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Movies and Music by Craig Smith

My top 5 favorite movies of all time...this is really hard because I love movies and this list changes all the time! So, at the moment...
1) Serpico: Al Pacino's performance as the real-life "rebel" NYC cop, Frank Serpico, is unbelievable. Definitely a must see for a great story and to see one of the best performances of all time!
2) Goodfellas: I love mob movies. To me, they are all good and I could have easily put down Godfather I or II, or Mean Streets. I am going to go with this one because of the great cast and great story, not to mention some great directing by Martin Scorsese.
3) Dazed & Confused: This movie is classic. I've probably seen this movie more than any other. I probably shouldn't have been watching it in 6th grade, but it was funny then, and became more relevant and hilarious as I got older. I'm sure you know someone personally who reminds you of a character in the movie.
4) No Country for Old Men: All I have to say about this movie is Javier Bardem. Without a doubt, he plays the creepiest, most bad-ass bad guy in movie history. A bold statement, but in my opinion, it is true. The Coen brothers made another great movie, which ties The Big Lebowski as my favorite movie of theirs'.
5) This Is Spinal Tap: Christopher Guest's movies are right up my alley. I love all of them, but this one is the best. A must see if you love smart and irreverent humor.

1) Bruce Springsteen: My favorite artist of all time, hands down. His lyrics tell a story like Dylan, and he can rock with the best of them My favorite albums are "Greetings...", "Born to Run", and "Nebraska". I can't get enough of the Boss.
2) Townes Van Zandt: Unbelievable songs. Most of them are downers, but you can't deny his ability to write down the way he is feeling. A poet.
3) Led Zeppelin: LedZep is the reason I play guitar and the reason I started listening to rock music from before my time. An unbelievably talented band that will never be equaled, in my opinion.
4) Elton John: I know...I was born in the wrong decade. I don't care, the music that moves me most is from a "long" time ago. Elton's (and Bernie's) songs each put me in a different place each time I hear them.
5) The Who: Quadrophenia is one of my favorite albums of all time.