February 17, 2008


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February 5, 2008

Top Five-Cassandra Johnson

TOP 5 Movies:

1. Pulp Fiction: I love this movie. Quentin Tarantino is a crazy writer/director. The way it all intertwines is very entertaining. John Travolta and Samual L Jackson make a great pair!

2. Donnie Darko: I love the emotional range the story provokes and the information presented is very intruiging.

3. Fight Club: Well...Brad Pitt among other reasons. It seems like every time I watch it I notice something new and I can't even count how many times I've seen it.

4. American Beauty: It is easy to relate to all of the different characters. It really makes you look at yourself.

5. Blow: A good illustration of the "American Dream" and the lengths that people will go to achieve it.


1. August and Everything After (Counting Crows): This has been my favorite cd from the time I was very young. The Counting Crows have always been my favorite band. Adam's voice is beautiful and his lyrics, especially on this cd are very expressive and creative in my opinion. I can relate to every song in one way or another. The instruments have sort of a early 70's sound and I think it's a cool combination.

2. The Resignation (RX Bandits): Amazing message. Very different sound. I love it.

3. Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) (The Eagles): My favorite cd to listen to on a hot summer night. Every song is amazing, don't have to hit "next" once.

4. North (Something Corporate): I love piano. I played piano for over 10 years. I saw this band live and it's amazing to see him jam out on a piano the way he does. Andrew is extremely talented in my opinion.

5. How to Save a Life (The Fray): I'm going to have to say it's the piano thing again. I love Isaacs voice and he plays the piano beautifully.

February 3, 2008

My favorite films

I've noticed that most of my favorite films are actually listed in the syllabus. That's what makes this class so great.

1. Godfather part II
I can't even being to describe how great this film is. The first was was astounding. But the second builds on the first one and is able to take off with a storyline of the young Corleone killing the sicilian "black hand" That scene was just great. Lots of moral relativism that really makes you think. On one hand you know that he is killing the extortion tyrant but at the same time you know that because it's a flashback that killing the Black hand was just a way to cut out his own extortion niche
2. Apocpalypse Now
I like this one more for the cinematography that the storyline and dialouge. I fell in love with this film because of the way that Francis Ford coppla blends the Tai Chi scene with the excruciating surreal lament of The Doors song "The End" The film also ends with the song. I just think that everything was executed perfectly. But "The End" is absolutely what made the film what it is. The horrifing pounding acid-washed raga sitar arpeggio reapeating over and over just haunts whatever is happening on screen. Interesting fact: Francis Ford Coppla and Jim Morrison plus Ray Manzarek of the doors were classmates at UCLA film school. If you look at some of the lost Morrison film projects you can see how Morrison's melancoly depictions of the hero characters rubbed off on coppla. I think it's a prefect fusion of film and music.
3. I'm not there
The surreal depiction of the life of bob Dylan. It just recently came out and I'm not sure if i've fully digested this film yet even though it's been weeks since I saw it. I'm a sucker for composite characters and non-sequitor storylines. I wouldn't call this a biography of Dylan, it's just too weird and dissociated from the biography format. But at the same time I think that the film may be the most accurate depiction of a dynamic personality. But at the same time i still have this feeling that dylan's biggest fault is how his perfectionism makes him a fraud in some ways.
4. Juno
This film just came out and it's getting nice reviews and such but I can't help feeling like I saw a different film thaneveryone else. Maybe I just derived less than the professional reviewers who were expecting something different. I though it was simply a sweet story and a welcome break from all the crappy formulaic films that hollywood cranks out expecting to be paid by the pound for film stock. I put this one the list because I think it's a better example of what a film could be if writers and directors would break out of the mainstream and stop worrying so much about making a film acceptable and accessable to everyone and just produce a movie on faith that the public will be able to handel it if there the film is just a little weird.
Run, Ronnie, Run

A comedy by David Cross and Bob Odenkirk that really flopped when it came out. All in all the film isn't absoulely packed with laughs every minute but the musical segments are so great. One scene has unique parody of the bland
R&B music that was so spot on that i've replayed it over and over and it's become a goldmine for inside jokes among my friends

February 2, 2008

Top Fives - Eric Nelson


Scarface (awesome and exciting story, I like how it goes through and wraps everything up and doesn’t really leave any loose ends, for some reason that’s important to me)

Superbad (HILARIOUS, need I say more)

Strange Wilderness (another funny one)

Fearless (some of Jet Li’s greatest work invigorating storyline and exhilarating fight scenes)

The Classic (I’m a little partial to Korean drama movies, this one makes the list because it is normal time length (most Korean Dramas are like 20 disc series) and they did a good job evoking emotions)


Han Sung Min - Sarang Ha Myun Hal Soo Rok (song from The Classic, great piano and orchestral instrumentals with a soft deep voice singing a sad song in Korean)

Flo Rida – Low (upbeat hip/hop song you can dance to)

Tupac – My Block (greatest lyricist ever preaching poverty and racism, not his typical gangster rap image)

Frankie J – Don’t Wanna Try (great voice smooth instrumentals)

Brett Dennen – Ain’t No Reason (second greatest lyricist ever singing about issues of today, politics, money, poverty, etc)

January 29, 2008

top five-Christina Johnston


1: "Memento"- This movie was really thought provoking. It takes your brain through two hours of confusion and in the end; you still may or may not have figured it out. He has no short-term memory and is trying to figure out the details of his wife's death.

2: "Ratatouille"- What can I say?! This is a feel-good movie, and personally, I really like France, furry things, and cooking, so you can see why this movie drew my interest. Also, it has something that most cartoons do not... Unlike most Disney films, they actually throw in elements of reality which make it interesting to adults too.

3: "Breakfast at Tiffany's": I LOVE Audrey Hepburn. This movie is endearing because it makes me feel like a very independent person compared to her character Holly-Go-Lightly, who tends to leech onto men and use her wit, charm, and good looks to party her way through life.

4. "American History X"- This is a weird favorite because of its neo-nazistic theme. I have a hard time watching this because of the shock value of it, but the first time I did, it opened my eyes to the reality of some hate-mob mentality that I was completely ignorant of.

5. "Abandon"- This is about a girl who is being stalked by a former boyfriend. In the end, however, things aren't quite as they seem. I really like the psychological thrill of this movie.


1. Death Cab for Cutie - (favorite album: Transatlanticism) good for sleeping, relaxing, homework-doing

2. Arcade Fire

3. Amy Winehouse- apparently they didn't "try to make her go to rehab" hard enough! Her voice is beautiful in a way that is unexpected and intriguing.

4. R. Kelly- He may have a sketchy past, but the man knows how to make a 'phat' dance song

5. Anna Nalik- "chick music" at its finest

Top 5- Ashley Bergman

Top 5 movies
1. The Shawshank Redemption- I love the chemistry (platonic) between Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, both are tremendous actors. Also the story here is wonderful-- intricate, surprisingy and believable, thanks to Stephen King. Plus the cinematography is gorgeous, Thomas Newman's score complements perfectly, and I always end up with a happy feeling when I finish watching it. "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing". I could gush longer but I'll stop here.

2. Lost in Translation- I can really relate to what Scarlett Johansson is going through in this movie, feeling lost and unsure of what to do with her life. Also good music and gorgeous scenery.

3. The Squid and the Whale- This is just a really awesome movie about a dysfunctional family and how divorce affects the two children in the family. The ending is perfect especially with Lou Reed playing as background music.

4. No Country For Old Men- Rarely does a movie end where I think it should. This one does.

5. Pulp Fiction- Probably don't need to say anything on this one. It's clearly a great movie. Best script of all time, I would argue.

Top 5 Artists
(I'm a music lover so this should be difficult)

1. The B-52's- this is a sentimental selection. Plus, they very nearly founded alternative music.

2. Dave Matthews Band- typical college band, but they are very talented and put on the best concerts.

3. Stars/Decemberists/Arcade Fire/New Pornographers/Death Cab for Cutie- Sorry, that's five bands, but they all run in the same "indie" vein.

4. Heartless Bastards- a favorite of today, subject to change. Very powerful, energetic blues-rock band.

5. Tears for Fears- I'm a sucker for melancholic 80s bands.

(honorable mentions? Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, The Who, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, The Beatles, George Harrison, John Lennon, Thomas Newman, John Williams, Wolf Parade, Wilco, XTC, Tegan and Sara, Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, Jesus and Mary Chain, Muse, Alanis Morissette, Genesis, Collective Soul, Coldplay, New Radicals, The Strokes, The Suburbs, and Sufjan Stevens). (sorry).

January 28, 2008

Top 5 - Katherine Lung

Top 5 – Katherine Lung


Running with Scissors – the dysfunctional family dynamics was funny and the fact that it was a real story.
Finding Neverland – I can’t specifically remember why, but it was enjoyable.
The Illusionist – the twist at the end made me shout out loud.
Perfume – the unexpecting ending and poignant twist to the plot was appealing.
Little Miss Sunshine – another dysfunctional family thing.

Musical artists…

Black Eyed Peas
Marie Digby
Gavin Degraw
Maroon 5
KT Tunstall

January 27, 2008

Jon Marshalla's Top 5

Top 5 Movies:

1) Casino. - I'm a big fan of the mob movies and of Pesci and De Niro. there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best Las Vegas/Mobster movie of all time.

2) Braveheart - The definition of an epic movie. First of it's kind and so many more films were inspired from it.

3) Blow - Some unreal Johnny Depp acting, and on top of it all its a true story.

4) The Notebook - I know I'm a guy and shouldn't like this movie, but it is definitely the best romance I have ever seen and an amazing story as well.

5) Superbad - prime example of a satire of mine and I'm sure many others' high school days. Could not stop laughing during the entire movie.

Top 5 Artists:

1) Dave Matthews Band - I'm not a total junkie, but gotta say I love listening and chilling to DMB. I also went to his concert at Alpine Valley this summer.

2) Tech N9ne - In my opinion one of the best and under recognized rappers out there. Been to two of his concerts and absolutely loved them.

3) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - love so many of his songs. Last Dance With Mary Jane, Learning to Fly, American Girl, Free Fallin, Don't Do Me Like That.... I could go on forever.

4) Led Zeppelin - Absolutely love Going to California, Over the Hills and Far Away, Dy'er Maker (which Sean Kingston eloquently ripped off for his song "Me Love") and so many more.

5) Toby Keith - I love some good country, and Toby Keith is pretty much the king. Went and saw him at We Fest in Detroit Lakes this year and had the time of my life.

Martine Schroeder

Top 5 movies - I definately enjoy the chick flick...
1) While You Were Sleeping
2) Father of the Bride
3) Ransom
4) Stepmom
5) Wedding Crashers

Top 5 artists –I basically will listen to any type of music, but these are probably my favorite artists from each genre.
1) Justin Timberlake
2) Dave Matthews Band
3) Mariah Carey
4) Rascal Flatts
5) Bob Dylan

Joe Ross' Top 5


Star Wars - The original trilogy never gets old for me, and the special effects that Lucas uses are incredible for the time. The new movies are also good, but I don't think they can ever be considered classics like the originals.

Tommy Boy - The best performance by one of the funniest men to have ever lived, Chis Farley.

Dazed and Confused - Anybody that has lived through high school can relate to this movie in one way or another.

Boondock Saints - This movie really makes you think about the differences between right and wrong/ good vs. evil and whether ordinary citizens have the right to take the law into their own hands if the law enforcement is less than sufficient. And it's just straight up bad ass.

Girl's 'Yeah Right' - A skateboarding video that turns the sport and the filming of it into a piece of art. The tricks are innovative and technical as hell, great use of special effects (special effects in skate video? yep.), and the audio/video synchronization is amazing (the entire film is perfectly edited so that every trick pops and/or lands on the beat of the song playing in the background). Anyone can appreciate this video, even if you don't skateboard or know anything about the sport.


Operation Ivy - Even though they only recorded one full length album, they completely changed the way punk rock would be played from then on.

Black Keys - A twosome that puts a modern twist on blues rock, but still stays true to the roots.

The Roots - These guys have the best beats in all of hip hop, no questions asked.

Led Zeppelin - I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't put the greatest rock and roll band of all time on my list.

Pennywise - A punk band that plays hard and fast every song. They didn't really change the scene at all like Op Ivy, and after a while all their songs start to sound the same, but I love them nonetheless.

My Top Fives...

Why hello there! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I must say this is a hard topic for me because I love a lot of music albums and movies. It was hard for me to narrow my top fives but I did it. In no particular order…

Music Albums

1) Justin Timberlake: Justified. I really loved Justin’s style and swagger even when he was with N’sync. He has such a great voice and a great dancer. This album just set him apart from your stereotypical pop album that was expected from him. He really showcased R&B in this album. With the help of Timberland, he had great beats and melodies in this album. I can play through the whole album without skipping a song. Every song in my opinion was really good.
2) Justin Timberlake: FutureSex/LoveSounds: Okay you guessed it, I’m a Justin Timberlake fan. I really love this album as much as his first ones. Again, showcasing R&B flavor, he made an album worth listening to every song. The song “My Love? was such a hit and it had a unique beat to it. I can never get sick of that song.
3) Lupe Fiasco: The Cool. This is the latest album I just can’t get enough of. He a great lyricist. He is able to relay messages or tell stories vividly through his lyrics. He has this bboy/skater swagger unlike your typical hip hop artist.
4) Dr. Dre – The Chronic. This album will be forever classic. Dr. Dre really pioneered gangster rap through this album in its time. Though the album may be vulgar, it was comedic and informative about what goes on in the “ghetto?. The song “Ain’t nothing but a G thang? will forever be a classic hit in hip/hop. He really put the west coast rap on his back at the time.
5) The Game: The documentary. This is one hot album. For a period of time, west coast hip hop fell off. The rise of southern hip hop dominated the scene. The Game was noted at the “the Savior of West Coast rap?. With Dr. Dre mentoring the Game, they made a classic album. It had all the elements of west coast rap and was able to slow things down with the upbeat of southern rap. Every song on this album was really good!


1) Bad Boy 1 & 2. My two favorite comedic actors, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence teamed up and made a movie I can never get sick of. They were so funny in this movie. You can tell that they really had chemistry working together to make these movies successful.
2) Dodgeball – I love Ben Stiller and the whole concept of “Dodgeball?. They had funny characters and the movie was exciting from beginning to end.
3) She’s All That – I thought this was a great modern day classic love story. The movie was funny consistently and did a great job displaying the “ugly duckling? story to modern times.
4) Crash – I love the storyline. How in the end each character had a affect on each others lives without even knowing it.
5) Cloverfield – I really like the how they projected the movie in an amateur like filming. It seemed real and you can feel the terror and emotions that were going on at the time. I love how the story unfolds in the end with the relationship of the main character and his crush.


Amanda Palazzo's Top Fives

1. Arctic Monkeys - daily life in Sheffield, England, set to indie/garage rock aesthetics - fast, with amazing beats.
2. The Suicide Machines - hardcore punk/ska band with progressive political/social overtones
3. Muse - dystopia/apocalypse/conspiracy themes, amazing guitar riffs, and a singer with crazy falsetto skills.
4. Nirvana - what do you say about Nirvana? It's Nirvana. I guess that's all you really need to say.
5. White Stripes - Jack White is some sort of eccentric musical mad scientist; simplistic music, that combines country, folk, blues, and garage rock.

1. Amelie - My all-time favorite movie. Wonderfully quirky characters, amazing cinematography, beautiful score.
2. Last King of Scotland - this film gave me chills; the acting is extraordinary. Forest Whitaker is almost indistinguishable from Idi Amin.
3. About A Boy - This film has a surprising amount of depth, considering it's a Hugh Grant vehicle. It deals with issues of redemption, acceptance, commitment, and growth. It also has a great score by Badly Drawn Boy.
4. Pan's Labyrinth - Beautiful and terrifying at the same time.
5. Lord of the Rings/Master & Commander - This is a tie; both of these films launched obsessions, in their own right, and I couldn't bear to eliminate one. The geek in me needed to know everything possible about the making of LOTR, and in doing so, has left me in awe of its grandeur. Master & Commander, another great epic film, reenacted 19th century maritime life with an astonishing amount of detail and brought about my interest in sailing/ships.

