thursday 11 February 2010
Time: 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Location: @ University of Minnesota, 100 Smith Hall
Cost: Free

Description: Since the end of the Korean War, South Korea has sent away more of its citizens to be adopted than any other country in the world. If we count

RZA's Version of Washington Crossing the Delaware


9 February 2010
"The RZA's New Solo Project: Historical Art"

Wu-Tang fans might be surprised to hear that the RZA's latest work of art isn't a piece of music. Victory or Death is a limited-edition set of canvas prints that samples and remixes Emanuel Leutze's 1851 painting Washington Crossing the Delaware. In his version, the RZA replaces George Washington, and he's proudly flying the flag of Wu.

"It didn't begin 20 years ago... more like 200 years ago. And when you see the piece we're making right here, you're going to know what I'm talking about," RZA has explained. "We're about to rewrite and change history."

For Whom is "Precious"?



5 February 2010

"Fade to White"1
BY Ishmael Reed
Oakland, Calif.

JUDGING from the mail I've received, the conversations I've had and all that I've read, the responses to "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" fall largely along racial lines.

Among black men and women, there is widespread revulsion and anger over the Oscar-nominated film about an illiterate, obese black teenager who has two children by her father. The author Jill Nelson wrote: "I don't eat at the table of self-hatred, inferiority or victimization. I haven't bought into notions of rampant black pathology or embraced the overwrought, dishonest and black-people-hating pseudo-analysis too often passing as post-racial cold hard truths." One black radio broadcaster said that he felt under psychological assault for two hours. So did I.

UPDATE: "Stealing the Babies" - Americans Charged with Abduction

Ruth Fremson NYT.jpg0204-Haiti-Americans-Detained-600_full_380.jpg0204-Haiti-Americans-Detained-2-600_full_380.jpg

The New York Times
4 February 2010

10 Americans in Haiti Charged With Abduction, Prosecutor Says

Ten Americans [from the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho] arrested in Haiti last week as they tried to take 33 Haitian children to an orphanage across the border in the Dominican Republic were charged on Thursday with abduction and criminal association, according to prosecutors.

The charges, which carry prison terms of up to 15 years, were announced after a closed court hearing in which prosecutors questioned the Americans, most of them members of a Baptist congregation from Idaho. The case has become a flash point for Haiti's fears of foreign encroachment in the aftermath of the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Read More here.

Photo credits:
1. "Charisa Coulter and nine other Americans were charged Thursday in Port-au-Prince with abducting 33 Haitian children." Ruth Fremson / NY Times | The New York Times

2. "Four of 10 Americans who were arrested while trying to bus children out of Haiti without proper documents or government permission, arrive to court inside a Haitian police truck in Port-au-Prince, Thursday." Rodrigo Abd / AP | Christian Science Monitor.

3. "In this photo taken Saturday, four of the 33 Haitian children that a group of 10 Americans were trying to bus out of Haiti without proper documents or government permission, are seen at a police station in Port-au-Prince." Labrousse Wadson / AP | Christian Science Monitor

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