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Derek Peltier

After watching "Citizen Kane" I come to realize why it was put to the top of movie lists. It was one of the first movies in the black-and-white era to present fame and wealth in a negative way. It protrayed Mr. Kane as a powerful man who had everything going for him such as wealth, fame and love. However, all of his fortune quickly faded when his second wife left him for making her do against her will. He always wanted her to be an Opera singer, though she was not very good. When she was up on stage it seemed as if Mr. Kane was extremeley happy while his wife was not happy at all. It also seemed as if the audience was not very fond of her singing. She put up with a lot from Mr. Kane which was extremely surprising to me. However at the very end of the movie she did finally leave him and after that Mr. Kane dies where he utters his last word, "rosebud."

I personally found this movie interesting, I had never heard of it before even though it is a very popular movie to date. I like movies that have a unique twist or irony to them and "Citizen Kane" did that at the end. I was unaware of what "rosebud" meant until they explained it at the end of the movie. It added a nice twist to the movie because I think they were protraying that Kane wished he had led a simple, quite life. I think, like most people, Kane thought if he had money and fame he would be happy, but that was not the truth in this case. However, as a viewer we did not know he secretly felt this way until the very end.

Mr. Kane was seemed as if he was always trying to take control of any situation possible. He really enjoyed power and it showed throughout the movie. One part of the movie that I found very interesting was when his bid for governor came to a burning crash because of his rival Jim Getty. Getty exposed his affair with Susan which led to Mr. Kane divorcing his first wife and marrying Susan.

After Kane's death a reporter from the Inquirer newspaper searches and digs into his past by interviewing five eyewitnesses. This was probably my most favorite part of the movie, because you got to see a lot more about Mr. Kane and some sides of him you did not get to see throughout the whole movie.