Brian Andreen Favorite Songs and Movies


Semisonic-Closing Time (has been my favorite song since the first time I heard it years ago and I listen to it on my computer all the time)

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams (awesome song even though it was originally way overplayed on the radio)

Weird Al-White and Nerdy (I love satire and this was an awesome remake of Riding Dirty)

Chris Rice-The Cartoon Song (Great worship song with a great point)

Trace Adkins-I Ain’t Never Had Too Much Fun (I don’t like very much country but I really get a kick out of this song, I love it when a song makes me laugh)


The Matrix (Love the concept and the whole general movie, had awesome action and plot. Was seriously disappointed by the two following sequels)

Lord of the Rings (all three movies were awesome both in their storyline and their visual quality)

Gladiator (Awesome story of what it is to be a person who sticks to their beliefs and is willing to die for them. I enjoyed the portrayal of the greatness and weakness of the human kind)

Red vs. Blue (very cleverly made inside a video game with voices put to characters. Great satire that needs a good understanding of the game (halo) to understand but is simply hilarious)

Fantastic 4 (The move was very entertaining and I love things that have a hypothetical scientific background that is made to seem believable, even if it is not actually possible. I felt that this movie did an outstanding job of this)

Top 5 Movies & Artists

Top 5 Movies:
Almost Famous- I love the spontaneity portrayed throughout this movie and also thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack.
Pulp Fiction- In addition to the numerous amazingly talented actors, this movie also contains an intriuging story line and is an all around excellent movie.
Juno- Recently became one of my favorite movies. I found it to be adorable, touching, and hilarious all at once. The soundtrack is also wonderful.
Dazed and Confused- This movie reminds me so much of my own High School experience and is always a fun one to watch.
Across the Universe- I love musicals and what better music to incorporate than The Beatles.

Top 5 Artists:
This was a very difficult thing for me to do.
Bob Dylan- An extremely gifted artist with amazing lyrics.
Red Hot Chili Peppers- A band I can listen to over and over again and never get sick of them.
The Beatles- Classics that will always be remembered and appreciated by numerous generations.
Norah Jones- I love bluegrass and find her music to be calming and always puts me in a happier mood.
Mason Jennings- Mason's acoustics and lyrics are moving and always make me happy. I grew an even bigger appreciation for his music after seeing him live.

S. Sorensen's Top Five

in no particular order..
1. Beastie Boys- they mixed their first album in a college dorm room
2. The Velvet Underground- the first indie rock band
3. Blondie- a truly versitle female, worked with rock and roll and hip hop
4. Bob Dylan- the greatest american folk singer/song writer
5. Talking Heads- my favorite band

1. Annie Hall- Diane Keaton is adorable and Woody Allen is comicly gifted
2. Fargo- an enjoyable storyline and it's set in Minnesota
3. American HIstory X- huge Edward Norton fan and I believe this to be his finest role, such an important story
4. Edward Scissorhands- I love Tim Burton's work and Johnny Depp gives an amazing performance
5. Pulp Fiction- my favorite Tarantino film, great cast, great plot.

Matt Hobbs - Top 5 Movies/Music

Top Movies
1. The Usual Suspects - Bryan Singer
I have never been left so blown away by a film as when I watched the Usual Suspects for the first time. My friends kept me completely in the dark on the story line, not even letting me read the back of the box. I can't even count the number of times I've seen it and i still find something new every time, Spacey's performance is just amazing.

2. Spaceballs -Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks was our generation's Chaplin (sans political commentary). the script of Spaceballs is Brooks at his absolute best and also has the great John Candy and Rick Moranis, how could you possibly go wrong.

3. Last of the Mohicans - Michael Mann
One of the best film scores of all time, and Daniel Day Lewis is just a crazy good actor. The culmination at the end when the father avenges his son is brutal and heart wrenching. A masterpiece, what every epic war film (Gladiator, 300, Troy, The Patriot etc) aspires to.

4. Tokyo Drifter - Seijin Suzuki
The Film tha tTarentino literally stole scenes from for Kill Bill. In a genre known for being difficult to follow and over the top this is a Japanese yakuza film where the director was actually fired from the studio for being too incomprehensible and the action too crazy. Not true at all. far from it, this film displays a film maker breaking all the rules and notions of how continuity editing and a film should look like to the audience. The use of color and music make this film a true under seen classic.

5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Ang Lee
Ang Lee's masterpiece, not only made the chinese martial arts films accessible to the American audience but brought together three generations of Chinese stars to produce a film that stands as both a martial arts masterpiece and an emotion filled drama. The cinematography is top of the line and absolutely gorgeous.

Top 5 Music Artists
1. AFI
The band that started my crazed journey into music (i proceded to then work for a music company and now have literally over 1400 cd's all due to AFI!!). Insightful lyrics, and music that continues to evolve and challenge itself, each cd shows a different aspect of the band

2. Buena Vista Social Club
The absolute most tasteful and well written cd, musically I have ever heard. each of the members, on their own, helped define and change the shape of cuban jazz and are each considered masters, and national treasures. Brought together by the great Ry Cooder, it is just impossible to get beyond the monumental experience that listening to this cd is. In an era of over-hyped, over-payed music blow-holes, this shows what music is should alwasy aspire to.

3. Rammstein
A massive sound, one review said, Music to invade Poland to, and a huge flare for cinematics Rammstein puts together a sound that is both unique and over the top. With music videos that challenge any film on artistic merit and cinematography (just search youtube and watch the video for Sonne), and concerts that no other band can stand up to (Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters once said in an interview that he would never want Rammstein to open for the Foo Fighters because Rammstein would blow any band of the stage) it is no wonder that they are the best selling German artist of all time.

4. Judas Priest
Rob Halford. No more words are really necessary, the greatest metal screams of all time, imitated by every power metal band on the planet. and backed by KK and Glenn, producing guitar riffs and setting the stage for the possibility of two lead guitarists and twin solos in music. It is just ridiculous to think of all this group has accomplished and done, not only for metal but music in general, and their still going strong. As old as Halford is, his voice just gets better and better.

5. Mithotyn
Alright now i'm really going to start testing people's knowledge and conception of what is considered 'good' music. Norwegian Viking Black Metal at it's finest. Melodic guitar riffs that metallica wishes they could come up with!

Nicole Carroll's favorites

Top five movies:
1. Moulin Rouge- How can you not get the chills and the hair standing on your back when you watch and hear the voices or Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.
2. The Great Debaters- It's a very new movie but highly inspiring and worth watching
3. The Holiday- It's such a true story and hard to watch because it always reminds me of my family.
4. 300-The awesome graphics and detail put into shooting the fight scenes are unreal.
5. Two way tie between Hairspray and sadly High School Musical- The talent these young people have are amazing.

Top five musical artist:
1. The Beatles-No competition.
2. Rascal Flatts-Best country band ever created.
3. Boys like Girls-A complete band to just rock out to.
4. Jacks Mannequin-Such soothing vocals.
5. Carrie Underwood-An ungodly beautiful voice and nothing like ever like it.

Jake Dreyer's List o Favorites

My top five movies and musical artists, in no particular order, are as follows.

1. The Philadelphia Story: The dialogue between Grant, Hepburn, and Stewart is fantastic. One of the funniest films ever made.
2. All About Eve: Bette Davis at her finest. Everything about this movie, the writing, acting, camera work, etc is as good as it gets.
3. The Lion in Winter: The scenes with Hepburn and O'Toole are the best acted that I have seen.
4. The Apartment: I love Billy Wilder's work and of all his films this is the one that doesn't get old to me.
5. The Great Escape: Pure entertainment, a great war movie, with McQueen leading an all-star cast.

1. The Beatles: no explanation necessary.
2. Wilco: Jeff Tweedy has mad skills
3. Bob Dylan: In my opinion the greatest songwriter in American history
4. Radiohead: I can listen to their music at any time in any mood.
5. Dean Martin: Listening to Dean invokes a time and a place in my mind like no other music.

Courtney's Top 5

My five favorite movies are:
1. No Country For Old Men - The best new movie I've seen.
2. Who Killed The Electric Car? - An interesting view on a topic that is very important to me.
3. The Breakfast Club - Classic.
4. L'Auberge Espanole - Funny look at how different cultures interact.
5. Crash - Such a powerful and meaningful movie.

My five favorite songs are:
1. Lauryn Hill - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
2. Howie Day- Collide (Acoustic)
3. Sugarcult- Memory
4. Anything by the Beach Boys
5. Quietdrive - Halfey

Candice Dehnbostel's Top Fives

Top five movies
1. Harold & Maude- I love the concept (a young man falls for an elderly woman), the dark humor and the wonderful soundtrack by Cat Stevens.
2. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly- Clint Eastwood is superb in this Spaghetti Western.
3. Pulp Fiction- Quentin Tarantino’s writing and directing creates a juxtaposition of current popular culture and classic movie styles.
4. Full Metal Jacket- This film is brutal and hopeless at times, but the ideas and commentary about the Vietnam War seem to allow those not alive at the time or in Vietnam a view into war.
5. The Darjeeling Limited- I love Wes Anderson and his choices of actors, color palettes and music. This film has exemplifies Anderson’s style.

Top five artists
1. The Beatles- I believe they were and still are the best band of all time.
2. Bob Dylan- His ability to tell stories of race, class, romance and social commentary through beautifully written folk and rock songs set a precedent for ‘60s artists and thereafter.
3. The Kinks- The Davies brothers crafted some of the catchiest pop songs: “This Time Tomorrow,? “Lola? and “Tired of Waiting.?
4. Jimi Hendrix- Songs like “Bold as Love? and his cover of Dylan’s “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? showcase wonderful guitar licks that create more of an emotion than the actual lyrics do.
5. Sondre Lerche- He crosses folk, jazz, rock and pop in a perfect combination. The songs have quirky, infectious melodies that are complicated enough to sound simple.

Cloyd Top 5's

1. The Shawshank Redemption : Because sometimes random friendships are the most interesting to watch.
2. The Godfather: What is there not to like about this film? Part 1 is better, but part 2 is not bad for a sequel.
3. A Beautiful Mind: The symbolism in this movie is phenomenal, and Crowe is one of my favorites.
4. He Got Game: I love most sports movies, the story of this one makes it great.
5. Any Nature Documentaries- I love non-fiction films involving any spectrum of nature (i.e. Planet Earth)

1. DJ Danger Mouse -The Gray Album- A mix between Jay-Z lyrics and Beatles instrumentals...excellent
2. Celtic Music- ranging from violin to bagpipes, I like most Celtic bands, vocals.
3. The Chieftains- Similar to Celtic but more emphasis on vocals...
4. Bruce Springsteen- ANY ALBUM. even though his voice is not his strongest skill, his music and him in general put him on my list.
5. John Prine- because as one of my dad's favorites, I was forced to listen to him growing up and got used to his music being around.

Chris Dahmen's greatest hits

My top five list of movies is one of the hardest things I've ever done^^
1. Annie Hall (Woody Allen 1977)
2. Ladri di biciclette (1948)
aka "The Bicycle Thief" (Vittorio De Sica)
3. Network (Sidney Lumet 1976)
4. The Searchers (John Ford 1955)
5. Wild Strawberries (Ingmar Bergman 1959)
My top five favorite albums proved too awkward to write so I am writing my favorite songs by my favorite artists
1. Beethoven's 9th symphony
2. Johann Pachelbel "Canon"
3. Paul McCartney "Yesterday"
4. Bernie Higgins "Key Largo"
5. John Denver "Annie's Song or Country Roads" It's a toss up.

Kendra Elm

Top Five Movies
1) Transformers- The story is great and the special effects are amazing
2) Superbad- It's so funny, and so true of high school boys
3) Saw 4-I love scary movies, and this one is really entertaining
4) The Notebook- It is such a good love story and it makes me cry every time
5) The Count of Monte Cristo- I love the plot of this movie, he plots his revenge so carefully

Top Five Artists
1) Justin Timberlake-I've loved his songs ever since he started in N'sync
2)Santana- He has a great voice and Into the Night is a really good song
3)Tool- One of my friends got me hooked
4)Sweet- I love to sing to Ballroom Blitz
5)Michael Jackson- He is a classic

Halle’s five top movies and artists

The top five movies:
1. Crash- It does a wonderful job of depicting racial prejudice in America.
2. City of God- Great movie, it depicts how Brazilians police contribute to violence and drugs in the county.
3. Constant Gardener – it illustrate the unethical practices of pharmaceutical companies in Africa.
4. Ghost- Great love story and nice sound track.
5. Home alone- watched it many times as a kid.
The top five musical artists:
1. Bob Marley- his music is timeless and he fought for social justice.
2. Lauryn Hill- Great reggae influenced music
3. Celine Dion- Wonderful voice, great love songs
4. John Mayer- Great lyrics and also touches social problem
5. Usher- great dance and great entertainer

Cameron Lee

The Beatles: Classic
Nobuo Uematsu: Composer for the Final Fantasy Soundtracks
Takeharu Ishimoto: Composer of OST FF soundtrack
Tool: Recommended by Alex Quast
Led Zeppelin: Sparked a new age.

Superbad: Hilarious
Swordfish: Explosions and girls. Has a very well written plot that I found quite enjoyable
Bond Films (Sean Connery): Has an element of fantasy that we wish we could have in our lives. I think that most people would like to live a life similar to Bond.
Terminator 2- Judgment Day: For what it's about, the movie is very well written and executed. I think the idea of machines becoming smarter than humans in the near future a real possibility and we can see that in Deep Blue.
The Fifth Element: Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker, and an amazing person with orange hair. Add them together and you get an exceptional movie.

Favorite Movies

My top five favorite movies in order are The Godfather, Rush Hour, 300, Goodfellas, and Cloverfield. The Godfather is and will always be my favorite movie all for two important reasons; it is about a family and the mafia. I have read the book, but I enjoyed the movie better. The movie is full of emotion, hate, drama, and action and with Al Pacino, Dianne Keaton, and Marlon Brando, you cannot go wrong. Rush Hour is probably one of the funniest movies I have ever watched. I believe opposites attract and with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan being partners, my belief is true. The action mixed in the comedy has been attempted by many other movies, but has failed miserably. Chris Tucker’s jokes and his Michael Jackson inspired dancing is to me, the best parts of the movie. 300 is a very inspiring movie to me. 300 men defend their country with their lives with no fear for honor. The story behind this movie is true, though it is shown with a little exaggeration. I love hearing the music in the background, it is energetic. Goodfellas is another mafia movie, but unlike the Godfather, it is based on a true story. The whole movie is a time line of how Henry, the main character, got to where he is today. It shows the ups and downs of being a “wise guy? and the dangers that one may face. Many people say it is better then the Godfather, I believe it comes close, but not to close. Cloverfield just came out and I have been waiting to see it since I saw the preview trailer from Transformers. The movie was just amazing to me. The way it was filmed and the plot, not the mention that the monster was very awesome. There is more to the movie then what they display. Clues on how the monster was created have been all over the internet. I want to see it again to see these clues that are portrayed in the movie. What I enjoyed most is how you feel like you are part of this epic event. Going to save the woman you love is very brave and I am sure people in the audience felt they would do the same. I must admit, my heart was pounding the whole time because it was so suspenseful!

Favorite movies and musical artists

1. Singin’ in the Rain: Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds are fantastic in this classic. The music and dancing cannot be beat.
2. Footloose: This movie was a breakthrough for Kevin Bacon, and I am a sucker for cheesy 80’s music.
3. Pirates of the Caribbean # 1: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as it was fun and fast-paced, complete with a great soundtrack and love story.
4. Hitch: My two favorite scenes are on the jet skis and when Will Smith has an allergic reaction at the cooking show. It totally made me laugh, but the love story was also great.
5. Hairspray: The music made me want to get up and dance. At the same time, it held historical value in portraying the beginning of the 60’s with segregation and acceptance of others different than yourself.

Musical Artists
1. Frank Sinatra: His songs are timeless, and his voice will never again be matched in tone or quality.
2. Michael Jackson: Although I may not agree with his personal life today, his songs are masterfully done and get everyone out of their seats onto the dance floor.
3. Norah Jones: I love playing her songs on rainy days with a cup of coffee and a blanket. They are very chill and relaxing.
4. Faith Hill: She is spunky with tunes you love to sing in the car or when I am getting ready to do homework.
5. Snow Patrol: They have a unique style and sound that is difficult to match. Their music is interesting yet not overly stimulating.

