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Citizen Kane-Brenna Munoz

I will admit that at first it was hard for me to focus and gain interest in the film Citizen Kane, partially because the films most of us engage in today are far more digitally enhanced and appealing to the eye; for example color vs. black and white. However, once I adjusted to this difference, I was able to see the film for its defiant strengths such as the story line, acting, connections with society, and creative filmmaking considering the limited resources and technology available at the time.
Although the movie was created years ago, it reflects on issues still relative to modern society. This allows people of today’s society the ability to make connections, which is usually an important aspect of films from a viewer’s perspective.
Citizen Kane reflects on the popular belief that having everything one could ever imagine does not always lead to true happiness. Implying that material worth is not what is most important. Americans, then and today, live for this story. It gives the less privileged hope and forces people to empathize and appreciate the non materialistic gifts life has to offer. Making connections and giving most people a better sense of worth.
The constant mystery of trying to figure out the meaning and significance of Charles Kane’s last word, “rosebud,? had me curious and intrigued throughout the entire movie. When the solution to the mystery is solved, revealing the symbolism of rosebud to the loss of Kane’s childhood, it implies that something as significant as one’s childhood is irreplaceable and no material worth can ever fill this void. This is always a popular storyline among modern society and never seems to get old.
I wouldn’t go as far to say that this is the greatest movie of all time. However, I would agree that this is a very excellent film that can still be appreciated today. The positive qualities found in the symbolism, connections, respectable acting, and creativity leave Citizen Kane a film quite deserving of a significant amount of credit.