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Inventing New Methods -C&E article

Here is the link to the article that I mentioned in class today (Sep 21, 2011). Celia Arnaud, "Diagnostic Device Heads to the Field", Chemical and Engineering News, 39, August 29, 2011, page39.

The main points to stress are:
1. Solving an an analytical problem may involved developing new methods and instruments. This article mentions a great example of how to do so with limited resources.

2. How will you use the library resources to find more information about this topic (assuming that you read the hard copy)? Make sure that you have a plan on how you would proceed.

3. Detection is based on optical properties (opacity), which is different but highly relevant to instrumentation used for UV-VIS absorption.

Feel free to think outside the box when investigating your analytical problem and use creative ideas as the one described in this article.


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