Colin McGuire's Top Five

I love listening to music and watching movies, but I am also not the guy to come to for artist or actor names.

My Top Five for music, in no particular order, would be:
1) Brad Paisley - some of my favorite country songs are on his "Time Well Wasted" album.
2) Garth Brooks / George Straight - two legendary country artists
3) Leona Lewis - she is a new favorite of mine. She won the British version of "Amercan Idol" and has an amazing voice that rivals Whitney Houston.
4) PANIC! At the Disco - a great band with a more techno sound accompanied by some interesting comedic lyrics.
5) Justin Timberlake - a lot of his new stuff has a great sound I can't get enough of.

Top Five Movies:
1) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carey does an amazing job in this movie. My friends and I constantly quote from this movie.
2) Clue. Modeled after the board game clue has a darker sense of comedy in it that takes a certain sense of humor to really enjoy.
3)Snatch / Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. These two movies, one a sequel to the other, have such interesting twists and outcomes that are genius and highy amusing.
4) Drop Dead Gorgeous. This is an absolute favorite. I saw the movie right before moving to Minnesota and found it hilarious. Besides the witty remarks throughout the movie I am able to find something i did not notice before every time I watch it.
5) The Bourne Trilogy. These rank at the top of my favorite action movies because of how real everything seems in the movie. The trilogy has some of the best and most realistic car chases and hand to hand combat.

Week 1 Assignment

Top Five Movies:
1. Gattaca - GREAT movie! How cool would it be to actually be able to pull a stunt like that off?! I love movies about the future and the advancement of science.
2. American History X - Edward Norton is an amazing actor! It's an extremely eye-opening film that everyone must see!
3. Hotel Rwanda - Very sad, yet extremely powerful!
4. The Last King of Scotland - Really shows the atrocities of war and the manipulation that goes on behind closed doors.
5. Blood Diamond - DiCaprio is amazing in this film. Also a must-see!

Top Five Musical Artists:
1. Micheal Jackson - Musical legend...enough said.
2. Madonna - The female musical legend.
3. John Legend - Has a great voice and is very talented.
4. Googoosh - The most loved and respected Iranian singer of all time.
5. Haydeh - My personal favorite Iranian singer of all time - Frank Sinatra agreed that her voice was one-of-a-kind...enough said.

Chris Lewis Top Five

1. Finding Forrester- I've always wanted to be a writer and have been so inthralled with the process in which a person's philosophy flows through a pen and onto paper. This story reminds me of why I love this art and how through writing you can reach anyone.
2. Stranger Than Fiction- Another movie that jumpstarts my passion for writing. It reminds me how in a good book each character has a life of it's own, and the reader should feel like any character could be a friend, neighbor, or coworker.
3. Rocky Horror Picture Show- Some movies are just fun.
4. Sweeney Todd- Reaches down into a person's darkest roots of deception, violence, and the need for passion. Plus the music is great.
5. Pan's Labarynth- I'm not one for fantasy, but this story shows multiple points of view and stresses how a story can be great if it has great characters.

1. Beatles- Classic artists that can paint any picture.
2. Aqua- Happy music that makes me feel perky with a picked up beat.
3. Danny Elphman- He composes amazing symphonies that can paint a picture with a simple beat and a vibrating strings. It's nice to be able to close your eyes and feel a surrounding based on music.
4. Rent- I have a connection with an older sibling through this musical and it always reminds me of her.

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Chris Hansen's Top Five's

Top 5 Movies:
The Departed -- Some people I talked to were confused by this movie, but I found it exciting from start until finish. I loved how round the characters were, especially Leonardo DiCaprio's character. You could really empathize with him and understand the kind of pressure he was under.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy -- Maybe I am not the best person to comment on the story line, as I have not read the books, but the cinematography and overall production of all three movies was fantastic! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Return of the King, but I have never gotten bored of watching any of them.

Dumb and Dumber -- The writing was original and right on, and it seems like every time I watch the movie I notice another joke or bit of humor that I had overlooked before.

Pulp Fiction -- I liked the twisting plot lines and how they were presented in a way that made absolutely no sense at first. In order to really enjoy this movie, you basically have to see it twice to get all the information from the various plot lines and then piece them together to create a chronological timeline.

Fight Club -- This is another great movie, similar to Pulp Fiction in how you have to view the movie multiple times to really get a feeling for what is going on. Still, a fun movie with one of the best plot twists ever. It took me completely by surprise.

Top 5 Albums:
Dark Side of the Moon [Pink Floyd] -- A great album, from start to finish. I love how each song seems to blend perfectly into the next, as if it is one continuous song.

Houses of the Holy [Led Zeppelin] -- I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan, so I could just include their entire catalogue, but I chose Houses of the Holy because; a) It has some of my favorite Zeppelin songs, and b) I didn’t want to pick Led Zeppelin IV like everyone else.

Stadium Arcadium [Red Hot Chili Peppers] -- I love Anthony Kiedis’ voice (since he changed his singing style in the early-mid 90’s), and the songs on this album are all very catchy.

Paranoid [Black Sabbath] -- I love this album, especially some of the less popular songs, although hits such as Iron Man and Paranoid still rock as well.

Back in Black [AC/DC] -- Every song sounds basically the exact same, but after listening to this album, the songs are stuck in my head for days.

Movies & Artists Jeff Tow Arnett


1. Big Jake- John Wayne is my favorite actor and this movie Big Jake is one of his greatest classic films he made in the early 1970’s. During John Wayne’s prime he represented the ideal image of being an American man, he was a role model for the American public.

2. Wedding Crashers- Vince Vaughn into today’s era is the funniest actor out there. Wedding Crasher is the best comedy of all time with all the funny memorable quotes. This quote is one of many memorable in the movie:

 Jeremy Grey: Okay, what's our back story?
John Beckwith: We're brothers from New Hampshire. We're venture capitalists.
Jeremy Grey: I'm sick of that. Let's be from Vermont. And let's have an emerging maple syrup conglomerate.
John Beckwith: Wait, that's stupid. We don't know anything about maple syrup.
Jeremy Grey: I happen to know everything there is to know about maple syrup! I love maple syrup. I love maple syrup on pancakes. I love it on pizza. And I take maple syrup and put a little bit in my hair when I've had a rough week. What do you think holds it up, slick?

3. Crocodile Dundee- This movie is just one classic movie that never gets old to watch. Crocodile Dundee has a great story line and is very funny to watch.

4. Mighty Ducks Series.- growing up I love hockey and always wanted to be in that movie. Being from Minneapolis is was cool to see how these reject kids start from nothing and go on the being the best. It’s a great story about sports.

5. My Cousin Vinny- Joe Pesci and Marsisa Tomei had great chemistry and really made this movie one of American classic movies to watch. Joe Pesci is another one of my favorite actors and really makes this movie great. My Cousin Vinny has a lot of memorable quotes which is why this is in my top five all time.


1. Taylor Swift- it’s cool that she writes all of her own songs. She pretty good looking too and is by far my favorite artist.

2. Fergie- I went to one of her concerts and I had a blast and my favorite song of her's is Big Girls Don’t Cry. I am not sure why being a guy but I like the song.

3. Alan Jackson- I grew up listen to him as a kid and I love all of his songs and the lyrics to his songs.

4. Toby Keith- I like his songs and what he sings about. Being from the country I like the image that he has.

5. Faith Hill/Tim Mcgraw- I don’t think there is a better duo that these two artist. Very inspiring people to listen to.

Top Five Movies & Music by Jenna J.

1. Love Acutally- A beautifully woven story depicting different facets of love. Makes my heart sigh every time...
2. Forrest Gump- Tom Hanks was great in this movie, and the idea of creating a historical montage and unveiling it through a fictional character made for a good storyline and strong presentation.
3. Good Will Hunting- A not-so-usual kind of 'rags to riches' story. The setting and circumstances of the characters fit this movie well I think.
4. Life is Beautiful- Poignantly told experience of the Nazi era through the eyes of an Italian family. The end lesson holds true to the title.
5. Casablanca- There's just some underlying quality about this movie I love. It's classic, witty, and charming all at the same time.

Music artists:
1. The Red Hot Chili Peppers- Something about their music-- the bass line? the vocals? the lyrics? --just hooks me in completely whenever I hear one of their songs.
2. Bob Dylan- The younger Bob Dylan, that is (although he's still good today). It's amazing how a few mysterious verses could have influenced a whole generation, and we don't really have anything like that to compare it to presently to even realize it's past effect.
3. Wilco- I enjoy their folksy-rockness and mellow beats.
4. Andrew Bird- Total chillout music-- this guy's a very talented musician with a smooth, relaxing voice.
5. Rilo Kiley- Their lyrics can be edgy/controversial and sweetly emotional at the same time, as can Jenny Lewis's voice. But that's what I like about this group.

Monica Weir's "Top Five" Lists

Top 5 Music:
Journey - Whenever I hear Journey songs it reminds me of growing up and listening to the music with my dad. I love that "Don't Stop Believin" is such a popular song now.
Santana - The compilation of artists on Shaman that came out in 2002 is amazing.
Kanye West - There is so much rap out there that I can't stand but I will always love Kanye West's music.
Aerosmith - "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion" have been two of my favorite songs since the first time I heard them.
Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas - This CD will always be one that I listen to repeatedly during the holidays.

Top 5 Movies:
"Blades of Glory" - Being a figure skater I can appreciate all of the shenanigans that go on during this hilarious movie.
"Love Actually" - It's such a hopeful movie and all of the stories link together well.
"Moulin Rouge" - The music is what makes this movie amazing and Baz Luhrmann's directing is incredible.
"It's a Wonderful Life" - one of the very few movies that has ever made me cry.
"Pirates of the Caribbean" - Part of the reason this is on my Top 5 list is because I did a skating routine so the music, so every time I watch the movie and hear the music I'm reminded of an amazing skating routine, I also really like the story line and complicated characters of the trilogy.

Alec's Top Five Movies & Artists

I enjoy a good movie much more than I tend to pay attention to what is playing on the radio. While I appreciate music very much, I have never paid much attention to which artist performs what. Therefore, my movie list is paired down and my artist list is stretched.

Top Five Movies (in no particular order):

1. Apollo 13 - Everytime I watch this movie I think about how amazing it was to send someone to the moon back in a time where technology was very limited as compared to today. It makes me think that due to modern conveniences, our society has become less apt to take risks like the astronauts did back in the 60's. The Apollo space program was a rallying point for a downtrodden nation and gave our country the confidence to evolve technologically.

2. Miracle - I am a huge hockey fan and I remember back when I was a kid my dad had a poster of the 1980 Gold Medal Olympic Hockey Team. When I was old enough to appreciate what Herb Brooks stood for, as well as the team's accomplishment, I can't help but be inspired by this story.

3. Remember the Titans - How can you not be inspired by this movie!

4. The Incredibles - I just think the storyline of this movie is very clever. The animation, like all Pixar movies, is amazing and the story is an interesting twist to the classic idea of a superhero. Plus, when watched in HD...good grief!

5. Star Wars (all) - I appreciate the early trilogy for the idea and what was accomplished from a technical standpoint as much as I appreciate the later movies for their technological advancements. When you watch the more recent films, the earlier movies look very slow (which adds to their charm because back in the 80's they were cutting edge!)

Top Five Artists

Michael Jackson - I think he's getting weirder by the day, but he's still an icon. I enjoy his earlier stuff more than what he did later in his career. In fact, I think Janet Jackson has had a more successful career, longevity-wise.

Prince - Like Jackson, his earlier material is better than when he decided to name himself after a symbol, but in any event the guy has more talent than anyone else in the business.

Aretha Franklin - the girl's got pipes, that's all I can say.

The Beatles - I can play Abbey Road straight through, which is tough for me as I am really picky about music.

Rolling Stones - To me they are kind of like the Beatles, I don't seek out their music but when it's on I rarely turn it off.

Ultimately I mostly prefer instrumental music such as songs from the big band era like "In the Mood" or "Sing, Sing, Sing".

Top 5 Movies & Music

Top 5 Movies and Music
Rules of Attraction- It is a great movie that really just sticks with you. It is messed up and wonderful, and the scene between Richard and his mother was just amazing. Packed with great scenes!
Rocky Horror Picture Show- Such an original movie, with great acting and awesome music. Just a wild, out there movie that makes me want to sing and dance!
The Nightmare Before Christmas- Just a well made piece, with a dark and macabre sense of humor. The music was great and the characters were innocent and fun.
Evita- One of my all time favorite musicals with one of my favorite entertainers. The life story of Eva Peron is romantic and tragic and it brings me to tears every time I watch it.
Romey and Michele’s High School Reunion- A hilarious look back at high school life. Each character can be compared with someone you went to high school. It is just fun!
Madonna-I love to dance and her songs are always great for that.
Mickey Avalon- I love his take on rap. He has great lyrics and phat beats.
Black Eyed Peas- Great lyrics and enjoyable songs. Their sound and style just blend well to make amazing songs.
Cher- She is classic! All of her songs are empowering and fantastic.
Wicked- I love musicals and this is one of my favorite. I can just sing a long and I am able to really feel the music and the story.

Meghan's Top Movies and Music

Top 5 Movies
1. Dirty Dancing: A good story with good music and serious undertones
2. ET: The first movie I remeber falling in love with and watching over and over.
3. Saved: A funny and poignant way to show how dangerous religion can be when taken too far.
4: Dogma: Very funny and I love Kevin Smith
5. Grease: Pretty much a feel good movie that always puts me in a good mood.

Top Music:
1. Bon Jovi - Slipper When Wet: Great classic hair band rock
2. Aerosmith: Amazing band that has stood the test of time and continues to put out great music.
3. John Mayer: Great artist who has something to say and isn't afraid to say it and doesn't take himself to seriously.
4. Jack Johnson: He writes amazing songs and has managed to stay out of all the drama and just make music in Hawaii
5. Green Day: They don't take anyones crap and they speak their minds.

Jordan Swan's top Movies and Music

Top movies in no order
1. Hedwig and the Angry Inch- a gender bending rock and rollercoaster, beautiful ballads.
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's- The original story was in so much better, but Hepburn shines in it.
3. Drop Dead Gorgeous- A perfect chronicle of my hometown minus the murder.
4. Funny Girl- Barbra in her peak, don’t rain on my parade!
5. The Labyrinth- Bowie in tights and puppets galore, what else could I ask for.

Top Music in no order
1. Back to Black, Amy Winehouse, Addicted to crack but I still lover her.
2. Robyn, Robyn, Swedish pop is never wasted on me.
3. Pieces of You, Jewel, Sad 90’s chick music, I love it
4. Lovers Rock, Sade, I could listen to her voice for hours
5. Missundaztood, Pink, Angry but fun.

Nyssa's Top Five Movies & Musicians

Five Favorite Movies

Beauty and the Beast – Watched this all day everyday the summer it came out. I could recite the whole movie, every line. It has been awhile since I last watched it, but I think it will stand the test of time.

Dazed and Confused – A movie that really captivated me sophomore year of high school. I love the characters and there are great one liners.

Disturbing Behavior – back when Katie Holmes was America’s girl next door. The soundtrack was great. The action scenes weren’t too disturbing, but still pumped you up.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle – not necessarily revolutionary or inspiring in any way, but I have seen it well over a hundred times and am happy to watch it again any time.

Practical Magic – My inspiration for romantic relationships. It was such a good story of sisterly love, avoiding dangerous men, finding Mr. Right, with witchcraft thrown in.

Five Favorite Artists

Afroman – Their music is just so much fun. It makes me feel like a kid again. They bring back memories of Junior year.

Alanis Morrisette – her first CD was so different from anything I had heard before. I played it all day for the whole summer.

Cledus T. Judd – The Al Yankovich of country. Hilarious lyrics that blend in so well, great brain candy.

Dixie Chicks – Outspoken and opinionated artists. They were a good counterpoint to the Spice Girls’ brand of “Girl Power.?

Toby Keith – Know the lyrics to every song on every CD. And got to hang out with him on his tour bus.

