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Allison Veire's Citizen Kane Reflections

I feel that Citizen Kane is always named one of the best movies of all time because it’s very original and innovative in its time, the style in which its characters are portrayed, and the seemingly un-dramatic nature of the narrative. The representation of the American dream, I think, is perfectly portrayed by the estate that Kane builds for himself. It appears to be this great structure of grandeur and excitement on the outside but once you take a closer look you realize it is filled with nothing but emptiness and anguish. What I really noticed as lacking in this movie is that fact that we never see what really makes Kane tick. Kane’s controlling nature is never explained, is it because he inherited this money at a young age, or because he could do with it whatever he pleased, and coincidently he chose to go against the norm? This controlling nature was also Kane’s downfall; he wanted to control everyone by gaining their love but what he ended up with was loneliness. I feel all the characters except Kane portray emotion making them seem real, but the only emotion we see from Kane is anger.

In perspective of the today’s movie-goers, this movie is lacking. There seems to be no “grab your attention drama? that appears in every “good? movie made today. It’s not until the very end when the mystery is nearly solved that the plot of the story evolves into something that captivates the viewer’s attention. Also today’s movie-goers are used to crazy special effects that add to the awe of the movie and without that the movie lacks excitement.

To answer the question about the fairness of Kane’s portrayal, I think that his character is not portrayed fairly because we never see who Kane really is. Why does he push away his wife but attempt to bring her closer to him by buy giving her gifts she doesn’t want? We never see any emotion out of Kane and that’s what should embody a good representation of his character.