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Citizen Kane - Yu Katayama

Even though Citizen Kane was made in the 1940s, the theme and the camera work of the movie was phenomenal. A lot of films that were made before 1940s weren't nearly as good as Citizen Kane - so in that sense, I think Citizen Kane influenced a lot of film writers and directors. I thought the movie was good, but i wouldn't list it as my all time favorite movie because it is hard to compare Citizen Kane to some of the films that came out within the last decade -the plot, technology and acting would differ a lot. However, if i was living during that time, i can surely say that Citizen Kane would be my favorite movie.
I can see some people saying that Citizen Kane is one of the best films, but at the same time i can see people saying that Citizen Kane is over rated. The statement that says, "Citizen Kane is cited as a great film for its cinematography, symbolism, and message-all things that do not interest most film goers today. If you were to show Citizen Kane to a random bunch of people today, nobody would care" is an interesting statement, but from my point of view it totally makes sense. Citizen Kane has a good theme and cinematography, but most people today, i think, go and watch the film for a thrill, surprises and a good plot - not much for symbolism etc. Citizen Kane doesn't have many surprises or a scene where it makes you thrilled. So, i don't think people today would enjoy the film as much because they are so used to the films that has more impact.