Top Five Movies/Artists

My top five movies are tough for me to choose, mostly because I don't see a lot of movies, and the ones I do see I usually find a reason to dislike (What a positive first post...). I typically like the 'bad' horror movies - the ones that have gore for gore's sake, predictable plots, and cliche characters. The Zombie movie genre is probably my favorite...They're so hellbent for brains that it's hilarious. Thusly, my current top five list (in no particular order) would be this...
1. The Simpsons Movie - I'm an avid fan of the show, and the movie didn't disappoint. It's impressive how the show can be going on for nearly 20 years and they still haven't run out ideas.
2. Dead Silence - BY FAR the worst movie on my list, but I like it nonetheless. The plot twist at the end was actually pretty clever, plus ventriloquist dummies creep the shit out of me.
3. Any one of the Saw movies - I enjoy seeing all the elaborately rigged ways that they come up with to kill people. Whoever gets to come up with those may have the best job in Hollywood.
4. Night of the Living Dead 3D - First off, I have no idea why they added 3D to the title, which may be why I like it so much. The acting is absolutely awful, the characters are complete idiots, and there's nothing remotely 'scary' about this movie. However, it does have a scene where a guy on a dirtbike holds out his fist and drives into a zombie, effectively punching his head off, so it gets some points for being bad-ass.
5. Shaun of the Dead - This combines both the zombie and comedy genres, and does it well. It incorporates all the important elements of a zombie movie and takes a very lighthearted approach to them.

Top 5 Artists
1. They Might Be Giants - They've been around for nearly 25 years, and have done it all - children's music, TV themes, Dunkin Donuts commercials, as well as releasing 13 albums. They've done electronic, rock, country, jazz, latin...You name a style of music and they've probably done it.
2. Muse - My favorite aspect of Muse is the falsetto voice that Tom Bellamy sings in sometimes - he's a crazy son of a bitch.
3. Great Big Sea - A folk-rock band from Canada, I enjoy their catchy melodies and upbeat style.
4. Oppenheimer - They're an obscure two-piece from Northern Ireland that opened at a They Might Be Giants concert. They layer their sounds very well, and their lead vocalist sings and plays drums at the same time...As a drummer, I find that to be totally bitchin'.
5. Kelly Clarkson - Okay, I'll admit it - she's my guilty pleasure. I like a lot of the 'chick rock' musicians, like Pink, Michelle Branch, Alanis Morissette...Don't judge me.

Jeff Batts

David Belair's Top Five List

My top 5 movies:

1. The Godfather I and II. I love mafia/gangster movies and these are the best of the bunch. They are well directed, well acted and the stories are great. I have them lumped together because to me they are 1 great extended movie. As far as I am concerned, Godfather III never happened.

2. Pulp Fiction. This movie was great. The dialogue in this movie was top notch, especially between Sam Jackson and John Travolta. I haven't seen a movie since this that was so mezmerizing to watch and the way Tarantino brought all the different stories together without losing the audience, its just a great movie.

3. Monty Python's Holy Grail. This movie just cracks me up. Its so stupid, and yet so funny. Nee.

4. The Usual Suspects. I was totally surprised at the ending the first time I saw this movie, and had to see it again right away just to try and connect all the dots. It has everything you want in a who-done-it, action, drama, violence, humor. Just a great movie.

5. Fight Club. The first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club.

My Top Five Bands:
1. U2. They are probably the first group I ever really got into. Their latest albums aren't great, but up through Achtung Baby they didn't put out a bad album.

2. Radiohead. I hate to admit it, but I first got into Radiohead when the video for Creep was played on Beavis and Butthead. That song got me started, but the albums The Bends and OK Computer got me hooked. Plus, how can you not like a band who put one of their albums for sale on their website and sold it to you for the amount you thought the record was worth.

3. Johnny Cash. I love his voice. I had never really thought Johnny Cash was anything more than an old time, boring, country singer, until he sang a song on U2's Zooropa album. I thought his voice was great, and I liked the fact that he teamed up with a rock band for a song. I started pulling up some of his songs and was hooked. Live at Folsom Prison is one of my all time favorite albums.

4. Pearl Jam. They rock. Eddie Vedders voice would sound good underwater. They are great in concert. I also like the fact that they took a stand against Ticketmaster over concert ticket prices. Black and Yellow Ledbetter are two of my all time favorite songs.

5. Cowboy Junkies. This is my wife's favorite band and they have grown on me over the years. They are pretty slow and mellow, but in a good way.

January 26, 2008

top five movies, top five albums

1. The Godfather: no movie so perfectly creates a period drama with such excellent acting, directing, music, and dialogue. I feel like the Godfather is a very complete picture of what films are at their best. (Godfather pt. 2 also acceptable #1)
2. Saving Private Ryan: this movie realized WWII in a way I never could have imagined. Of course, seeing it when you are eleven adds to the shock value.
3. The Empire Strikes Back: the perfect sequel movie. It is bigger, has more original action sequences and is darker than the first movie.
4. King Kong (2005): a smart remake that glamorously caricatures the depression-era original.
5. Back to the Future: One of the funniest, cheekiest visits to the fifties on film.

Albums: (this list i've been thinking of for some time)
1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles - The best album by the greatest band in the world. This particular album of theirs stands out for its spectacular songwriting, groundbreaking production and so many other things.
2. Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan - Not as shocking as, say, Highway 61 Revisited, but Blood on the Tracks is still one of Dylan's most heartfelt sounding albums.
3. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - Wilco - No other album of this decade feels as timeless as this one. And after the lighthearted (relatively) Summerteeth, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot sounds like a full synth orchestra and two other songwriters joined the band just to make this much great material.
4. Rubber Soul - The Beatles - This marks the point at which the Beatles first branched into different styles of music. The album almost seems like it is made entirely of singles, they're all so catchy.
5. Revolver - The Beatles - The sequel to Rubber Soul is much heavier on electric guitars-- just the way it should be.

Top Five Movies & Artists

My “Top Five? movies of all time would include; Men of Honor, because of how uplifting the movie is; Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, because of the really cool special effects; Da vinci code, because of the mystery that went along with it and how everything came together and made sense at the end of the movie; P.S. I Love You, because it was a very touching movie; and National Treasure, because I love movies with a mystery behind it.
My “Top Five? artists/bands of all time would include; Norah Jones, because her music is so relaxing; Rascal Flatts, because of the tone of their voices; Whitney Houston, because her voice is amazing; Justin Timberlake, because all of his songs have a good beat; and Tim McGraw, because of the stories that go along with his songs.

Sukhpal Dhillon-Top Five Music and Movies

Top 5 Musical Acts

1.)The Beatles- The best selling musical act of all time in the United States, making over forty singles that reached number one, selling over 1 BILLION, yes 1 BILLION tapes, the Beatles have stood up against the greatest critic in the music industry; time.
2.)Red Hot Chili Peppers-From their older albums of (Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Californication) to their newer ones (By the Way, Stadium Arcadium), time and time again the Red Hot Chili Peppers have not just produced amazing hits but mind-blowing albums.
3.) Black Sabbath-Ozzy Osbourne’s chilling vocals, Tony Iommi’s crunchy riffs, Geezer Butlers booming bass, and the powerful drumming of Bill Ward, Black Sabbath became the godfathers of heavy metal rock and number three on my list.
4.) Jimi Hendrix-One of the most influential guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix had overnight changed the way the guitar was played. With his fingers dancing from chord to chord it was pure magic. His albums “Are you experienced? and “Axis: Bold as Love? make me wonder how much bigger Hendrix would have become if not for his untimely death.
5.) Wolfmother-An up and coming band out of Australia Wolfmother is the new face of Metal and Rock. Though they are relatively new they sound as if they are something you’d find in your attic with your parents dusty Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix records.

Top 5 Films

1.) Crash- One of the greatest underrated films of all time. Winner of three Oscars most notably best picture 2005, Crash brilliantly displays the racial tensions that unfortunately surround Americans’ everyday lives. An absolute masterpiece!
2.) Forrest Gump- Tom Hanks acting in Forrest Gump is one of the greatest performances I have ever seen. Tom Hanks plays the character to part plus, with the interesting bits of history makes it even slightly educational.
3.) Ocean’s Eleven-Danny Ocean enough said. Funny, witty, suave, and refreshing, must have at least seen this fifteen times…
4.) Goodwill Hunting- Amazing cast, Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Minnie Driver and Ben Affleck. Tell an amazing story of overcoming the fear of the future.
5.) Gangs of New York- Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York as Bill “the Butcher? Cutting is by far one of the greatest villains the movie screen has ever seen. With superb acting miraculously from Leonardo DiCaprio and a decent script it makes my number five barely edging Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Colleen May's Top Five

In no particular order…

Movies (fan of musicals)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – I’ve watched this on a snowy night with my family every year since I can remember – sentimental favorite, and the music and story is great
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – hilarious, and I love Burt Reynolds and Dolly Pardon.
Drop Dead Gorgeous – really funny MN satire
Moulin Rouge – hard to compare to other movies; it’s in a league of its own, artistically
It’s a Wonderful Life – another sentimental family favorite

Artists/Albums (don’t think I’m savvy enough to create a comprehensive list, but I’ve enjoyed…)
John Denver – thank god he’s a country boy
The Smiths/Morrissey – beautiful lyrics and voice; for lost souls with a sense of humor
George Strait – so handsome
Fergie Ferg – so hot
Rent Soundtrack – “Take Me or Leave Me? is one of my favorite songs

Melissa Colbert's Top Five Movies and Artists

Top 5 Movies-
1)Star Wars (all six episodes)- They never get old and have been my favorite movies ever since I was little. Also, it is interesting to see the change in special effects in episodes 4-6 which were filmed in the late 70’s early 80’s and episodes 1-3 which were filmed more recently (late 90’s and early-mid 2000).
2) The Breakfast Club- It is a classic movie from my favorite decade. I think anyone who has been in high school can relate to one of the characters.
3) The Pursuit of Happyness- This movie is one of my favorites because of its message and also the fact that it is based on a true story. I love the interaction between Will Smith’s character and his son (who is also his son in real life).
4) The Notebook- Being a sucker for love stories, I enjoy Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling’s chemistry in this film.
5) Seven- I am a Psychology major so almost any movie dealing with an individual who is suffering from some kind of psychopathology is definitely of interest to me. Of course, Brad Pitt is always a wonderful addition to any movie.

Top 5 Music Artists-
1) Metallica- They generate the kind of music you can just blare in your car and rock out to.
2) Tool- To start off Maynard James Keenan is phenomenal and his band produces amazing music that has definitely set them apart from other groups. They always keep their fans wanting more.
3) Nat King Cole- His voice is classic and gives me goose bumps. He also represented progress for African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement when he was given his own variety show on TV.
4) Lifehouse- I like their sound and their lyrics are always relatable to something going on in my life.
5) Staind-. Their music has ups and downs so I can listen to them no matter what mood I am in.
Some days I just put them on repeat in my iTunes.

Matt Morosky's Top 5's

1) Shampoo: Hal Ashby's film has it all; comedy, drama, sadness, happiness, laughter, tears. Warren Beatty stars as the womanizing beautician who just can't seem to kick his habbit of sleeping around, even when hes got someone great to go home to. Though considered a light comedy, there is a tragic sense of realism as the two main characters don't end up together even though they're in love. Julie Christie's character chooses money and security over her heart and with the political backdrop of Nixon's presidential campaign looming throughout the film, we the audience can't help but reflect on what it is that is really driving us. Heart or a sense of security?

2) One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest: Jack Nicholson in his prime and at his absolute best as Randal P. McMurphy in this tragicomedy set inside the walls of a mental institution in Oregon. The amount life and humanity that Nicholson brings to this film is what really lures me in every time I choose to watch it. I first saw it in the 7th grade and ever since it has been one of my favorites. His ability to create such vibrance yet not get in the way of the story and allow for everything to unfold is brilliant and completely unselfish as an actor.

3) The 400 Blows (les Quatre Cents Coups): Truffaut's autobiographical tale of young Antoine Dionel is the true mark of the French New Wave and it really gave me a better appreciation of the role of the director of a film. The new wave is my favorite film movement and it really gave me a new sense of what it means to apprecaite film as an art form. Young Antoine is simply a metaphor for the very movement the film belongs to. He is a lost, troubled, abused, and curious youth who ultimately accomplishes his dream of reaching the ocean. He gets there by himself, but the final shot is one that left me numb as it is so uplifting while at the same time so sad for this young soul.

4) The Royal Tenenbaums: J.D. Salinger is one of my favorite authors and he never gives up the rights of his books to allow them to be made into films. This is a wonderful thing, but at the same time I always think of how certain books of his would be as films. To me, Wes Anderson's Tenenbaums is as close as we'll ever see to this. While I watch this, I feel like I could be reading a Salinger book. Not to take away from Anderson's creativity, but it's something I love about it. The old Manhattan wealthy academics, stricken by sadness and oddball humor. The wit in his quirky films is wonderful and the drama is devistating. Not to mention, Gene Hackman as Royal gives one of the great comedic performances I've ever seen.

5) Atonement: A love poem to fiction and to the power that fiction holds. I first read Ian McEwan's novel last year and was in awe. After seeing the film adaptation I was speechless. Joe Wright uses such style and beauty and to me, creates the best romantic film I've ever seen in a theatre. The love story and the narrative is heartbreaking, but what's so powerful is the underlying theme that fiction has the ability to atone for the misfortunes that reality throws upon us. It is wonderful and everyone should see it.


1) Broken Social Scene: Canada's multi-member group who can simply rock it out when they choose and also play a soft ballad when needed. My favorite group.

2) Led Zeppelin: To me, this is Rock'N'Roll at its very best.

3) Coldplay: I don't care what people say about Chris Martin selling out, their music is still beautifiul. Parachutes is one of the best albums I own and I cannot wait to hear more of what they have.

4) Van Morrison: My mom always played it as I was growing up so I feel it's kind of the music that brings me back to my youngest days. Gotta love the classic stuff.

5) Oasis: Wonderwall. Enough said.

January 25, 2008

Top Five - Tammy Woehler

Top 5 Movies:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy - These movies are spectacular. All of the hard work that went into the creation of them is amazing. Every character was played out very well, especially by Johnny Depp. All the special effects are impeccable.

2. Saw movies - These movies are very interesting to watch. I like how they make you think and once you think you have it all figured out, bam, there's a new twist to it and you're completely wrong.

3. Crash - Generally, I don't like movies that make you really pay attention to the story or you will get lost in it, but this is one, of two, that is different. It really shows the meaning to, "It's a small world." Not only are there a few different stories within the entire movie, all mixed up, but they are all tied together and it all comes out in the end.

4. Memento - This is another one of those movies that make you pay attention or you'll get lost in it. Like I said, I don't normally like them, but this is the 2nd of the two that I do like. This movie starts at the end and works its way back to the beginning. You know how it ends, but you have no idea how it got there, until you watch the end of the movie to get the beginning. Confused yet?

5. Pearl Harbor - A good history movie, with a touch of Hollywood ,of course, and a love story. I think more people, generally younger generations, would be more interested in history if more movies were made this way. A real event portrayed as just another movie, throw in a love story and some kids can learn about an actual event in history.

Top 5 Artists:

1. Nickelback: I love the sound of the band. I know other people say they sound 'just like every other boy band.' But, to me, they don't. Also, the lyrics actually can relate to anyone's life, not just life of a rockstar.

2. Imogen Heap: The creativity of one woman is amazing. Not only does she write all of her music, she is pretty much a one woman band. I saw her in concert and at one point, she was the only one on stage making the music. Granted she had loads of technology backing her up, but she created it all and the technology was just basically running loops of it rather than making the sound.

3. Fergie: So she's not one of my all-time favorites, but she has a song that hit pretty close to home this past summer. "Big Girls Don't Cry" Yeah, I'm sure you're all saying, "Oh man, not that song!" But at that time, I did need to move on from a few things. It was time for me to start "growing up."

4. Chantal Kreviazuk: The songs "Time" and "Feels Like Home" are very heartfelt and touching. Besides the meaningful lyrics, the music itself is very emotional.

5. Tim McGraw: A little country never hurt anyone. Here's another artist that puts real emotion that anyone can relate to into his music. And again, the music is very powerful, without the lyrics. But the lyrics are also powerful.

