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August 30, 2011

Lecture 1-Introduction


August 25, 2011

Guidelines to Prepare Your Analytical Problem

The dowloadable pdf provides:

(1) Initial instructions on how to define a situation (analytical chemistry problem) that requires the use analytical method to investigate such situation.

(2) Criteria to determine the utility of the techniques covered in class to solve the analytical problem of choice.
(3) general guidelines to prepare a poster exam that will describe a proposal to investigate the analytical problem.

Defining and solving analytical chemistry problems-2011.pdf

This blog also has examples of posters presented in the past. See entries under the "Posters" category.

Syllabus and Tentative Schedule (updated October 11, 2011)

Welcome to Chem 4101!

The course schedule has been updated. Tentative Schedule-111011.pdf

Course syllabus