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Josh Zaborowski

1. Remember the Titans- Great football film about controversial time period. Really promotes teamwork, trust, and brotherhood. Coaches show this movie to their players no matter what the sport is.
2. Cinderella Man- A movie that shows the fight to survive and do what you love, while doing anything to keep your loved ones together. Great movie.
3. Fox and the Hound- True Friendship, sweet, funny movie. Greatest Disney movie of all time.
4. The Sandlot- Loved this movie ever since I was a little kid playing baseball. There was nothing better than playing baseball with my friends and this movie shows that simple joy.
5. The Ron Clark Story- A made for T.V movie, but showed the struggle and effort to overcome a bad situation that you are in. Feel good story, shows everyone that they should believe in themselves.

1. Garth Brooks- One of the greatest country artists alive.
2. Sister Hazel- I just really like their music. Plus thy put on an amazing show in the little city of Stevens Point.
3. Rise Against- Again, I just really like the sound of their music. Plus they also have some good acoustic tunes.
4. The Yoopers- Anybody that sings about 30pt bucks, beer, and the Packers is okay in my book.
5. Steve Miller Band- Just some good ol classic rock tunes.