Movies and Music by Craig Smith

My top 5 favorite movies of all time...this is really hard because I love movies and this list changes all the time! So, at the moment...
1) Serpico: Al Pacino's performance as the real-life "rebel" NYC cop, Frank Serpico, is unbelievable. Definitely a must see for a great story and to see one of the best performances of all time!
2) Goodfellas: I love mob movies. To me, they are all good and I could have easily put down Godfather I or II, or Mean Streets. I am going to go with this one because of the great cast and great story, not to mention some great directing by Martin Scorsese.
3) Dazed & Confused: This movie is classic. I've probably seen this movie more than any other. I probably shouldn't have been watching it in 6th grade, but it was funny then, and became more relevant and hilarious as I got older. I'm sure you know someone personally who reminds you of a character in the movie.
4) No Country for Old Men: All I have to say about this movie is Javier Bardem. Without a doubt, he plays the creepiest, most bad-ass bad guy in movie history. A bold statement, but in my opinion, it is true. The Coen brothers made another great movie, which ties The Big Lebowski as my favorite movie of theirs'.
5) This Is Spinal Tap: Christopher Guest's movies are right up my alley. I love all of them, but this one is the best. A must see if you love smart and irreverent humor.

1) Bruce Springsteen: My favorite artist of all time, hands down. His lyrics tell a story like Dylan, and he can rock with the best of them My favorite albums are "Greetings...", "Born to Run", and "Nebraska". I can't get enough of the Boss.
2) Townes Van Zandt: Unbelievable songs. Most of them are downers, but you can't deny his ability to write down the way he is feeling. A poet.
3) Led Zeppelin: LedZep is the reason I play guitar and the reason I started listening to rock music from before my time. An unbelievably talented band that will never be equaled, in my opinion.
4) Elton John: I know...I was born in the wrong decade. I don't care, the music that moves me most is from a "long" time ago. Elton's (and Bernie's) songs each put me in a different place each time I hear them.
5) The Who: Quadrophenia is one of my favorite albums of all time.

My top favorite movies and music. By Thanh Diep Truong

These are not in any particular order.
1/ Forrest Gump: I think this is a classic movie in the time of the Vietnam war. But the movie is more about lives of people in the the war than the war itself. I thought it was meaningful and I fell in love with the beautiful love story in the movie. The ending was quite sad for me, but I had to say the movie was unforgettable.
2/ Titanic: I loved the pictures and action and the story of this movie. It's cheesy to say, but I can't stop myself from crying when it comes to the scene at the end, where Jack and Rose are floating in the water, and he told her no matter what, she will be strong and will hold on.
3/ Rush Hour 1: Just because it makes me laugh so hard and Jackie Chan is in it.
4/ Big Fish: I thought it was a silly movie watching the first five minutes of it. But then as the movie proceeded, I was able to find the meaning in the movie, the meaing of life, of love, especially the love between a father and his son. I think the movie is very moving and well directed.
5/ Juno: This is a new movie just came out in theater. It's made me laugh the whole time. Ellen Page was very good in her role. It's not just another teen pregnancy movie. It's wonderful, go see it if you haven't.

1/ Celine Dion: Who can deny her beautiful voice and love songs.
2/ 3 Doors Down: great alternative rock band
3/ Il Divo: Love their vocals
4/ Ricky Martin: I think he brings life to the stage.
5/ Daniel Powter: an Canadian singer. Love him just because of his song Bad Day

Merin Coats

top 5 movies – (in no particular order)

1. Harold & Maude – I made my friend 'Scooter' watch this movie once. He asked me, "Is that kid really gonna make it with that old lady?" Yes. Yes, he is. It is one of the most romantic movies ever made, though I tend to avoid the genre vehemently. My mother made me watch this with her when I was a kid. I was dead set against it, but changed my tune promptly. I've loved it ever since.

2. Say Anything - Two words. Lloyd Dobler. Do I really need to say more? One of the best post-modern characters created in film. Okay that might be a stretch, but nonetheless this movie defines my late teens. I know it by heart. And as the future Mrs. Cusack, I feel the need to be supportive.

3. Rushmore - I really enjoy Wes Anderson. I love his use of color in his films. This movie just makes me feel good. Plus... Bill Murray. Everything he does is genius. The man could make sock darning funny.

4. Children of Men - Okay, this movie is relatively new so it's still hard to tell if it will stand up to the test of time with me. However, this is one of the first movies in a very long time that completely knocked the wind out of me. It’s such a powerful film.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I love that every time I watch this movie (and I watch it a lot) I catch something new that I haven't seen before. How many movies can you say that about?

My tastes in music are hard to articulate primarily due to the fact that my musical choices are not intellectual ones. They are physical, emotional and visceral. By that token, my tastes can change over a matter of hours. That said, here are a few musical artists to which my favor will always return. (again, in no particular order):

1. Leonard Cohen – I grew up listening to him. It was my parents' music and now it’s mine as well. Cohen is an Edgar Allen Poe for the modern world, a poet with a voice that is dark, beautiful and only just slightly sinister.

2. The Clash – seminal UK punk band in the late ‘70’s. They make me move. They make me yell. How can that be bad?

3. The Pixies – “Gigantic? was the first song I learned to play on the bass. I will never tire of them. Frank Black/Black Frances may have one of the best screams in modern music.

4. Radiohead – I’ve been a fan since the very beginning. They are fearless.

5. Spoon – When I was a kid I had a whole slew of stuffed animals and of course I had my favorites. In an effort to hide my preferences from them, I had a strict bedtime schedule, so that a different animal slept with me each night. Sometimes I have to force myself to stop listening to Spoon so that my musical library won’t feel neglected.

Movies and Music

These are my top five picks for movies and music.

1. "Casablanca"- I love the movie mostly for the humor in it.
2. "Pirates of the Carribbean At World's End"- There are two reasons that this movie makes it onto my top 5. The first being the performance by johnny Depp. I think he did an amazing job in this movie. The second reason is for the ending. I like that it was not a regular "fairy tale" ending.
3 'Love Actually"- In my opinion the best romantic movie ever
4 "Four Brother"- I love the relationship that teh brothers in the movie had with each other.
5 "Ocean's 11"/"Ocean's 13"- I can not decide between the two. but i like them both.

I do not know as much about music as i do movies.

1. Mozart- I really like classical music
2 Angels & Airwaves- I recently found out about this group. I really like they sound they have to what they write.
3 Nickelback- I think that these guys are pretty good and i like that they can do really hard songs or softer ones.
4 Evanescence- I like this groups unique sound/
5 Josh Groban- I just think he has an amazing voice.

Jenny Metzer

Jesse Stapp's "Top Five" artists and films

First of all, this is hard. To narrow down my favorite artists/films of all time to five slots is intimidating to say the least. After several moments of contemplation, however, here it is. My favorite artists and films to date. In no particular order:

1. Ben Folds- Have you ever heard this man play the piano? His fingers move in an amazingly-entrancing way and his melodies are sheer genius. If you play the piano, you'll appreciate the complexities of this man's sheet music, as it is some of the most encompassing music of all time. On top of this, he has a smooth, relaxing voice that fits so well over the top of his instrumentals. Check out "The Luckiest" if you're looking to add another song to your Valentine's Day CD- probably one of the coolest, most artistic love songs ever.
2. Aerosmith- I truly believe that everyone has an emotional attachment with the first band they saw in concert, even if your style changes. Well, that's my story anyway. I saw Aerosmith rock out at the Target center when I was 13 and they will forever be in my top five. Everything from the drums to the heavy guitar riffs rocks. Plus, Steven Tyler's a badass, so that helps the band score major points.
3. Bob Marley- This one needs little to no explanation. Marley was a revolutionary and his music legendary. Leaders and prominent figures could learn a lot from Bob Marley's ideologies- I know I have. Marley for Prez!
4. Jason Mraz- For those of you who may not know Mr. A-Z, he's approximately a 5'6" singer/songwriter from the Carolina region. What Mraz lacks in stature, he makes up for in vocal strength and creativity. This man's a poet and the things he can do with his voice amaze me every time i listen to one of his songs. For example, on his latest record- Mr. A-Z-he sings opera towards the conclusion of a song entitled, Mr. Curiosity. For the true experience, download the trifecta: You and I, The Boy's Gone Home and Bella Luna. You'll get vocal range, some anti-war messages and pure poetry from this package.
5. Oasis- Great songs, great harmonies, great buildups, great... Oasis is one of the best, and the album '(What's the story) Morning Glory?' should more than explain this stance.

1. Fight Club- This film is a trip from start to finish. WIthout giving too much away (for those of you who haven't seen it), the film depicts the journey of a man who yearns to find something more to life than simply a 9-5 job and material possessions. In his search, he finds an underground fighting ring that is meant to completely break an individual and mold him into a definitive man. There's so many layers to this movie and possibly the greatest twist in cinematic history.
2. Snatch- A lesson in script-writing full of mindless banter and humor. How can you miss when the plot involves the russian mafia, illegal gypsy-boxing and the schemes of many to steal the most valuable diamond in the world?
3. Momento- Filmed from the viewpoint of a character suffering severe short-term memory loss, Momento is an editing masterpiece that places the viewer directly in the mindset of having such a disease. The encounters of the aforementioned character with friends, enemies and lovers only start to build depth when the movie is in full force. This is not a flaw, but a wonderful tool to keep the viewer guessing at the outcome of the film.
4. Across the Universe- This film is perhaps the most visually-stimulating of all time. With beautiful camera shots and a phenomenal soundtrack, this is a great movie that gets better with each viewing.
5. Home Alone 1 & 2- I could probably write a novel on these selections, but i'll keep it short and concise. The idea for this movie is genius, but wouldn't work half as well without the boyish innocence of Caulkin or the neurotic behaviors of O' Hara. The supporting cast is equally as impressive, with the hilarious stylings of Stern and Pesci. This is a great family movie, a great holiday movie and a great movie to quote. Plus, who hasn't played out the scenario of being home alone or in an entirely new city without your parents at the age of 9 before? I include both 1 & 2 because this is the first time in cinematic history in which the sequel has matched, if not surpassed, the quality of the original. A+...greatest movies of all time!

Tom Lulic - "Top Five" Movies and Music


1) Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page is God's gift to the guitar and Robert Plant is His gift to the microphone.
2) Eagles - Joe Walsh is a very entertaining guitar player and vocalist. The band has about 1000 great songs.
3) Foreigner - Best rock band to play the air guitar to.
4) Bruce Springsteen - "The Boss", puts on amazing concerts and has some really down-to-earth, heartfelt rock music.
5) Mos Def - A very impressive lyrical artist from Brooklyn. Has great rhythm and lyrical content to all of his songs.


1) Caddyshack - I don't normally watch movies for their camera angles or symbolism, I watch them to laugh and repeat lines and this one is #1 for sure.
2) Blazing Saddles - Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder are two movie geniuses.
3) Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo - Kind of tacky at first glance but if you look into it man-whores couldn't be funnier.
4) Top Gun - One of the scenes is the #1 way to pick up a girl at a bar and when you watch the movie you say, "Thats sweet!" a lot.
5) Slap Shot - A really great portrayal of "Old Time Hockey".

Andrew Probelski's Top Five

Wow...this is going to be difficult.


1. That Obscure Object of Desire (1977, Luis Bunuel)


This film floored me the first time I saw it, and I had to sleep on it before I even had an opinion. But I tell you, the next day I woke up awestruck over the sheer genius of this film. I have never seen anything since that has had such an emotional impact on me, and I hold this film close to my heart for many reasons (although my initial draw to this film was due to the similarity of the character Conchita and a girl I dated a couple years back). From start to finish, it is full of symbolism, metaphor, beauty, duality, chastity, and possession. See this film for an excellent portrayal of the dark side of love, and pay attention to every single detail. Film is the most expressive form of art, and this one will show you why.

2. Blue Velvet (1986, David Lynch)


This film is extremely emotional and quirky, and it has that wicked theatric dialogue that Lynch is so famous for. Set in a small, cute, suburban American town, this film portrays the deception of suburbia better than American Beauty or any other film of the like in my opinion. Great script, great score, great acting, great filmmaking.

3. Slacker (1990, Richard Linklater)


This is one of the most unique pieces of (art or film?) that I have ever seen. If you have seen and enjoyed the film Waking Life, you will love Slacker. Linklater recycled some of his great ideas from Slacker and made Waking Life eleven years later, but this is the better of the two, hands down. Slacker is a literally a day in the life of the alternative youth culture from 1990. This film was shot on 16mm with a low budget, and has only recently become available and rightfully given the Criterion Collection treatment. Slacker follows the lives of tons of different characters as they simply just do their thang on a hot Austin afternoon. There are philosophical debates, people committing crimes, people selling strange items, people just hanging out, weirdos, losers, lovers, and of course slackers. See this for that great early 90's vibe and also to enjoy another truly great cinematic experience.

4. 8 1/2 (1963, Federico Fellini)


Fellini was in the process of writing a script, and he was stuck creatively. This film was born out of that frustration, as Fellini decided to make a film about a director struggling to make a film. Sound boring? Well this is one of the most visually stunning films I have ever seen. 8 1/2 opens with a hallucinatory dream sequence in which a man is stuck in his car in a tunnel backed up with traffic and suddenly smoke starts to pour into the cabin through the vents. He struggles to break free, and he eventually floats up and out of the car, over the traffic ahead of him, out of the tunnel, into the clouds, and he looks down to realize that there is a line attached to his foot, as if he is a kite. He then falls down to the ground below only to wake up in bed. The whole film is full of these half-real half-imagined sequences that illustrate his frustrations with and desires for his childhood, his family, his film, his lovers, his arrogance, and more. Beautifully shot in black and white with a wealth of symbolism.

5. Amadeus (1984, Milos Forman)


Amadeus is my favorite period film of all time. Like the other films from this list, it is amazing for a million reasons, but the portrayal of Mozart and his musical genius is by far the best part of the film. Being a lover and player of music myself, it's just mind-boggling to watch Mozart compose amazing multi-intrumental symphonies in his head and dictate them flawlessly every time. The film is spectacularly made with amazing costumes, a wonderful script perfectly acted, and of course the beautiful backdrop and scenery of Prague. It was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, and it won 8 including Best Picture.

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January 24, 2008

Top Five Movies and Artists

Kyle Cross' Top Five Movies and Artists
1. Gladiator: The movie takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.There are extreme highs to extreme lows throughout the entire film. You feel the character's struggles and feel what he is going through during his fall, rise and eventually death.
2. Enemy at the Gates: The movie has a very interesting story line and pulls you in as a viewer in this game of cat and mouse between the snipers.
3. Zoolander: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and a small role by Will Ferrell bring unforgettable humor to a very simple and easy to follow story line.
4. Schindler's List: No one can imagine what it was like to be involved in the Holocaust, but this movie did a good job of portraying struggles and emotions felt by those who were in the ghettos or watched their family members marched off to death camps. It was a very raw movie.
5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off: A light, feel good movie that is easy to watch.

Top 5 Artists

1. O.A.R.- One of the best live albums I've heard is 34th and 8th live from the Hammerstein Ballroom. They are the total package, good in the studio and even better live. This band puts out songs that everyone can relate to.
2. Dispatch- This band combines reggae and rock to create an unforgettable sound. Another great live band that is great at story telling through songs, for example, "The General."
3. 3rd Eye Blind: This band has had so many hit songs. "Semi-Charmed Kind a Life" and "Motorcycle Drive-by" show their versatility from upbeat pop songs to slow beautifully composed songs.
4. Death Cab for Cutie: "Plans" is one of the best albums I've heard. Their lyrics are put together in the most unique ways. A song could be haunting like "Summer Skin" or uplifting like "Marching Bands of Manhattan," but good nonetheless.
5.Pepper: A reggae band from Hawaii, that keeps it simple with skanking in almost every song, provides music that sounds like Bob Marley, Sublime, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers rolled into one.

Top five Allison Veire

1. Good Will Hunting- This is one of my absolute favorite movies. I really feel the anguish of the characters when I watch it; it seems very real life in a sense than any other movie i've watched.

2. Dances with Wolves- This movie is an american classic. Although it moves somewhat slow, the narrative of the main character is fantastic.

