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Favorite movies and musical artists

1. Singin’ in the Rain: Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds are fantastic in this classic. The music and dancing cannot be beat.
2. Footloose: This movie was a breakthrough for Kevin Bacon, and I am a sucker for cheesy 80’s music.
3. Pirates of the Caribbean # 1: I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as it was fun and fast-paced, complete with a great soundtrack and love story.
4. Hitch: My two favorite scenes are on the jet skis and when Will Smith has an allergic reaction at the cooking show. It totally made me laugh, but the love story was also great.
5. Hairspray: The music made me want to get up and dance. At the same time, it held historical value in portraying the beginning of the 60’s with segregation and acceptance of others different than yourself.

Musical Artists
1. Frank Sinatra: His songs are timeless, and his voice will never again be matched in tone or quality.
2. Michael Jackson: Although I may not agree with his personal life today, his songs are masterfully done and get everyone out of their seats onto the dance floor.
3. Norah Jones: I love playing her songs on rainy days with a cup of coffee and a blanket. They are very chill and relaxing.
4. Faith Hill: She is spunky with tunes you love to sing in the car or when I am getting ready to do homework.
5. Snow Patrol: They have a unique style and sound that is difficult to match. Their music is interesting yet not overly stimulating.