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Colin McGuire's Top Five

I love listening to music and watching movies, but I am also not the guy to come to for artist or actor names.

My Top Five for music, in no particular order, would be:
1) Brad Paisley - some of my favorite country songs are on his "Time Well Wasted" album.
2) Garth Brooks / George Straight - two legendary country artists
3) Leona Lewis - she is a new favorite of mine. She won the British version of "Amercan Idol" and has an amazing voice that rivals Whitney Houston.
4) PANIC! At the Disco - a great band with a more techno sound accompanied by some interesting comedic lyrics.
5) Justin Timberlake - a lot of his new stuff has a great sound I can't get enough of.

Top Five Movies:
1) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carey does an amazing job in this movie. My friends and I constantly quote from this movie.
2) Clue. Modeled after the board game clue has a darker sense of comedy in it that takes a certain sense of humor to really enjoy.
3)Snatch / Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. These two movies, one a sequel to the other, have such interesting twists and outcomes that are genius and highy amusing.
4) Drop Dead Gorgeous. This is an absolute favorite. I saw the movie right before moving to Minnesota and found it hilarious. Besides the witty remarks throughout the movie I am able to find something i did not notice before every time I watch it.
5) The Bourne Trilogy. These rank at the top of my favorite action movies because of how real everything seems in the movie. The trilogy has some of the best and most realistic car chases and hand to hand combat.