3. Rudy- I and i'm sure many others find this movie very inspirational. It also it not the most typical ending, yes he does get to play but not as a regular member of the team, but because he inspires his teammates to work as hard as he does.

4. The Breakfast Club- I like this movie because we've all been in a situation like this in high school, but maybe have never quite cracked the surface of our peers like the characters do in this movie.

5. Saving Silverman- I chose this one because who doesn't love a good laugh and this movie definatly provides one! I like the quirky sense of humor this movie portrays.

1. Journey- Because i'm an 80's lover at heart, and what better song to belt than "Don't Stop Believing"?

2. Sara Bareilles- I love her album because of her soulful sound and her "from the heart" songs.

3. The first Lord of the Rings Soundtrack- This is AMAZING music that when you close your eyes you can feel the emotion.

4. Goo Goo Dolls- I never get sick of their songs no matter how much I listen to them, and I think that says something about how deeply the songs relate to life in general.

5. Billy Joel- Whenever I listen to his songs I feel at home no matter where I am at that moment.

Top 5 Cole Storer

1) The Shawshank Redemption: I love the story behind this movie. I'm surprised every time I watch it when Tim Robbins doops everyone and ends up living his dream in Mexico.

2) A Clockwork Orange: I'm fascinated with how the government puts the main character through torturous therapy to turn him in an effort to make him into a good citizen. I also love the way this movie was shot.

3) Kill Bill: Vol. 1: The music in this film just gets to me. I'm not really sure what it is.

4) Donnie Darko: The fact that this movie really makes no sense in the end intrigues me. I've watched it countless times and can never figure it out.

5) Ace Ventura Pet Detective: I know this seems a little ridiculous, but Jim Carrey never gets old.

Top 5 Artistsm (In no particular order)--

1) Alanis Morissette: Something about her voice calms me down. Her lyrics really get to me.

2) The Format: Their song First Single (cause a scene) is my favorite song of all time. It describes a certain part of my life really well, almost to the point of being creepy.

3) Johnny Cash: Bad Ass.

4) Pat Green: In my opinion, the greatest Texas singer/ songwriter of all time. He will be bigger than George Strait someday.

5) Stevie Nicks/ Fleetwood Mac: She's another artist with a powerful voice that I just cant get enough of.

Top five Mikhail Karpich

1) The Lord of the Rings trilogy: I love the story line of this trilogy as well as the building up of the suspense towards the climax and the final battle.

2) 300: This movie is on my 5 top because of the magnificent spectacle scenes and battles and the heroic actions up taken by the few against the many.

3) Gladiator: I love this movie because of the action, passion, loyalty, devotion, and drama presented in it making it very entertaining to watch.

4) Notebook: This movie is a very romantic love story.

5) Good Will Hunting: This is one of my favorites because the performance of the actors was phenomenal. The fact that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote the screen play and acted in it is another reason why i love it.

1) Tupac: I love his lyrics and a lot of the messages he presented in his songs.

2) Colour and shape album from the Foo Fighters: This album contains my two favorite rock songs. They are my inspirational songs.

3) Foo Fighters: in my opinion they have the greatest rock hits of all times. My favorite being "My Hero" and "Everlong."

4) 50 Cent: He's just got talent!

5) Goo Goo Dolls: I love their music! They have great lyrics and tunes to go with them.

Sarah Osborne

It took me a few days to really think about what my top 5's would be... my favorites change everyday, but here's what I could finally decide:
5) Tom Petty - His greatest hits album is always in my car, I kind of grew up on his music
4) Rilo Kiley - Their music is so chill and the lyrics are always clever
3) Billy Joel - He's a great pianist, and all of the songs have personal memories attached
2) Journey - I know, I know... but Steve Perry's voice just gives me chills
1) The Eagles - I could listen to their music everyday and it would never get old.

5) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the OLD one) - I watched this movie almost every time I went up to my Grandparents house for about 10 years of my life. I don't know if it's really that great, but I love it.
4) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - My favorite since I was little, but now I have more respect for how big of a breakthrough this movie was for our country.
3) Joe Dirt - For no reason other than I think it's hilarious
2) Catch Me If You Can - Someday I want to be as quick-thinking and witty as the character Frank Abagnale Jr.
1) Moulin Rouge - without a doubt my favorite movie. Everytime I watch it or listen to the soundtrack I get chills from Ewan McGregor's voice. The whole movie is a unique, eccentric twist on the same old musical love story.

Top 5 Movies - Kim Hanlon

1. The Wizard of Oz - This movie brings back many memories of my grandpa and I sitting together, eating homemade popcorn and reciting every line to this movie. It has a very creative story line and was extremely well done. Judy Garland was fantastic in this movie and had a tremendous career.
2. E.T - One of the all time greats, Steven Spielberg, directed this masterpiece. I was a bit scared of the movie when I first saw it at the age of 5, but I have watched it over and over again and have loved everytime after that.
3. Crash - I was pleasantly pleased when I first saw this movie in the theatre. I did not really appreciate it's full potential until a took a film class my freshman year. We had to write a paper about one scene and what the hidden meanings were in the way that the director filmed it with camera angles, lighting and such things. It was only then that I really understood the film in its entire capacity.
4. Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses of all time and she was wonderful in this film by Gary Marshall. This film was very controversial in the early 90s because of the prostitution role that Roberts plays. This movie still makes me laugh.
5. Gladiator - Russell Crowe was amazing in this story. I liked how different it was from all of the other films that were coming out at that time in early 2000. The images and graphics in this film were incredible.

Top 5 Artists
1. Celine Dion - I love her vioce and her music. She is very unique and can hit a wide range of notes.
2. Rascal Flatts - They are an amzing group with so many awesome songs. They are all so very talented.
3. Pink - She is a chick that can truly rock. Her concerts are awesome and her voice is incredible.
4. Michael Jackson - One of the best, if not the best, dancer that I have ever seen. His songs are great and is voice rocks.
5.Jonny Lang - Our own Minnesota boy. He can rock out like no one else and his songs are great.

Top 5 Movies: Mariam Elrashidi

1. Pursuit to Happiness- I thought this movie was beyond great! Will Smith did an exceptional job playing the role of a man who struggled and encountered numerous challenges in his life just to support his family (his son) and to find his Pursuit to Happiness. What was so inspirational and moving about this movie was that he never gave up on his goal/dream to achieve his Pursuit to Happiness.
2. The Notebook- I honestly thought this was one of the best love stories ever written!
Anyone would fall in love with this movie!
3. Divinci Code- I like movies that make you think and keep you on your toes and this one sure does! I thought this movie was very well written/scripted because you’re always trying to figure out the next clue and what is to come.
4. Wedding Crashers- If you ever want a good laugh I would watch this movie!
5. The Prestige- Even though I am not a big fan of magic tricks I can honestly say this movie will change your opinion. I thought this movie was very well scripted and again was a great psychological thriller movie because you wanted to find out more!

Top 5 Artists:

1. Whitney Houston- I just love her great powerful voice!
2. Beyonce- I really like her variety and style of music! She always does something new.
3. Bob Marley- What more can I say!
4. Mariah Carey- There’s just something about her voice and lyrics that I just love.
5. Rascal Flatts- I don’t listen to much country music but Rascal Flatts makes you want to.

January 23, 2008

Lauren Kolsum

Top five movies
1.) Little Miss Sunshine: What a messed up family aye? I love how each one of the characters are protrayed, they're depressing yet absolutely hilarious. There are a lot of good messages in it too.
2.) Just Friends: I don't think I have ever laughed so hard so many times watching a movie. There are so many awkward dating sitsuatons that are fun to cringe and laugh at. It may help that the leading man (Ryan Reynolds) is my favorite actor.
3.) Bridget Jone's diary: renee zellweger is so funny. With her "mad hair," crazy mum, and new "Sex God" boyfriend... I just love it. Their British accents draw me in as well.
4.) Grandma's Boy: It's a little much at times but it makes me laugh hysterically so there you go. It has the whole cast who are in every Adam sandler movie just without Adam. The character who thinks he is Neo from The Matrix is very funny.
5.) Liar Liar: I'm not quite sure why as I usually would not be drawn to lawyer movies but I think it's one of Jim Carey's best movies. No one else can play his roles and he plays this one so well.

1.) Audioslave: The coming together of chris cornell and rage against the machine created the best music I have ever heard. I followed their whole career and although it was only about 7 years I am so impressed, especially with the 1st and last album. Chris Cornell's new solo album was, however, very dissapointing he has so much more potential his voice is amazing.
2.) Incubus: Each one of their albums are so different. Their first one is just all over the place with odd sounds and voice recording. The other ones get a little more mainstream but I have listened to each one countless times and still love them dearly.
3.) Damien Rice: I love every song on every one of his albums. He is such an interesting and spontaneous person. Listening to the way his mind works in interviews and in his lyrics is facinating.
4.) Stereophonics: Kelly jones can sing. I like the raspyness and harshness to his voice.
5.) Ringside: It's just a two member band and I'm pretty sure they only have one album out but I think it's a work of art. Each song manages to be very different from the other and each one is a perfect combination of beats, guitar, and vocals.

Derek Peltier

1- Gladiator, I really enjoy the action and the story of the gladiators in the Roman empire
2- RAD, an all time classic about BMX bike racing, made in the 80's
3- Shooter, also an action packed thriller about a sniper
4- Braveheart, the fight for freedom
5- Christmas Vacation, a comedy about a family christmas

1- The Eagles
2- Journey
3- Pill Collins
4- The Beach Boys
5- Bruce Springstein
I chose these artists because I really enjoy the classic rock and oldies music that is more layed back.

Jordan Heighway's Top 5 Movies/Music- No True Order


1. The Godfather- I am part Italian and this is one of the best written movies of all-time, there are few comparisons.
2. Fight Club- I love the premise of the movie and the anti-consumerism (among others) undertones to the movie.
3. American History X- I'll never forget the first time I watched this movie. There are few movies as powerful as this one because of the racial
4. The Matrix- (First One)- The action scenes were both phenomenal and revolutionary but the undertones of the "who was our creator" are powerfully thought provoking.
5. Super Troopers- I love movies that make me laugh and this one is definately one that I can watch whenever I want. I tend to believe who you watch movies with influences your experiences with them, and I'll never forget laughing hysterically for hours with friends after seeing this movie.

I love music, but I tend to listen to it solely based on location, time in my life, and most importantly my current mood. However, I find myself playing these bands the most:
1. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man is my favorite song of all-time. Tuesday's Gone and Sweet Home Alabama always seem to be playing on my ipod.
2. Pink Floyd- There are few bands as creative and influential with their style of music. People who haven't heard them are truly missing out. Comfortably Numb guitar solo still gives me goose bumps.
3. Tom Petty- Love his music in general, as it is free and true. Besides, he named Life is a "Heighway" after me (Joking of course).
4. The Goo Goo Dolls- The Dizzy Up the Girl album is one of my top 3 of all time. Whenever I need to think or relax, I pop in the Goo Goo Dolls.
5. There is no real fifth band so I'll name some other favorites: 2pac, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Kenny Chesney.

I guess my music genre selection is all over the place, but thats why Ipods are so great!

Cameron White

Top Five Movies

Caddyshack- becasue golf is a huge part of my life and I enjoy comedy films.
Braveheart- because my ancestors are from scottland.
Saving Private Ryan- because I enjoy war movies
Fast and The Furious- I am really into cars and racing
Scarface- I have always enjoyed watching mob movies and I would have to say this movie is a

Top Five Artists

Journey- its good becasue they have alot of hit songs
Dave Mathews Band- I enjoy this bands music because its very relaxing and chill music
Linkin Park- unique becasue its a mixture between rock and rap
akon- becasue he produces alot of great music and its different then all other rappers
Micheal Jackson- because his music is classic

Tara Williams' Favorites

I hate picking favorites because I'm constantly changing my mind. So, these are my favorites at the time I was typing this. In no particular order.

Top Artists

Children 18:3 - One of the few bands from my hometown. Really helped me start listening to music you can't find on the radio.
Guitar Wolf - Japanese punk rock. There's nothing like rock and roll from a band that cannot actually pronunce rock and roll
Manchester Orchestra- They play really pretty music. I'm currently listening to them nonstop.
mewithoutYou - Lovely spoken wordish indie rock made by friendly hoboish guys.
Minor Threat - I like old school Hardcore, most people would never guess that about me.

Top Movies

Army of Darkness- Good B- movie humour with my hero Bruce Campbell.
Kairo/Pulse- This is one of the J-horror movies that hollywood has remade that I actually liked both versions.
Pan's Labyrinth- It took me forever to finally get a chance to watch this and I loved it!
Brain Dead- Gore. Gore and more Gore. A wonderful Horror Comedy.
Hot Rod- My boyfriend made me watch this over winter break. By far, the funniest movie I have ever seen.

Ian Bell

Top 5 Movies (no particular order):
1) The Departed - Being of Irish Catholic decent, this movie hits close to home. Scorsese does a fantastic job with both casting (Wahlberg, DiCaprio, Nicholson) and depicting the fine line between the police force and the criminal.

2) Great Escape / The Dirty Dozen - I grew up watching both of these fantastic World War II films. The Great Escape depicts the escape of 200 plus prisoners from a German prison camp. In The Dirty Dozen, Lee Marvin takes military prisoners (most of whom have a life sentence or are to be hung) from the US Army and offers them freedom if they participate (and survive) in a highly dangerous mission at a German mansion.

3)American Psycho - Having read the book, I felt that Bale portrayed the complex character that is Patrick Bateman as best as anyone could. The movie itself takes a sarcastic approach to the materialistic/cocaine induced decade that was the 1980s. Its a complete mindbender.

4) Four Brothers - I am a huge fan of Mark Wahlberg. I am a Detroit native and since the movie was set in Detroit, it was nice to see some of the sites from my childhood.

5) American History X - Edward Norton does a fantastic job depicting the evolution of Derek Vinyard from Neo Nazi skinhead to a role model for his brother who is willing to admit his mistakes. Edward Norton, as always, plays the role of a lifetime.

Top 5 Artists:
1) Aerosmith - Aerosmith is one of the first bands to bridge the gap between rock and roll and hip-hop / rap. Walk This Way featuring Run DMC was revolutionary. Since then many hip-hop artists have sampled Aerosmith songs, including Eminem.
Favorite song: Dream On

2) Eminem - The evolution of albums that Eminem has released is fantastic. He went from the completely angry and bitter album of Slim Shady LP to the tongue and cheek Encore. He is also a fantastic producer.
Favorite Song: Forgot About Dre

3) The Band - Starting as the back up band for Bob Dylan, I am really glad they branched out on there own. The Weight and Up On Cripple Creek River are two the greatest songs of all time.
Favorite Song: The Weight

4) Hootie and the Blowfish - They are in my top five only because Cracked Rear View was the first CD that I ever purchased. Although being a one album wonder, Hootie and the Blowfish will always be in my top five.
Favorite Song: Hold My Hand

5) Red Hot Chili Peppers - These guys keep producing hit after hit. From Freaky Styley ( guitarist Hillel Slovak), to Blood Sugar Sex Magik (guitaritst John Frusciante), to One Hot Minute (guitarist Dave Navarro) to Californication (Frusciante) they have murged soul, punk and hip-hop into a funky unique sound.
Favorite Song: Easily

Oakley Tapola top fives

TOP 5 MOVIES in random order
1) Amelie - adorable, interesting characters. Filmed in beautiful colors and the storyline is surprising
and heartwarming. it tears me up every time
2)Repo Man-most classic b film of all time. emilio estevez. aliens. speed. cars. This movie is endlessly entertaing. not to mention cleverly built and timeless.
3) Welcome To The Dollhouse- dark humor. Great, weird, sad main character. Great costumes. Great
acting. Good theme song.
4) The 5th Element - just friggin amazing in every way. Chris Tucker is actually funny and everyone is dressed amazing. I dont think this movie is good because of the acting but its possibly the most entertaining movie i've ever seen and for that it deserves to be on someones top 5.
5) The Grifters - freakin sweet 80's clothes. plot and characters' bizarre interactions keep you guessing. Really good if you like mysteries/ mobster movies.

