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Brian Andreen Citizen Cane

Citizen Cane was a thought provoking movie. The movie never came out and specifically spelled out what I the concepts the movie conveys, but instead subtly alluded to them throughout the entire movie. This caused me to inadvertently think far more about this movie and the meanings behind it than any other movie I have ever watched. This is a large part of the reason why Citizen Cane often appears on the top of the best movies of all time lists. Critics watch hundreds of movies, so a movie that does not let them stop thinking about it obviously appear high in their lists. Also although it is an old and black and white movie the acting as well as the story line was exemplary even if they do not meet up to current standards.
The first major theme was that the American Dream is not necessarily what it is made up to be. Cane as a child had everything that he wanted in his sled and his family. His parents were not able to realize this and so sent him off to a place he could live the American Dream and in so doing took away everything he really wanted. Following in his live Cane gained power and respect which are what many people strive for, yet all he wanted in the end was love and acceptance, things he was never able to buy. Cane never realized this as even when he had a woman who was willing to love him as he continued to try to buy her affection; instead of earning it by the way he acted toward her. In saying rosebud when she left I believe that he realized what he had done by treating her as he did. He had done the same thing to her in buying her everything and removing her from the life that she knew as his parents had to him when they sent him off to live with the well educated man for a better upbringing.
Another theme was how mass media is able to influence public opinion and beliefs.