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Jasmine Omorogbe- Top 5

Top 5 Movies:

The Bad Seed: Crazy story about an evil young girl and the debate between nature and nurture.
Rize: Powerful documentary about the origin and art of crump dancing.
The Little Princess: no explanation needed, not your typical princess story.
You Got Served: Corny? Very much so, but I love hip-hop dance movies.
Runaway Jury: An interesting plot with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

Top 6 Artists:

Alicia Keys- beautiful, soulful, strong voice, definitely a woman to be admired
Chris Brown- gotta love his young but beautiful voice and crisp dance moves, definitely what I listen to daily to make me smile
Kanye West- a rapper cut from a different cloth, though quite self confident, Ye's music is separate from a lot of the stuff that is out today. Gotta love him!
T. Pain- synthesized voice and sometimes garbage lyrics, but adlibs and crunk factor are just right, good for when you need to get pumped up or calm down with a significant other
Ise Lyfe- dynamic spoken word artist and conscious rapper from the Bay
Lauryn Hill- she had to make the list, even tho it's been way too long since she came out with anything, she is still one of my faves