TOP 5 ALBUMS even though it always changes
1) Vol 4 - Black Sabbath : greatest band ever, every song on this album is genius. Thank you Tony Iommi for having your fingers cut off so you could rock so hard.
2) Is This Real?/Cut - Wipers/The Slits (a tie): PUNX! Two quintessential punk bands...Greg Sage lead singer of the wipers is also sort of the inventor of alternative rock (like the minutemen)...and the slits are like the first ever riot grrl band but have a reggae feel, really amazing. They also use weird percussion instruments and etc. very cool.
3) C.Y.S.L.A.B.F - Mika Miko : PUNXXX! again. The freshest stuff coming of the bay area thats hyphy in a whole new way. Extra energetic cute punk girls that sing into telephones that they've converted into microphones. They are amazing live.
4) Inspiration Information - Shuggie Otis : funky weird instrumentals and great melodic vocals
5) Dirty Mind - Prince : gotta rep TC

Justin Kaplan

Top 5 Movies
1. Dumb and Dumber
2. SuperBad
3. Top Gun
4. Godfather
5. Saw
I chose these movies because I love to watch movies and my favorite type of movies are either action or comedies. I think that everyone will agree with me when I say that Godfather is just a classic and has to be in your top 5. I love SuperBad and Dumb and Dumber as halarious comedies. Saw was just an awesome gory, scary movie. Top Gun is one of my all time favorit movies with Tom Hank.

Top 5 Artists
1. Rascal Flatts
2. Akon
3. Kenny Chesney
4. Matt Wertz
5. Dave Barnes
I am an avid lover of music and enjoy all different types. Being from Texas, I love country and my favorite country singers are, Rascal Flatts and Kenny Chesney. I also love rap and really like Akon. Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes are more Southern style soft rock bands and I love their guitar playing.

Liz Eisler's Top Five Movies and Music

Top Five Movies
1) Crash (2004)- Intelligent movie that brings light to present day racial stereotypes.
2) 3:10 to Yuma (2007)- Best Western I've seen in a long time! It has a great cast and masterful directing.
3) American Beauty (1999)- A movie filled with interesting ideas on how to find beauty in everything and anything.
4) Radio (2003)- After seeing this movie in the theater, I left feeling somewhat better about the world we live in. Knowing that there are people out in the world who care and are willing to fight for not only themselves, but other people who are less capable put a smile on my face.
5) Million Dollar Baby (2004)- Emphasizes failure as being an honorable an fulfilling trait for it means a person tried to succeed at something

Top Five Artisits
1) Breaking Benjamin- They have been my favorite artist for a long time now. They have a great sound and many lyrics in which I can relate.
2) Joanna Newsom- She has a very unique sound, incorporating elements of modernism and African kora rhythms.
3) James Morrison- This jazz musician has a very colorful voice.
4) Heather Headley- Wonderful soul singer.
5) Stone Sour- American rock band with passionate lyrics.

Katie Kunik's top 5's

I'm Katie Kunik and these are my top 5's:
1. Almost Famous - I thought the soundtrack was amazing, and I was very impressed when I found out the story was based on the director's life.
2. Forrest Gump - This one also has a very good soundtrack, and Forrest's journey throughout the movie is very inspirational.
3. The Jerk - It is stupid humor that anyone can understand, but it makes me laugh every time I watch it.
4. Across the Universe - I've only seen it once so far, but I thought the story played out well while using only Beatles' covers.
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - I love how it keeps you confused and wondering the whole time because the viewer always has to be paying attention.

1. Led Zeppelin - IV/Zoso/Untitled - This is my favorite band, so I had to pick one of their albums, and although this was hard, Zoso was probably the most influential and diverse of all their albums.
2. The Beatles - Let it Be - Everyone loves the Beatles, and I think this is my favorite of their albums because I just like a lot of these songs the most.
3. The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers - It was definitely one of a kind when it was released, and I like how each song flows into the next. "A Day in the Life" was a great example of how well the band's studio experimenting turned out.
4. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - I have this on CD in my car, and I can listen to it many, many times before I get sick of it. It's just so upbeat and leaves you feeling happy.
5. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds - Listening to Pet Sounds just makes me want to get up and sing along. Also, this was when the band started to leave the surfer music a little and experiment more with new sounds, which I thought was unique.

Melissa's Top Five Films and Musicians



I love movies and stories with a twist. "Signs" is my favorite of M. Night Shyamalan's films, and it's the one of the few films that has truly disturbed me :

Finding Nemo:

The Greatest Animated film of all time, in my opinion. It's a really simple story about parenthood and friendship, but it is told so beautifully and cleverly. It's amazing because it is enjoyable for people of all ages, mostly because of Ellen DeGeneres' performance as Dory.

The Princess Bride:

I generally dislike romantic comedies, but I love this one, mostly because I remember it from my childhood. I love it because it takes a classic fairy-tale formula but makes it fresh, funny, and genuinely romantic as opposed to sappy.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy:

It's really one long story over three movies. I am a huge geek, and for geeks it doesn't get much better than seeing Gandalf fall with the Balrog on the big screen. Frodo Lives!

Manos: The Hands of Fate: You know your movie is in trouble when the title translates as "Hands: The Hands of Fate." Though it is probably the worst movie ever made (Yes, even worse than "Plan 9"), I include it on the list because it has provided endless hours worth of entertainment in the form of the "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" Style commentary my friends and I make on it. If you're like me and enjoy mocking bad movies, this is a must-see.

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Katherine Rivard


1. Juno—Diablo Cody is my favorite local writer, and the actors were amazing.
2. the Graduate—A film that represents the radical movement of the 60’s.
3. The Life Aquatic—I enjoy the plot and the characters in this movie.
4. Amelie—Audrey Tautou is one of my favorite actresses.
5. A Scanner Darkly—This film was impressive and beautiful, but at the same time sad, ugly, and real.


1. Workingman’s Dead: The Grateful Dead—An amazing collaboration of folk, rock, and blues.
2. The Band of Gypsies: Jimi Hendrix (with Gypsy Sun and Rainbows)—Naturally, I enjoy Hendrix’s talent on the guitar, and it is such a unique album.
3. Rubber Soul: The Beatles—This album is comforting to me.
4. Bonobo—soft, mellow, and relaxing. Beautiful use of percussion.
5. Clint Eastwood: Gorillaz—The album is like a story unfolding. I love the beat and the overall atmosphere

Jasmine Omorogbe- Top 5

Top 5 Movies:

The Bad Seed: Crazy story about an evil young girl and the debate between nature and nurture.
Rize: Powerful documentary about the origin and art of crump dancing.
The Little Princess: no explanation needed, not your typical princess story.
You Got Served: Corny? Very much so, but I love hip-hop dance movies.
Runaway Jury: An interesting plot with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Top 6 Artists:

Alicia Keys- beautiful, soulful, strong voice, definitely a woman to be admired
Chris Brown- gotta love his young but beautiful voice and crisp dance moves, definitely what I listen to daily to make me smile
Kanye West- a rapper cut from a different cloth, though quite self confident, Ye's music is separate from a lot of the stuff that is out today. Gotta love him!
T. Pain- synthesized voice and sometimes garbage lyrics, but adlibs and crunk factor are just right, good for when you need to get pumped up or calm down with a significant other
Ise Lyfe- dynamic spoken word artist and conscious rapper from the Bay
Lauryn Hill- she had to make the list, even tho it's been way too long since she came out with anything, she is still one of my faves

I'm Patrick Fryberger, and these are my favorites:

The trailer for T2, which looks more like a Grindhouse trailer today

I am huge movie fan and I often spend my nights going to, renting, or just simply watching movies on DVD or TV. My top five favorites listed here are films that I have had some sort of a personal connection to for some time, even some dating back to when I was three years old. Oddly enough, they all were released in a span of five years, and because of the modernity of the titles I just want to note that I do have a strong affection for older films, from Metropolis, to The Third Man, to The Night of the Hunter, to McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and so on. Yet, I can't deny the fact that my favorite films seem to all come from the early '90s, as seen here:

1. The Adventures of Milo & Otis
As cheesy as it sounds, this little film says more about life and friendship than any other I've ever seen. Plus the actors are animals, which says even more.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
It's not original, innovative, artful, or particularly looked upon as one of the greats, but in my opinion this is a perfectly done film; one that is accessible, entertaining, thoughtful, and even genuinely touching all at the same time. It will always be overshadowed by the equally great Pulp Fiction as the pinnacle of the '90s, but I’ll take T2 over just about anything. It should be mentioned, however, as with the previous selection, that I have watched it since I was three or four years old, so there's some definite bias involved.

3. Raising Arizona
In a jokey way I like to consider this the story of my future life. There is no other movie that has matched the rapidfire, screwball, high-octane comedy seen here, not even the recently great Hot Fuzz. Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter are a riot, and the Evil Dead-ish camerawork by the Coens and future director Barry Sonnenfeld is completely ridiculous.

4. The Crying Game
I've always felt that The Crying Game is one of the most original films ever made. It's got everything, and everything is done well. I also like to think it's one of the greatest love stories of all-time, but I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. The less that is said about it, the better, so see it if you haven't already.

5. Reservoir Dogs
This was the movie that everybody wanted to see when you were a freshman or sophomore in high school. I remember seeing the incredibly cool posters on older guys’ walls and constantly thinking about it. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas had the same effect, but this was so much better. I remember watching it with my best friend and from the opening title sequence on, we had one of the greatest times we'd ever experienced. In other words, I'll never get enough of this movie, or Tarantino for that matter.

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Thomas Campbell’s top Five Movies and Artists

1) Man on Fire: I always enjoy movies with Denzel Washington, especially this one; it is a powerful emotional movie with many wealth, racial, and power themes.

2) American History X: There are many very powerful themes behind this movie. I really liked how throughout the movie the flashbacks emphasize the importance of these themes. It was one of my film studies during high school and still remains an all time favorite even after watching it so many times during school.

3) Shawshank Redemption: This is also another movie that I watched for a film study at high school. There are great story lines behind this movie of time in prison. I also like how an innocent man who goes to jail can still win over all in the end.

4) Blood Diamond: This movie just emphasizes the reality of struggles between the government soldiers and rebel forces in India, and especially the war of diamond market among African countries. It is an extremely powerful movie.

5) Pursuit of Happiness: I just love this movie because Will Smith never gave up in his pursuit to a happy secure life for his child. Everything and Anything went wrong for him but he never gave up, and it just shows that if you have dreams in life it is possible to reach the top.

1) The Goo Goo Dolls: The Goo Goo Dolls have compiled several of my most favorite songs. I love the lyrics and no matter how man times I hear their songs they never get old.

2) Jack Johnson: Just a perfect artist whose songs are perfect for just chilling. I do a lot of driving and his songs are perfect for a long road trip to listen to.

3) Counting Crows: I just love their songs and Mr Jones is one of my favorite songs ever.

4) Billy Joel: I like to mix up my music, and sometimes I resort back to and get in the mood for certain older music Billy Joel is a great start.

5) Live: I Have always love this band sine I started listening to music great lyrics, great beat, great songs.

Amanda Ruffalo

1. You’ve Got Mail- typical love/hate story between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan (both of whom I absolutely adore!).
2. Toy Story- favorite Disney movie ever made! Clever humor, for both children and adults, that always makes me laugh.
3. White Christmas- classic movie with Bing Crosby. Just a feel good movie with exceptional singing and dancing. Reminds me of Christmas at home with my family.
4. Jerry Maguire- never laughed so hard at a movie in my life. Plus the romantic story line is amazing.
5. Pretty Woman- classic romantic movie that I can watch over and over again.

1. Jack’s Mannequin- He has a very unique voice and just overall amazing songs.
2. Third Eye Blind- Great band to just turn up loud and listen to! Especially good to work out to!
3. The Weepies- Different kind of music. It’s just very calming. Good music to just sit and relax to.
4. The Fray- Best voices I’ve ever heard! All their songs are amazing.
5. Stevie Nicks- very different and gorgeous voice. Reminds me of my dad because he always use to blast her music in the car.

Jackie Robak: favorite artists

1. Bob Marley... Do I need to put an explanation??? No, I think the name speaks for it's self.

2. Incubus... The lyrics are amazing, not including his great voice. Each CD has a different vibe. So they never get old to listen to.

3. The Strokes... Great chill music, it just puts you in an up-beat mood, who wouldn't like that?

4. Garden State Soundtrack... If you haven't heard it, you need to. Every song is spectacular, more indie types of music.

5. 311... I think I have a soft spot for them in my heart because their from Nebraska and thats rare. But I have to admit I hated there last CD, they are trying way too hard to be reggae.

Jess Doll's Favorite Movies and Music

Top Movies

Young Frankenstein: it's a classic comedy that my parents turned me onto...funny!
Pursuit of Happyness: great acting by Will Smith and his son, engaging, heartbreaking, and happy all at once
Good Will Hunting: a great story about a man who turns his life around by applying himself through the help of his therapist
Friday Night Lights: a action packed football tale, meaningful to me because my brothers and father coach/play football
Now and Then: a movie from my childhood about best friends and their journey through life

Top Music Artists

Ben Kweller: laid back sound and easy to sing a long to, love his song "Penny on a Train track"
Jack Johnson: similar sound to Ben Kweller, soft guitar and easy going songs
Alicia Keys: a great signer with lots of "soul" in her music
Kanye West: a talented artists with a different style than most rappers
Colbie Caillat: my new favorite artist, love her song "Bubbly," her sound is similar to Jack Johnson

top 5 movies and artists

My Top 5 Movies:

1. American History X

I chose this movie because it was just one of those movies for me which I couldn't look away from. This seldom happens for me due to my extreme case of ADD, so when I find a movie that actually keeps my attention for the whole length of the movie I tend to remember it. It was also very powerful, and kind of hits you deep, especially knowing that these kind of groups still exist. Another reason I chose it is because Edward Norton is one of my favorite actors, and I thought he had an especially good performance in this movie.

2. Requiem for a Dream

I have probably never been depressed more at any one point in my life then when I finished watching this movie. That's not to say it's not amazing, though. This movie lets you know exactly what it's like to live as a hardcore drug addict, and it tends to include everything, not bothering to censor the "bad parts" of an addicts life to protect the audience from being depressed. It really makes you not want to do drugs too, with is always a plus.

3. Ratatouille

This movie is amazing. When I first saw it I didn't even want to go because I thought it sounded really stupid, but it turned out being probably my favorite animated movie. I liked it alot because I have worked in restaurants, so I was familiar with some of the stuff they made, the definition of a su-chef (I felt pretty tight knowing that one), etc. I also really liked the main character.

4. The Prestige

I liked this movie because it had a really interesting premise, and I used to be really into magic when I was younger, too. The twist at the end is just ridiculous (in a positive way), and really completes the movie. There was also some really good acting.

5. Donnie Darko

I really liked how this movie was filmed, and just the weirdness of it overall. Jake Gyllenhaal is a really good actor, and the soundtrack in it is really good as well.

Top 5 Artists:

1. Aesop Rock

I have kind of like a 9-way tie for number one, so it was tough to choose, but I decided on Aesop cause theres just so much more to his music than I know about right now. Although I don't know what he's saying alot of the time, I know that its meaningful, so I know theres still alot more to know.

2. Slug

Not alot I have to say about him. Really good lyrics, and he's local so I feel like I have to support him. I kind of like his old stuff better than his stuff now, though.

3. The Roots

The Roots are the best instrument hip-hop band of all time, and they always put out awesome stuff. Black Thought is also, in my opinion, of the best rappers of all time.

4. A Tribe Called Quest

One of the best groups to just chill to. Even though they were in their prime in the 90's, their music is timeless and is just as good today. Q-Tip has one of the best voices in hip-hop, in my opinion, and Phife Dawg is his perfect counterpart to him.

5. Wu-Tang

Could be the best hip-hop group ever. Rza is also one of my favorite producers.

Josh Zaborowski

1. Remember the Titans- Great football film about controversial time period. Really promotes teamwork, trust, and brotherhood. Coaches show this movie to their players no matter what the sport is.
2. Cinderella Man- A movie that shows the fight to survive and do what you love, while doing anything to keep your loved ones together. Great movie.
3. Fox and the Hound- True Friendship, sweet, funny movie. Greatest Disney movie of all time.
4. The Sandlot- Loved this movie ever since I was a little kid playing baseball. There was nothing better than playing baseball with my friends and this movie shows that simple joy.
5. The Ron Clark Story- A made for T.V movie, but showed the struggle and effort to overcome a bad situation that you are in. Feel good story, shows everyone that they should believe in themselves.

1. Garth Brooks- One of the greatest country artists alive.
2. Sister Hazel- I just really like their music. Plus thy put on an amazing show in the little city of Stevens Point.
3. Rise Against- Again, I just really like the sound of their music. Plus they also have some good acoustic tunes.
4. The Yoopers- Anybody that sings about 30pt bucks, beer, and the Packers is okay in my book.
5. Steve Miller Band- Just some good ol classic rock tunes.

Rob Skogen

We have all seen the critics' lists from every possible angle and the usual suspects are ever present. It is easy to conclude whether a film or album is worthy of acclaim when someone else makes the choices, but creating a personal list from scratch is rather tough. I'm sure you all struggled with making the final cuts as I did, but the defining quality of each item comes back to whether or not it continues to evoke powerful reactions when watched or listened to a second (third, fourth, etc.) time. Without further ado, here are my favorites of all time:


Big Fish (2003)
The Big Lebowski (1998)
Blazing Saddles (1974)
Being John Malkovich (1999)
Death to Smoochy (2002)


John Coltrane, Blue Train (1957)
Jimi Hendrix, Axis: Bold As Love (1967)
Marvin Gaye, What's Going On? (1971)
Parliament, Mothership Connection (1976)
Michael Jackson, Thriller (1982)

Yu Katayama

Top 5 Movies
1. Top Gun - This movie has been my favorite for a long time so i chose this
2. Braveheart - I like this film because of the plot and ususally i like this type of movie.
3. Lock, Stock and Two smoking Barrels - It's different style of movie. i thought the plot was good and it was quite funny at the same time.
4. The Castle - Since i grew up in Australia, I chose this movie because it's one of the best films that came out of Australia.
5. America History X - I chose this because of the theme behind this film and the acting in the film.

Top 5 Artists
1. Journey - Journey is one of my favorite artists because of the songs like Eye of the tiger and Midnight Train
2. Bone Thugs N Harmony - I simple like bone thugs becuase they've been around for a long time with lots of famous songs and also i like their raping style which haven't changed much over the years.
3. Tupac - Some of the songs that tupac wrote is phenomenal. the lyrics in some of the songs are very deep and catchy.
4. Michael Jackson - Some of the songs he wrote back in the early days are class! Everything song that he came out with were pretty much a hit so thats why i chose him as one of my top 5 artists.
5. Dave Matthews Band - I like Dave Matthews because of their unique original style and their lyrics.

1. Amelie- I love this movie because all the characters are so quirky.
2. Black Cat, White Cat- This is a relatively recent Serbian film that some of my friends gave me. It has a really funny plot and lots of angry gypsies.
3.Howl's Moving Castle- The amount of fantasy and distinct characterizations in Miyazaki's films is incredible. Enough said.
4. Everything Is Illuminated- The film quality in this film is fantastic. Plus, you can't go wrong with Eugene Hutz.
5. Chocolat- This is a great movie when you just want to be chill and think about chocolate.

1. Lauryn Hill- I know it's old but whenever I listen to either her single stuff or The Fugees I am in a good mood for the rest of the day.
2. The Beatles-Their stuff is just so darn catchy.
3. Billie Holiday- Her voice is captivating.
4. Leahy- I have a weakness for Irish music.
5. Fiona Apple- She's got a really cool style.

My Top Five Movies and Artists

The Great Debaters:
I love this movie because it clearly represented the power of education in the society. If the kids hadn't been to school, there's no way they could have ever turned out becoming great debaters. Also because of knowledge that they obtained from their professor/debate master, they were able to stand on their feet and defend not only the school and community they came from, but also defended their race amidst of people that highly underrated them. They came from a small town in Texas and beat the monster Havard debate team. It tells me that education truly unlocks many of one's inner potentials.

American Gangster:
I love this movie because it was a true story tale of Frank Lucas and his success on the cocaine business. Not paying so much attention on how sinful it was for him to distribute the poisonous substance to his community, I was definitely moved by the fact that he was actually able to pull off the highly risky move. It was during the seventies and the battle to stop drug flow, especially from overseas was already at its peak. The fact that Frank Lucas, a black man in the seventies, was able to maneuver and use the military to his advantage in transporting the drugs was purely phenomenal. Not so mention the fact that he was also able to orchestrate the strongest gang, even better than other known mobs. The movie was truly moving. I learned that anything is possible nomatter who or what kind of circumstances one has to overcome.

Bourne Ultimatum:
I love this movie because Matt Damon continues to win the fight between him and the system which took away his identity, on top of which he accomplished his mission to find out what really happened to him. The action and escape scenes are great, but what really made this movie one of my top favorites is how he used his enemy's weapons against them. He knew that with technology it wouldn't be hard for his pursuers to find him nomatter where he was hiding. Instead of being afraid and giving in too easily, he was smart enough to manipulate them and therefore was always a few steps ahead of them. This movie shows me that I can accomplish many tasks that I may initially not think I would if I utilize the resources around me and put them to use towards getting my desired results.

The Pursuit of Happyness:
I love this movie because it entailed the true meaning of "pursuit" of the American Dream. Will Smith didn't give up his struggle to become who he wanted to be. His girlfriend dumped him because she didn't believe that he can actually make it to the top. Not only that he was dumped, he had to endure taking good care of his son, getting kicked around from one residence to another, and finishing up with one of the few best scores on the exam that he had to take. He was always true to himself and didn't allow anybody to convince him otherwise. In the end his struggle reacjed the hearts of the employers and he got the job of his dreams. It was truly a movie with life lessons. It shows that if one can dream of it, he or she can definitely do it if he or she put their mind to making it happen for them.

Another classic case of true life event that shows that power to influence the whole world has no age barriers. Alexander was still young when he formed his army, he had the power to talk and really influence their actions. No one ever predicted that he could take over the East of their world. For centuries they believed that it was impossible to do so, until Alexander proved them wrong. Once again, it shows that anything is possible if one truly believe in making it happen.

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January 22, 2008

Ariel Ward

Children of Men -- A war movie cloaked in a science fiction setting. Both cinematically and emotionally intriguing.
Proof -- After I saw this movie, my future was basically decided (I'm a math major). The entire area of mathematics was romanticized in a way that appealed to me.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -- I find I tend to like movies where the story is told in a new way. A new twist on the old "love story" idea.
Oldboy -- It's almost beyond words how intense and involved this movie is.
Memento -- I loved the way the plot unfolded (backwards). Kind of goes with Eternal Sunshine.

Pink Floyd, The Wall -- One of the few concept albums where the music and the story fit flawlessly together.
Rob Dougan, Furious Angels -- The instrumentals on this album are incredible. Dougan's voice is unique and fits with the smooth orchestral arrangements perfectly. (An instrumental version of the title track is in Matrix Reloaded.)
Liz Phair, Exile in Guyville -- Like Alanis Morissette with the girl rock thing, only less angsty and more catchy.
Peter Gabriel, Peter Gabriel 3/Melt -- All the songs are incredible, but the last track "Biko" is especially touching; it's about Steve Biko, the South African anti-apartheid activist that died in police custody. Gabriel is known for writing such charged songs.
Radiohead, OK Computer -- Redefined the genre. Great lyrics and melodies.

Jackie Robak: favorite movies

1. The Shawshank Redemption... This is my all time favorite movie! Not only because Morgan Freeman is my favorite actor, but because of the story line. And the relationships the characters have with each other and how they make jail its own subculture. I also think that taking a good person and having something bad happen to them, like Andy, and he still prevails at the end is a great story.

2. The Wizard of Oz... What girl didn't like this movie? I can't tell you exactly why this is one of my favorites, I think it was an inherited gene. Maybe because I'm from Nebraska, which isn't too far away from Kansas I felt as though I could relate to her. It has all of the archetypes to make a good story. And what girl could deny red shoes like that?

3. Wayne's World (number one)... There is really nothing "golden globe" about this movie, I just love it because of its dumb humor. Not only did they bring in new vocab like "sweeng" but all of the music played in the movie were classics.

4. The Last Unicorn... I know no one probably knows this movie but it was one of my favorites as a child. It's a cartoon about the last unicorn, and how she goes and tries to find where the rest of them went. Which were chased into the ocean by the red bull. I recently watched it and it's really kind of dark for a kid movie, probably why I liked it so much. Trust me, there is no other cartoon movie like it.

5. Silence of the Lambs.... like I said before the more disturbing the movie, the more I'll like it. There are lots of disturbing killer movies out there but the reason I like this one is probably because of the way he kills them, its very creative. And the skin suit, I mean that's really messed up. Also parts of the movie are based off of a real killer. You can't tell yourself it's just a movie, because it really happened.

Liz Vieira

My top movies are:

1. Funny Games- Austrian film that toys with the viewer by blurring the line between viewer and participant. Film conventions are destroyed as time rolls backward and events are erased and replayed.

2. American Beauty- It has perhaps become too popular of a film for film scholars to acknowledge, but the simple and powerful messages of this film along with the stunning photography make it my favorite. Beauty is simple, relationships are complex and life does not follow a linear path toward success.

3. Children of Men- This futuristic film has some difficult to follow moments and becomes a bit preachy, but the film ultimately creates a unique future world that is almost more believable than our own reality.

4. Edward Scissorhands- Tim Burton's true masterpiece that highlights the power of friendship while criticizing suburban life.

5. A Scanner Darkly- I love the painterly style of this film and Waking Life and both are adaptations of Philip K. Dick's work. The reason Scanner makes the list and Waking Life doesn't is because of the potency and relevance of political commentary. A Scanner Darkly creates a world in which we are perpetually "stoned" through government and creates a literal world based on figurative acts.

I know much less about music than I do movies; I listen almost entirely to lyrics because I know very little about music techniques.

1. U2- I love U2 because I feel like their music is empowering and can relate to everyone. "Beautiful Day" and "Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own" are examples of emotions everyone has felt that the band can speak to.

2. Better than Ezra- The eclectic mix of culture, pop and critique made me fall in love with BTE the first time I heard them. "King of New Orleans" and "American Dream" are pinnacle examples of how the band can change their style and comment on current happenings.

3. The Beatles- I listen to the Across the Universe soundtrack, but it's the lyrics that I love, so I'll credit the Beatles for my admiration. There is a song for every emotion and seems to be advice to deal with every situation, even if it's as simple as "Let it Be."

4. The Postal Service- Unique covers of songs I already like with soothing vocals and calm but challenging rhythm make this my favorite band to fall asleep to. It is comforting and relaxing but interesting enough to listen to all the time.

5. Alanis Morrisette- I listed music for all moods except anger. Cliched as it may be, I love to listen to Alanis because of her empowering lyrics and social conscience.

Chris Remy

New Page 1

Hello Everyone! 


1) The Goonies- Classic Movie that reminds me of my Childhood.



2) Better than Choclate- Lesbian Indy film that i would watch all the time.  Not because they are lesbians but because of the diversity. 



3) Storm of a Century- Not only is history involved in this movie it is also a great book!



4) Breakfast at Tiffany's-  What can I say.  I really like the glamour in this film!



5) Shawshank Redemption- Sometimes I just need to break out of everything and this movie helps me get there. 





1) Rent Soundtrack- The lyrics are really quite catchy and I really like this one. 



2) Mercyme- First heard the "I can only Imagine" at a funeral and ever since I have followed the band. 




3) Dean Martin - My father used to play this on a record growing up.  Reminds me of family and home. 



4) Frou Frou- This band's music is so peaceful that it clams me. 




5) Amici- The Opera Band- This is not like traditional opera. Also peaceful. 

Sydney Liles

My Favorite Movies:
1. Happy Gilmore: I am a golfer and just love watching this movie because the way he acts on the course is how I feel when I am playing.
2. Ladder 49: This movie gets me crying everytime.
3. His Girl Friday: This is the movie that made me interested in all the parts of media.
4. Big Lebowski/ Fargo: I just really like the Coen brothers films.
5. When Harry Meet Sally: The best of classic romantic comdies.
6. Twister/ Jurassic Park(the first one): had to add one more- I wanted to be a storm chaser when I was younger, and everytime this movies are on I can't stop watching them.

Favorite Music
1. The Moody Blues: My dad introduced them to me at a young age and it just stuck with me.
2. Lonestar Coming Home: It's their second to last cd as the orginal Lonestar, now that their lead singer left.
3. Rascal Flatts: I am a country girl, which annoys a lot of people when they are in my car.
4. Aerosmith Greatest Hits: I like their music because I can listen to it when I am in any mood and it always makes me feel better.
5. Gary Allan: I think he is really underappreciated in the country world, and after all he has been through he came back strong. Plus he is great in concert.

Marc Dunham

A Beautiful Mind - Amazing look into the struggles of mental illness as seen by one of the great minds of the 20th century.
This Is Spinal Tap - Being a performing rock musician, this is all too real, and painfully funny.
The Lord of the Rings - Possibly the greatest epic movie series of my generation; in both production scale and storyline.
The Untouchables - Brilliantly-casted story about the fall of Al Capone and the era of American prohibition. The plot, acting, direction, and soundtrack make up for the incredibly cheesy blue-screen effect at the end of the film.
Top Secret! - From the creators of Airplane! and The Naked Gun, this is my favorite comedy of all time.

Musical Artists:
Guns n' Roses - Driving blues rock by a group of extraordinarily talented musicians who took their fame to the extreme and all lived to tell about it.
Aerosmith - One of the best screams in rock history.
Alice In Chains - Chilling vocal harmonies and great production.
Led Zeppelin - Arguable founders of hard rock/heavy metal music.
Nine Inch Nails - Powerful lyrics accompanied by unconventional but well-produced and well-placed music and effects.

Amanda Kennedy

1. Dogma- I was raised Catholic though i have many issues with organized religion, and i thought that this movie brought an interesting perspective to having faith while being funny as well.
2. Lord of the rings- I'm a huge nerd and the second i saw these movies, i became obsessed.
3. Armageddon- This movie makes me cry every time.
4. The Notebook- Best romantic movie ever.
5. Mean Girls- I thought this was hilarious, and not too far from the truth (just really exaggerated).

1. Wicked soundtrack- I find it very inspirational
2. Eminem- He's very edgy yet can be funny/playful in his songs and then some of them just get you to think about the world, like the song "mosh" from the album Encore
3. Celtic Woman- It's very relaxing, and my family heritage is Irish, so it connects on another level.
4. Panic at the Disco- They are fun and they have my kind of humor (raunchy)
5. "Once more with feeling" soundtrack- I'm obsessed with the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and this soundtrack is from the musical episode they did.

January 8, 2008

Welcome Everyone

Hello everyone. Welcome to the 3253w course blog. My hope is that this blog provides a forum for an energetic online community in which we can share ideas and learn from one another.

I thought that I would get things started by posting my own five favorite movies and albums. I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing as I am -- "How do I narrow down a lifetime of music and film experiences to just five?" My favorite film or album of any given moment is often a contextual decision that depends on what mood I'm in, or what I'm doing (for example, activities such as eating dinner, or working out at the gym typically call for different kinds of music). Having said that, this isn't intended to be an exhaustive list, just something to give others an idea of what you like, and maybe expose people to something new. Who knows, maybe someone else will check out a film or album that's on your list and it will become one of their favorites too?

A few films and albums that would make my list are as follows (in no particular order):


John Coltrane - Giant Steps (I must have listened to "Mr. PC" a thousand times by now)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here/The Wall (two amazing concept albums from start to finish)
Phish - New Year's Eve 1995 (Live) (Trey is probably my favorite guitar player of all time)
Jamiroquai - Synkronized (every song is good... I rarely think that of albums)
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (still sounds as rockin' today as it did 20 years ago)



Pulp Fiction (loved the non-linear storyline and great dialogue)
Fight Club (has intriguing philosophical undertones)
Star Wars/Empire Strikes Back (no one had ever seen anything like it when they came out)
The Godfather/The Departed (tie for favorite gangster film)
Stranger Than Fiction/Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (tie for the "who'd of thought a comedian could do such a good job in a serious role" award)